George’s Hilarious Humour (V118 Dated 27 July 2021)


A Time To Laugh: Rev George Ong’s Humour


The jokes in this video were cracked when I preached at the worship services/events of 5 churches. Enjoy the humour and the lessons that were illustrated. Though laughter does not drive away our problems, a sense of humour and joyful spirit go a long way in helping us cope with the Covid-19 pandemic much better.


Those who know me superficially have often viewed me either as only a very serious preacher or a just a humorous guy. But those who know me well are aware that both ‘streaks’ are equally strong in me – that I can be both an utterly serious man and a ‘crazy’ humorous joker.


Pardon me for the amateurish video-taping as it wasn’t initially meant for public viewing.