Hyper Grace, Pseudo Grace or Lawlessness? (Dated 26 May 2020)

“We live in an era where spiritual deception is the order of the day. Our Lord Jesus Christ warned us in Matthew 24:4-5 that spiritual deception, centred on who He is, would be the core of such danger. He also added that ‘they (i.e. the false teachers) will lead many astray.’ These are sobering words from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

What we are dealing with is not hyper grace, because the true Gospel is indeed hyper grace – ‘grace upon grace’ as clearly taught in John 1:16. What we are contending against is the ‘Gospel of Pseudo-Grace’ and to be even more exact, the ‘Gospel of Lawlessness’ which of course is no Gospel at all.

Rev George Ong has done sterling service for the Kingdom of God by pointing to us clearly the spiritual danger posed by Joseph Prince. Others have dealt with this heretical teaching using broad-strokes – useful, and in most instances would suffice. But Rev George Ong’s diligent and thorough study, which would have taken him humongous time and effort of concentrated work, is a 100% rebuttal of this heresy.”

Bishop Kuan Kim Seng (Retired)
(Anglican) Diocese of Singapore