The Tremendous Amount of Falsehoods & Toxic Doctrines Espoused by Joseph Prince… (Dated 20 July 2020)

“In the history of Christianity, heretics and false-teachers littered her way. There’s always an attempt by these heretics to derail the truth. Twisting truths to make it more palatable so that the Way doesn’t seem too tough and the ratings of the proponents might go through the roof – and with it, financial rewards. And the guilt of such deranged motives is appeased by seeing the supposedly large numbers of converts amongst the congregation. But how could most of those who are brought in through a false gospel be genuine converts? And such is the gospel that Joseph Prince preaches. He preaches a false gospel that a cross of thorns is only but a bed of roses. The narrow and difficult Way is but a smooth and effortless Highway to the King.

Joseph Prince claims in his sermons and writings that he is in love with Jesus. But how can one truly love Jesus, if one has not even read His Love Letter to us in completeness, as Joseph Prince is infamous for cherry-picking passages that support his Grace Theology and hiding the massive amount of passages that contradict it? What’s worse are the tremendous amount of falsehoods and toxic doctrines espoused by Joseph Prince to indoctrinate the ignorant listeners who are enamoured more by his theatrics than the substance of his words.

But history had also shown that in such times of false preachers, God would raise up His prophets to speak forth His truth and denounce the falsehoods of such heretics. And in George Ong, we find a man for such a time as this, who is willing to spend such tremendous effort to meticulously debunk every single falsehood propounded by Joseph Prince. I encourage you all to read George’s work in his website as they contain the pure essence of God’s truths so that your eyes will be opened and no more be hoodwinked by the peddlers of untruths, such as Joseph Prince, who sells you an easier but false way to Christianity that derails you from the only right Way. I must say that what George has written in his 4,800 pages of notes in the website is apologetics in its distinct best.”


Dr Simon Chong

Attending Faith Methodist Church, Singapore