Repentance is More Than A Change of Mind (Dated 15 September 2020)


“Joseph Prince’s teaching that repentance is just a change of mind without any corresponding action and fruit is not biblical repentance. True or biblical repentance requires one to have godly sorrow leading to salvation. Sorrow without turning to God and showing fruits of repentance only produces spiritual death. In 2 Corinthians 7:10, Paul wrote: “For godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces death.”


Charles W. Colson in his book, ‘Loving God’: The cost of being a Christian, shared a true story about this individual; Mickey Cohen who was ‘converted’ but continues to live a double life as a mobster before his conversion. In fact, he called himself a ‘Christian Gangster’. Mikey Cohen says he believes in Jesus but does not want to repent of his sins. I quote: “What’s the matter with being a Christian gangster?” Cohen was echoing the millions of professing Christians who, though unwilling to admit it, through their own lives pose the same question. Not about being Christian gangsters, but about being Christianized versions of whatever they already are – and are determined to remain. C.S. Lewis called these hybrids “hyphenated Christians.”  And like Mickey, we cannot love God – cannot obey Him and – remain what we are. We must repent.” Unquote. A change of mind alone as falsely taught by Joseph Prince without bearing fruits worthy of repentance is not sufficient.


Joseph Prince preaches a Christianity without cost or ‘cheap grace’. The German martyr, Dietrich Bonhoeffer in his book; ‘The Cost of Discipleship’ so aptly wrote a generation ago; “… grace in which no contrition is required, still less any real desire to be delivered from sin… is a denial of the living word of God, in fact a denial of the Incarnation…” Unquote. This is a serious accusation but it is the truth.


There is no salvation apart from repentance. As Rev George Ong mentioned in his article: “We need to continue to believe as salvation is not an event but a process of continually being saved.” In fact, the Bible tells us in James 2:19: You believe that there is one God, you do well. Even the demons believe – and tremble. If by just believing, we are saved then the demons are also saved. The key is not just in believing but continually submitting, turning away from our transgressions and putting our trust in Jesus alone for our salvation. There must be true repentance and remorse for our sins, a change of mind from walking the broad road that leads to death to walking the narrow path that leads to life. As such, if we continue to live in sin and believe that God has forgiven us of all our sins (past, present and future) as Joseph Prince preached without the need for confession and biblical repentance, we are deceiving ourselves.


I have friends and colleagues who attend New Creation Church and have warned them of the false teachings that are being propagated by Joseph Prince. I remember some years ago, I ministered to a lady who attended New Creation and was distraught when she was in financial difficulties and questioned why God allowed her to experience such hardship when her pastor preached that God only wants her to prosper.


I also know of a couple that co-habits despite one being still legally married and the other who is a divorcee while attending New Creation Church. I have counselled the divorcee and told her that if she does not repent of her ways, she is going to lose her salvation which is contrary to what Joseph Prince preaches that once you are saved, you are always saved and that you will not lose your salvation even if you are living in sin. These doctrines taught at New Creation Church numb and sear the conscience of the hearers and make them careless about sins.


I know what I am saying because I was nearly drawn into that state of carelessness about sins when I was reading Joseph Prince’s book; ‘Destined to Reign’. I initially bought into his teaching until I was awoken by the Holy Spirit. This is one reason why from that moment onwards, I distanced myself away from his teachings and books because one can become so immersed and subtly drawn away by his smooth words and writing without realising that the doctrines taught are questionable. 


I can understand why Rev George Ong is so determined to warn the body of Christ and tear down the wrong doctrines taught by Joseph Prince. Such teachings are dangerous and misleading. I want to commend and applaud Rev George Ong for his courage and doggedness despite the many brickbats he has received from fellow believers. God has truly called Rev George Ong to be a champion of His truth.”


John Lim

Attending Christalite Methodist Chapel, Singapore