Daniel Tay’s (Ex New Creation Church Member) Testimony (Dated 1 Sep 2021)

Daniel Tay’s (Ex New Creation Church Member) Testimony (Dated 1 Sep 2021)


Rev George Ong’s Opening Comments:


Recently, Daniel Tay, an Ex New Creation Church member came across my website and wrote to me. He thanked me for the courage to call out Joseph Prince as a false prophet and a wolf in sheepskin. He also shared he had viewed almost all my videos in the website and fully agree with my teachings. Though he had come to the conclusion that Joseph Prince is a false teacher, the resources in my website had given him strong, biblical and overwhelming evidence that Joseph Prince is indeed a wolf in sheepskin.


Daniel Tay’s Testimony – Joseph Prince is of the Devil who Can Cast a Spell over You


In 1987, after a friend had witnessed to me, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and I was born again. In my earlier years as a Christian, I learned about the 10 Commandments, and we must fear God as He can judge us. That if we sinned, we need to confess and repent of them. Carrying the cross and discipleship were also crucial topics that I was taught.


Fast forward to 2017 – my daughter invited me, my wife and son to attend New Creation Church at Star Vista. When I first stepped into the church at the Auditorium, I was surprised that the whole ambience was not like the usual church setting but more like a nightclub. The whole place was very dim except the stage which was brightly lighted up with spotlights. The seats were very soft and exceptionally comfortable.


(At that point when I attended New Creation Church about 4 years ago, I wasn’t that spiritual. My spiritual state was not in good shape. I was just a nominal Christian.) 


After the worship, when it came for Joseph Prince to preach, he walked onto the stage like a Hollywood star and idol. The whole crowd was extremely delighted and cheered for him. There were 3 big movie screens, all focussing on him. He was like a big idol.


Because of his light-hearted, fun and humorous delivery of his sermons, I was actually quite captivated. This is rather different from what I hear of some pastors, whose preachings are rather solemn and serious.


I was captivated by his teaching because it was very comfortable and pleasing to the ear. His teachings sounded right and logical. But on closer scrutiny, it is subtlely different from the teachings of Jesus Christ. When you hear his sermons, they sound smooth and nice. But if you carefully compare that with the teachings of Jesus, they actually contradict them.


But the very first time when I heard his teachings, I was amazed and delighted. They really made me feel good. Somehow, his teaching is more ‘pleasurable’ than those in all the churches I’ve been to. He is really a good and smooth talker.


Yet every time when I hear his preaching, deep down in my spirit, I always feel that it is not balanced and not very right. I always tell my family that though his preaching is very nice to hear, there is something wrong with it. This is because although I was nominal at that time when I attended New Creation Church, I was truly a born-again Christian and I’d walked with God for many years. I saw God work in my life and how He guided me during those years. I also have the fundamental teachings of the Bible which have been ingrained in me.


As I and my family continued to go to New Creation Church, we became more influenced by his teachings. We looked forward to hear his sermons every week. It was like a spell that came over us – like the Hokkien phrase, ‘Kong Tow’ or black magic. It’s like we are given some kind of spiritual drug. Because of this spell, our whole family has very good feelings when we see and hear him. We were actually hooked to him and his teachings.


So after 2 months in New Creation Church, all of us were spellbound. We all loved Joseph Prince’s teachings and we all looked forward to hear of his new revelations. My daughter started to buy Joseph Prince’s books and CDs.


But I later discovered these are false teachings. Some of those heresies that he always hammered into his followers include teachings that the law is done away with and must be rejected completely. He said God’s laws bring curse, condemnation and death. And the moment you think about God’s laws, you have come under their curse.


What Joseph Prince constantly preaches is about God’s grace and love and that He wants to bless you abundantly. To him, grace means there must be no effort on your part as God will do everything for you.


Joseph Prince, the big liar and all of his pastors teach that all our past, present and future sins are all forgiven. The Bible clearly teaches that all past sins are forgiven when a believer becomes a Christian. But they have added to God’s word and teach that all present and future sins are also all forgiven without the need for confession and repentance. Because all our sins are forgiven, we are not supposed to think about them anymore, even though we sin. He also sacrilegiously teaches that God is blind to our sin from the time we become a Christian.


There was once at a worship service, I heard him say that if you sit under his teaching, you will become a millionaire. Because I had ‘backslidden’ into a nominal Christian, and because of my carnality, I believed him. When I heard that, I sort of regretted for not attending New Creation Church earlier.


When we went home after the service, I told my wife it’s a pity why we didn’t attend New Creation Church much earlier. Because we haven’t, we have missed out on making the multi-million dollars. Imagine, if you attend New Creation Church for one year, you get one million dollars, and in 10 years, you get 10 million. Let me repeat what he said. Joseph Prince said, “If you sit under his teaching, you will become a millionaire.” ‘Wow, this kind of teaching also have.’


As I’ve said I was foolishly bought over by his prosperity teaching because I was carnal at that time and I had greed in my heart. So Joseph Prince was able to entice me with such teachings.


Another of his ridiculous teaching is that taking Holy Communion can make you healthy and young. The more you take the Holy Communion, the better. My wife has a weakness for beauty. She always wants to be beautiful. She spends a lot of her time beautifying herself. So once she heard that, she actually bought a big bag of biscuits, communion cups and ribena and kept eating them every day. I ‘caught her’ eating very often.


Then my son also followed suit. He also bought one big bag of biscuits and cups. He too kept eating the biscuits. So I (after I came to my senses and left New Creation Church) said to them, “Are you crazy? How can you take communion so lightly? How can you keep eating the bread and drinking the cup?”


Their reply was that it was Joseph Prince who told them to eat them as often as they can. The more they eat, the healthier and younger they would become.


Then I noticed after my wife and son had eaten the Holy Communion for a period of time, my son got into very serious throat bleeding. He was hospitalised and had to go for surgery.


I then told them they cannot go on eating so frivolously. They must respect God and do it biblically because if they have unconfessed and unrepentant sin and partake the Holy Communion disrespectfully over long periods, something ‘bad’ could happen to them.


After my wife had eaten so often, she suffered from bad joint pain. She visited doctors secretly as she wanted to keep this from me.


So I warned them because they have taken the Holy Communion disrespectfully, they have become sick. I reminded them that I don’t partake the Holy Communion in the way Joseph Prince teaches and I had not become sick and I am always in very good health. 


So for 4 months, my family and I attended New Creation Church regularly. We were convinced by his teachings and became his followers. We have been bought over by his teachings that we must no longer be conscious of sins and we have rejected God’s laws. We only looked forward to hear from Joseph Prince. All his teachings are so pleasant, only believe, God will never get angry with us, God wants to bless and prosper us and make us successful and rich. There is no need to make any effort in our Christian living because God’s grace cancels out all our efforts and works. We are once saved always saved. God will not allow us to suffer. He will bring us out of tribulation and we will not meet the Antichrist.


For 4 months, we were spellbound by a deceptive and seducing spirit of Joseph Prince. I call it the demonic and Antichrist spirit.


One day, God woke me up. My daughter gave me a set of audio tapes of Joseph Prince and encouraged me to continue listening to his teachings, especially when I was driving. That’s what I did. But that day, when I heard his preaching, strangely, I felt a very uncomfortable stirring in my heart. It was like a mixture of anxiety and fear. As I heard more of his preaching, I felt like vomiting. Then I realised that Joseph Prince’s sermons are of a different spirit – a demonic spirit. So I had to stop listening. Then I switched on my mobile and scrolled in the Bible app, wanting to listen to the reading of the scriptures. When I started listening, I felt such great peace come into my heart. Then immediately I know that the Holy Spirit ‘has risen up in me’ to wake me up. Thank God!


That night at home I prayed to God. Then I heard an inner voice telling me to go to YouTube and search for Joseph Prince, the false teacher. That’s what I did. Then I saw a long list on YouTube, all talking about Joseph Prince being a false teacher, he’s a heretic, he’s the son of Satan, he’s a wolf in sheepskin. I then realised that there are a lot of people warning about Joseph Prince. That night, God delivered me out of Joseph Prince’s spell. Praise God! God is so powerful. Once He rises up, no evil, no wicked, no seducing or demonic spirit can stand against God. God is Almighty!


So once God showed me that Joseph Prince is a false teacher, I immediately left New Creation Church (4 years ago in 2017). I then told my family that Joseph Prince is a false teacher. But unfortunately, they refused to believe me. My family became divided. They have continued to hold on to the heresies of Joseph Prince. They don’t believe in God’s moral law – the 10 Commandments. They don’t believe in carrying the cross and becoming disciples, repentance and the confessing of sins, etc. They keep believing in Joseph Prince’s teaching about grace. Joseph Prince has divided my family. They follow his teachings while I have rejected his heresies. I continue to pray that one day they will come to their senses and be delivered from Joseph Prince’s demonic spell.


If you are still attending New Creation Church, let me warn you lovingly to come out of her. You have no business to be in a church that is led by Joseph Prince who has been empowered by the devil to cast a spell over people and deceive many to their destruction.


Finally, I thank God for Rev George Ong who dares to do what many don’t. The kind of risk that he is taking, the accusations, oppositions and dangers he is being subjected to, did not stop him from doing what is necessary and biblical – to warn the Church of the demonic wolf in Joseph Prince. May more pastors and leaders of churches come out their shell to speak up publicly against Joseph Prince whose heresies can only lead many to the lake of fire.     

Rev George Ong’s Closing Comments:


Just think – when Joseph Prince has been preaching stark heresies, how is he able to deceive the millions (including university professors), not just in Singapore but from around the world?


How is he able to hoodwink people (including well-educated people) with such bizarre doctrine that if one takes the Holy Communion as frequently as 3 times a day as he takes medicine, he/she will not only be healthy but will also retain his/her youthful looks?  


It must be the devil who has given him the power to do it.   


The testimony of Daniel Tay (amongst others), who shared about the demonic spell that Joseph Prince can cast over you has again confirmed what I said.


Daniel Tay has taken the risk to share his testimony even though his family is still attending New Creation Church. He has demonstrated what Christ has taught us in Luke 14:26 – that as his true disciples, we must love Him more than we love our wives and children.


May many more of Ex New Creation Church members take courage from Daniel Tay to come forward and share their stories so that more people can be delivered from the satanic heresies of Joseph Prince.


Don’t just think of guarding your own privacy but think of the larger spiritual good that can come out of your sacrificial act of sharing your testimony.