Dr Simon Chong’s Article “Silence to Joseph Prince’s Heresies is not an Option” & Rev George Ong’s Heartfelt Response (alluding to David Pawson’s quote) (Dated 4 Sep 2021)


Silence to Joseph Prince’s Heresies is not an Option – By Dr Simon Chong


In much of human history, and pervasive in any conceivable society through time, we can agree that good and evil often co-exist in various forms whether we like it or not. Similarly, truths and falsehoods are often found competing in the psyche and minds of individuals wherever we turn.


These days, with so much exposure to information from so many platforms of media, we are often placed in a quandary as to who and what we should believe.


The current pandemic is a case at hand that highlighted this dilemma we often find ourselves in. With so much conflicting information, how do we sieve through them to come to what is true and accurate? Going to the right source for information would certainly be a good place to start. Here it will be the medical doctors or scientists.


Similarly, any legal advice should be sought for with lawyers, IT-related issues with Computer experts, building structures/wirings/construction with Engineers and Architects. One wouldn’t go to a Lawyer for Medical advice, neither an Architect for Legal advice.


But, point is, will the right source or authority to that subject at hand be able or willing to advise/comment, that is the issue. Of course, it is the choice of the profession or individuals to answer.


However, in instances like the Pandemic where much lives are at stake, it is no longer a choice but a moral obligation for the medical community to divulge and communicate information succinctly and clearly and truthfully so that lives will not be lost unnecessarily.


How much more then the countless souls at risk of hell? In Joseph Prince, the Church is faced with a perpetrator of falsehoods and twisted doctrines, with many of the flocks drawn to it, as well as non-believers being seduced into a completely new brand of Christianity that is totally unlike what the Church preaches. For years, what has the Church done? Our response…Silence.


My Brother George Ong has researched and compiled a voluminous amount of facts and rebuttals from the Bible and the writings of countless early fathers of the faith, as well as some renowned leaders and teachers in our present times to counter the fallacies championed by Joseph Prince.


Hence to say one is ignorant and lacks information, that is totally inexcusable. But to have the inertia within to do or say anything, then that is disobedience, a spiritual malaise to a task or responsibility placed on every Christian and even more so Church Leaders & Pastors! For church leaders to continue to treat a heretic like Joseph Prince as a fellow shepherd is just unthinkable!


What is even graver is that Joseph Prince’s spirit is likened to that of Satan. The manner in which he utters his heresies and whatever he utters are from a spirit of Deception that was birthed in the Garden of Eden, like that Serpent of old. His modus operandi is Fleshly in nature.


Today, even as we speak, many are being led into the jaws of hell based on one man’s (Joseph Prince) heretic teachings and dogmas but yet believing that their salvation is secured.


What will you do? I urge you that if you have a spouse, siblings, friends, relatives, parents and colleagues attending New Creation Church, besides going on your knees to pray for the veil of deception to be lifted from their eyes, arise to be God’s watchmen and lighthouse to warn of their impending shipwreck of their wrongfully-placed faith and to return to the True way of Jesus! (Matt 18:15; Ezek 3:18-19; Titus 2:15)


“Two things I ask of you, Lord; do not refuse me before I die: Keep falsehood and lies far from me;…” (Proverbs 30:7-8)


This is the innermost plea of all men!


Will you continue to allow falsehood and lies to reign in your midst? Particularly as spiritual leaders, you must take responsibility and do what’s right!


Dr Simon Chong

Attending Faith Methodist Church, Singapore


Rev George Ong’s Heartfelt Response (alluding to David Pawson’s quote) to Dr Simon Chong’s Article


Dr Simon Chong had made the pivotal point that against the onslaught of Joseph Prince’s deadly heresies that have continued to lead many to the jaws of hell, the Church, (and especially Pastors and leaders) must not remain silent.


This is why I have made humongous efforts at getting people in the Church, especially pastors and leaders to speak up publicly against Joseph Prince’s destructive heresies. To be honest, I have met with many more disappointments than encouragements.


My disappointments are encapsulated and expressed so well by David Pawson in his book, “Completing Luther’s Reformation”,

Pages 98-99:


“… but second, and this has been the greatest pain that I experienced, and I am being very frank here, is from Christians and church leaders who agree with me but will not stand publicly with me. I have encountered so many of them.


They say, “Oh David, thank you. Thank God for what you’re saying.”


I reply, “Well, will you please say it with me? I could do with somebody on the platform with me from time to time.”


People have said (literally) to me, “I could do with that like a hole in the head.”


It really is tragic that there are Christians who know when they hear the truth and who agree with it privately, but dare not risk going public. If only all those who agree with this reformation (Martin Luther) actually did something…. That is the tragedy. I believe we could do this if all those who really believe the truth would come out with it and stand firm, even if it cost them their job and their house.


I have told you it cost us that, but we have never regretted it and the Lord has kept his promise to look after us ever since. One week after we lost our house, we were presented with a brand-new house that had never been lived in, and I had a church to minister to. The Lord is good. But he had to take me to that point where I had to say, “I’m prepared to risk everything rather than go against my conscience.” I believe he calls us all to do that. But it is costly, and the fear of people can be a real factor in holding you back. But I believe if you fear God you will never fear anybody or anything else.”


David Pawson who passed away on 21 May 2020, is one Bible teacher/preacher who has my highest respect and deepest admiration. Almost all of our doctrines are in perfect consonance. He is not only an excellent Bible teacher and prolific writer but he is also one who dares to speak the truth, no matter how unpopular and damaging it is to his ministry – and he does it publicly.


Though I’m very disappointed with the vast majority who have not come forward, I’m heartened by the small minority who did.


Many of those whom I have listed (see below) and am thankful for have written at least one article publicly against Joseph Prince’s false teachings. My special and heartfelt thanks to each one of them who has supported and stood by my calling, and for daring to call a spade a spade.


(Just in case you think everyone who speaks against Joseph Prince’s heresies must appear on my website and adopt my forthright style, you are sorely mistaken. You could publish your articles or produce your videos on your website or other forums. With your permission, I will feature your weblink on my website so others could read or listen to what you have written or spoken in your own doctrinal approach and preferred style. I have actually suggested that to several individuals but have yet to receive their response.)


My special thanks to the following:


Rev Goutam Datta (India), Hou Song Liang (China) & Rev Momoh Sylvester Foh (Sierra Leone)


From Malaysia:

Bishop Andrew Phang, Canon Rev James Juhari, Rev Arnold Rajan, Rev Eric Lee, Rev Kelvin Jawa, Rev Wilston Trin, Rev William Patrick, Pastor Dr Albert S K Chia, Jason Liew, Wilson Kwan, Loke Sau Yeen, K Paul Raj, Ng Boon Kem, Charles Pitan, Sandy Wong, Chan Lai Ping, Ricky Yoong, Kingston Lee, Matthiew Lau & Anita Lee


From Singapore:

Bishop Ho Chee Sin, Bishop Kuan Kim Seng, Dr Roland Chia, Rev Tan Cheng Huat, Rev David Liew, Rev Eric Chua, Elder David Ng Tah Wee, Dr Simon Chong, Wong Kae Chee, Ang Lip Jin, Benjamin Yeo, Eva Kane, Dr Sarah Ambika Dharan, Tan Siew Poh, Soh Kim Seng, Koh Bee Lu, Jindong, John Lim Beo Peng, Wong Sung Ho, Brigadier General (Retired) Andrew Tan, Andrew Kiong, Janet Tan, Lam Chun Mun, Tan Peng Yong & Elsie Tan, Lim Ban Seng, Katherine Tan-Foo, Daniel Khoo, Samuel Zee, Melissa Thangavellu, Daniel Tay, Ivy Bong, Dr Chris Kang, Asher Chee, Andrew Tan, Lindsay Lim, Peter Tok, Glenn Fong & Tony Wong-Jensen


To God be the Glory!