May God convict Joseph Prince to Repent of his Heresies, or He would be Headed for Certain Destruction (Dated 12 September 2020)


“Joseph Prince is shrewd and subtle at twisting what is doctrinally false and presenting it as true. That’s how he has deceived the multitudes around the world to embrace his grace doctrine. One only has to check his sermons on YouTube to feel the popularity that his grace doctrine has generated among the people. Many of Joseph Prince’s followers have been deceived that the teachings of Joseph Prince are ‘new revelations and wisdom’ that he has gotten from God. But these so-called revelations from God are plainly and clearly false.


Has Joseph Prince unknowingly and sincerely interpreted the scriptures wrongly or has he done it deliberately? Even if he has unknowingly interpreted the scriptures wrongly, he is too proud to accept corrections, change and repent, as there are far too many pastors and preachers who have already pointed out to him his errors over the many years of his ministry. What is worse is that he has even presented these criticisms against his ministry in a disrespectful and mocking way to his congregation. But if he has done it deliberately, he is clearly a wolf in sheepskin to be totally avoided. May God convict Joseph Prince to repent of his heresies, or he would be headed for certain destruction.


Regarding the issue of the Prosperity Gospel, I totally agree with Rev George Ong in one of his eBooks in the website where he commented that if Joseph Prince really believed in his Health and Wealth doctrine, why isn’t he focussing his ministry efforts on the Third World nations such as Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, etc. It is these countries that need his secret on how to be prosperous and be healthy and wealthy and not places like America, Australia and Europe that he is constantly focussing his preaching efforts on. Rev George Ong concluded that the reason why Joseph Prince is not focussing his Prosperity Gospel in the Third World nations is that it won’t work there. No wonder Joseph Prince never or seldom goes personally to preach the Prosperity Gospel in the Third World nations as he is sorely afraid that his deceptive Prosperity Gospel doctrine would be uncovered.


Thank you, Rev George for all these years of sharing your hard work in scrutinising the false teachings of Joseph Prince and correcting them with biblical truths from God’s word. May God empower you with His strength so that you can continue with this specialised ministry of uncovering the heresies of Joseph Prince, and warning believers in the Church from embracing them. Those sheep who are humble enough to listen to such warnings, would be guarded from heading towards their destruction.” 


Jingdong (David)

Attending Chapel of the Resurrection (Anglican), Singapore