It’s Time to Speak Up Against Joseph Prince’s Heresies – By Bishop Andrew Phang (Dated 8 June 2020)


“While Jesus Christ was on earth, he had often warned his disciples against false teachers and their teachings. For instance, in Matthew 7:15, Jesus warned: “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”


Sadly, because believers have not taken the warning of Jesus seriously, many have been deceived by the teachings of Joseph Prince. It’s time to denounce all the deceiving spirits in false teachers, including those in Joseph Prince.


I thank God that He has raised Rev George Ong to expose and contend against the heresies of Joseph Prince. At times, even as a minister, it’s not easy to tell what is concretely wrong with Joseph Prince’s teachings, but Rev George Ong’s clear and cogent explanations have greatly helped to clarify the contradictions. It’s like a fog being lifted.


I am truly grateful to Rev George Ong who has helped me and many others to be well aware of Joseph Prince’s many false teachings, especially regarding the topic of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus.  We can trust Rev George Ong’s teachings because he has always referred to the scripture in his defense of God’s truth against Joseph Prince’s Pseudo-grace doctrine.


I sincerely salute the courageous spirit of Rev George Ong, who obeyed God’s call to undertake this highly unpopular task, in spite of the great risks he is putting himself under. I am amazed at his courage and his willingness to pay a heavy price to stand against the tide of the overwhelming majority. May God grant him the strength and protection as he continues to fulfil this very difficult calling of his life.


As I am fully convinced that Joseph Prince’s heresy is one that could even lead our sheep to end up in hell, the shepherds of God’s flock should boldly come forward and speak publicly against the destructiveness of his teachings.”


Bishop Andrew Phang

Vicar, Emmanuel Harvest Centre (Anglican Church), Sg. Ara, Penang, Malaysia