I Was Nearly Misled By Joseph Prince’s Teachings – By Daniel Khoo (Dated 2 June 2021)


During the Covid-19 circuit breaker in May 2020, a friend who attends New Creation Church started sharing with me teachings of Joseph Prince on grace and the Holy Communion. In our exchange of views, he sent me many YouTube video clips of Joseph Prince’s teachings which I watched. A YouTube video clip titled, “Joseph Prince – Your Sins are forgiven, Past, Present and Future???” https://youtu.be/kUw2ngG4B0g was also one of the videos sent by my friend.


When I told him that this particular video was in fact a rebuke of Joseph Prince’s teachings, my friend clarified that he had sent the wrong video. This video shows clips of Joseph Prince’s teachings and the author quoting Bible verses to refute them. However, the above video which was sent wrongly by my friend set me thinking.


Initially, when my friend shared with me about Joseph Prince’s messages, I liked them because the Christian life, as presented by Joseph Prince, seemed so easy. Everything is done by Christ and nothing is expected of me except to just rest in the finished work of the cross. I have no more sins to bother me now. God can never get angry with me, punish or judge me. God will be 100 percent pleased with me all the time and He will never reprimand me even though I sin against Him. Being human, who wouldn’t want a Christianity that is that easy? It is in our human nature and fleshly desire to want to take the easy path. Joseph Prince’s teaching of Christianity, is indeed, too good to be true. This is because many Bible verses teach us that the road to salvation is not an easy but a narrow one (Matt 7:13-14). This narrow way of salvation was taught by none other than the Lord Jesus. The life and ministry of Paul was also one that was filled with sufferings and tribulations. All the 12 disciples, except for John, were martyred. This is New Covenant Christianity, which happened after the cross.


Before I believed in Christ, I was very superstitious.  After I became a Christian, I would sometimes still be superstitious. So when I listened to Joseph Prince’s teaching on the Holy Communion, I must admit it gave me the idea that when I took the Holy Communion I would be lucky and strong and would not fall sick anymore. I nearly fell for it. I only found out later that there isn’t a single verse in the Bible that mentions that the purpose of the Holy Communion is for the blessings of healing, protection and youthfulness. Can you imagine people’s loved ones telling them during this pandemic that they do not wish to wear a mask or be vaccinated because they are already taking the Holy Communion to protect or heal them?


Joseph Prince’s teachings are so deceptive that many are misled into believing them. One can prove or deduce anything he wishes by taking a verse here and there from the Bible. This is what Joseph Prince usually does. He merely gives you a part of the picture but not the whole story.


I urge members of New Creation Church to check for themselves if Joseph Prince’s preaching method is the same as those ‘get-rich-quick-schemes’ on the internet by marketeers, presenting only the half-truth – when they mention a lot about the gains of their schemes but very little about the risk of losing money. What these investors who are deceived by such schemes stand to lose is their hard-earned money. But what those who are deceived by Joseph Prince’s half-truth teaching stand to lose is worse than this – it could result in the loss of their salvation. When the complete truth can be found if Joseph Prince also covers the other half of it, one wonders why he has consistently chosen not to reveal it to his congregation.  


As I have said, I was nearly misled by Joseph Prince’s teachings because they are so appealing to the flesh. But thankfully and fortunately, a short while later, I saw a video sent to me by Rev George Ong, titled, “Joseph Prince’s ‘Salvation Minus Sanctification’ Doctrine is Heretical” https://youtu.be/f6bFrjKYH38. After watching this video and reading articles from Rev George Ong’s website https://www.revgeorgeong.com/ and David Pawson Bible series teaching, I came to realise that the teachings of Joseph Prince were not biblical.


Besides the Holy Communion, there are still many other examples of Joseph Prince’s false teachings which can be found at Rev George Ong’s website, and I urge believers to read them and check them out with their Bible.


I am very blessed to know about Rev George Ong’s website and videos. These videos and teachings of Rev Ong have given me the correct understanding of the Bible in relation to Joseph Prince’s teachings. They have also ignited in me a desire to read and study God’s word again. In fact, I believe any fair-minded person will be able to see the correct path if he does his own study and compare what Rev Ong has written on his website and the videos he has produced with what is stated in the Bible.


Daniel Khoo

Attending Agape Methodist Church, Singapore