Did Joseph Prince Prophesy COVID-19? (Dated 21 Mar 2020)

There are serious doubts that Joseph Prince did prophesy about the COVID-19, a claim that cannot stand on closer scrutiny.

Please view the video (beginning to 1.18 minute are the relevant portions)


The above so-called ‘prophecy’ (see far below in Purple for the verbatim notes) that Joseph Prince claimed to have made was not set in the context of another virus that will take place in the future.

It was made in the context of the Ebola virus in the past in 2018 (see below in blue for the verbatim notes) when he preached the sermon the same year. (Sermon on 19 August 2018)

You need to view what Joseph Prince didn’t show you in the same video on Youtube.

Please see the link:


This following is what Joseph Prince did NOT show you in the video on YouTube:
“If there is a new Ebola virus which is happening right now, being released another strain, the kind of thing, you know, there is a new wave of healing that God is releasing.
And the devil is always playing catchup.
But the thing that the devil does is more visible, and people tend to put attention on what is visible.
But the people of God know that the invisible is greater because the invisible is eternal.
Whatever is visible is only temporal.

From here on, this is what Joseph Prince has shown you in the video on YouTube:
So obviously, God has done something in the spirit world.
God has released a healing anointing; a new strain, if you would, of healing that would perform such things that are, such feats that we have never seen before.
The devil is afraid. He’s playing catchup.
He is trying to create a new strain of virus that like Ebola and other kinds of strains of flu that is virulent against medical treatment and all that.
But just let you know that we are in the best of generations.
The rapture can happen anytime. We are the generation that believes that we don’t have to depend on the ways of the world. We are that generation that delights in God’s Word. That’s why you are here. You are here because you delight in God’s word.”

As I have shown you, what Joseph Prince said in purple (which he has shown you in the video on Youtube) is set in the context of what he said in blue (what he did not show you in the video on Youtube).

What is the context?

The context is set in the past of the Ebola virus in 2018 and not in the context of another virus that will take place in the future.

How can Joseph Prince call the statement he made a prophecy?

How can such a ‘by-the-way-kind-of-statement’ qualify to be a prophecy?

It has no specifics.

That statement that Joseph Prince made can be applied to any kind of virus that could take place in one year or 1,000 years.

If the virus occurs in a country, ‘he would be proven right’.

If it happens to a few countries, he would still be proven right.

If it affects a large part of the world, as COVID-19 does, he would claim he is right.

Can you see that the way he has postured himself is that his ‘prophecy’ can never be proven wrong?

Joseph Prince has placed himself in such a way that ‘Heads, he wins, tails he would also win.’

A prophecy has to be more specific and definite.

Or else how can one judge whether a prophecy is true or not?

If a prophecy is so flippant, general and wishy-washy, that anything could be proven right, it is no prophecy at all.