Joseph Prince’s Grace Theology is Mainly about Health & Wealth, but Nothing about Suffering & Martyrdom (Dated 12 August 2020)


“Joseph Prince’s Grace Theology is mainly about health and wealth, but nothing about suffering and martyrdom. Joseph Prince’s teaches that there is no place for suffering, martyrdom and tragedy in a believer’s life. But once calamity or persecution strikes, there is a high possibility that the believers may become disillusioned with God and may abandon the faith. Joseph Prince holds to the Prosperity Gospel teaching that since God’s chief concern is to bless us, He is obligated to grant whatever wishes seekers would ask for and it doesn’t matter whether those wishes are in accordance to God’s will or not. To Joseph Prince, becoming a Christian is a guarantee to possess more earthly wealth and have better health. Such teachings would lead to spiritual complacency, as believers would be led to focus on the things of this world rather than seeking things that are above. Joseph Prince’s Grace theology is all about God’s grace and mercy, but nothing about God’s justice and holiness. This is because of his false teaching that God will never judge believers and that believers’ behaviour, no matter how unholy and deplorable, will never affect their judicial righteousness. Those who subscribe to such deadly doctrines of his, would have a false sense of security, thinking that true repentance is not necessary because God’s grace and mercy would overlook all their sins no matter how serious they are, and that God will never judge them.


But the problem does not just lie with Joseph Prince but also on the people. Many people, nowadays, prefer to flock to preachers, such as Joseph Prince, simply because they love to hear what their itching ears want to hear. Sound doctrine no longer appeals to them as it does not suit their carnal desires. They are more attracted to whoever would make them feel good rather than those who preach biblical and sound doctrine. They want a Santa Claus God whose aim in life is to bless them with the good things of life, rather than the God of the Bible who makes demands on them.


I greatly appreciate the ministry of Rev George Ong to expose the false teachings of the heretic, Joseph Prince. Such an unenviable and tough ministry certainly takes a lot of risks. And he has bravely and boldly chosen the path of risk for the sake of God’s calling over the path of self-preservation. May God continue to protect him and his family. The voluminous resources he has written on the website against the heretical teachings of Joseph Prince are scripturally consistent and biblically tight. Be sure to visit the website to gain a deeper understanding into the false Grace Theology of Joseph Prince.”


Jason Liew
Attending All Saints’ Cathedral (Anglican Church), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia