Humour Talk in 65 Schools (V119 Dated 30 July 2021)


Humour (10 Funny Jokes) for Children & Adults – By Rev George Ong

It is my great privilege to have conducted the Humour & Values talk in 65 primary schools, with a combined total population of about 107,000 students, mainly from 2007 to 2013 in Singapore. Thank God for the pleasure to be involved in such a unique ministry.

It is a pure delight to see students laughing away hilariously at my humour and then learning a moral lesson or two. Values cannot be taught by simply talking down on children in a condescending manner: “You must do this” or “You must not do that.”


One needs to first grab the attention of the kids and win their hearts over through humour (and other ways), before he can succeed in gently depositing a moral lesson into their prepared hearts.

In a stressful and disruptive school environment exacerbated by Covid-19, students especially in Singapore ought to laugh more, not less. Life’s serious lessons are best learnt when one can laugh heartily about them.


Don’t miss the sharing about my drunkard father at 15.42 minutes of this video and the many favourable comments on my humour books by Bishops, Pastors, Principals, Teachers, Parents & Children (click to read).


Pardon me for the amateurish video-taping as it wasn’t initially meant for public viewing.