Joseph Prince’s Teaching that the New Covenant is all about God’s Love for Us and not about Our Love for Him, is indeed, a Heresy (Dated 25 September 2020)


“I sense the urgency in Pastor George’s videos on the heretical teachings of false preacher, Joseph Prince. I believe God has raised Pastor George for such a time as this as he has detailed the massive amount of Joseph Prince’s erroneous teachings in his 4,800-page eBook on his website. Only a pastor with a thorough knowledge of God’s word and a heart for those being led astray by heretical teachers, would embark on such a gargantuan task. We would be wise to heed Pastor George’s warnings.


Joseph Prince has twisted the importance of God’s New Covenant to imply that God’s love for us is of such paramount importance that even if it is not reciprocated by our love for Him, God would not fault us. This lie is not in line with Paul’s teachings and is from the pit of hell for it gives licence to live as you wish. This is because the scripture teaches that our love for God and the Lord Jesus must be proven by our obedience. And if the New Covenant is not about our love for God as Joseph Prince falsely teaches, it also means we don’t have to obey Him too – implying that living disobedient lives to God is accepted in the Christian Faith. Can you see where all this is leading to if one embraces his false teachings? There are many scriptures in the New Testament which remind us that our love for God is central to our faith. It is in fact the very foundation in building a close and intimate relationship with God. If we love God wholeheartedly, we will naturally want to obey Him and glorify Him in all that we do or say.


Matthew 10:37 reminds us that our love for God should supersede even our love for our parents. In putting God as the prime focus of our love, we will readily surrender to Him, obey Him and do His bidding. We are exhorted to surrender our lives completely to Jesus as a concrete act of gratitude and our love for Him because He forgave our sins and redeemed us from our sinful nature. The priceless gift of love and forgiveness of my sinless Saviour taking my horrendous punishment at the cross can only be requited by my total surrender to the One and only Holy God as an act of total devotion and love for Him. Hence, Joseph Prince’s teaching that the New Covenant is all about God’s love for us and not about our love for Him, is indeed, a heresy. People would be wise to reject and warn others of their impending eternity in hell if they believe this lie as 1 Corinthians 16:22 is a stark warning that if anyone does not love the Lord, he is accursed.


Pastor George, I can see your righteous anger regarding the twisting of truths by our one heretical teacher, Joseph Prince, who has had it too good for too long with no one daring to oppose him doctrinally, publicly and on such a massive scale as what you are called to do. Like you, a thought once came to me that surely at some point Joseph Prince would have realised that he’d gone off-course. However, his followers are now too many, and he has duped them for too long that to turn back, would mean a significant loss of face and income, and the price is too costly for him to want to repent. But he and those who embrace his teachings would pay a heavier price by not repenting. I shudder at the thought of how Joseph Prince and his multitudes of followers would face our righteous Judge on the day of judgement.”


Janet Tan

Attending Chapel of the Resurrection (Anglican), Singapore


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