The Day Jesus Took Off The Gloves Mark 7:1-13, by Charles Swindoll (Dated 16 Jan 2024)




Last Sunday, 2 days ago,


Joseph Prince unveiled the theme for 2024,


‘The Year of Living in the Upper Room,’


for New Creation Church.


But as I listened to this sermon,


I discovered so many rubbish and lies


that came out Joseph Prince’s mouth,


which I am determined to reveal


in at least 2 more articles, to be released,


hopefully, before this week is over or next week. 


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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In ‘Swindoll’s Living Insights, New Testament Commentary, Mark,’


Charles Swindoll wrote:


“The Day Jesus Took Off The Gloves Mark 7:1-13


It is a sad fact that our culture now favors wimps and weaklings


and punishes people of strong conviction.


If you hold to certain beliefs or defend a particular set of principles,


you’re considered ignorant, arrogant, and bigoted.


If you hold strongly to your own opinions,


you’re intolerant, unbending, and narrow.


If you confront someone who is in error,


you’re rude and unloving.


If you believe there are times it is right to fight or to resist,


you’re labeled as contentious or hateful.


Even though we know in our hearts that the truth sets us free,


something within us recoils a little


when someone has the guts to state the truth without apology,


especially publicly, to those who need to hear it.


But if someone doesn’t stand up to challenge those in authority who have departed from the truth,


every playground will be run by bullies.


Every nation will be controlled by tyrants.


Every church will be intimidated by legalists.


The truth must be spoken,


or error will run amok and we’ll all suffer.


Every culture and generation needs someone who publicly challenges the directors of groupthink


and dares to speak the truth.


In first-century Israel, Jesus was just that kind of man,


although you wouldn’t know it from the early days of His ministry in Galilee.


In the beginning, He took a gentle approach to opposition, choosing to speak softly


– despite feeling intense anger


– and to counter falsehood with reasoning.


For the most part, He steered clear of conflict, choosing instead to spend His time


proclaiming the truth throughout the land, concentrating on those who wished to hear the gospel.


He simply brushed aside those who resisted the truth as He pressed on with His agenda.


Jesus wasn’t afraid of conflict; the rich and powerful didn’t intimidate Him.


Confronting the imposing religious elite of Israel simply didn’t fit into His program … yet.


Having completed several tours around Galilee, and after sending His disciples to preach the good news,


the time had come to turn His attention southward toward Jerusalem,


the stronghold of theological and religious error.


He didn’t take His ministry there at this point; that journey would come later (10:1).


Instead, He began to confront various factions from Jerusalem as part of His agenda,


becoming increasingly assertive in His approach.


Up to this point, He had countered the religious authorities with clear reasoning from the Scriptures,


but the time for that had come to an end.


When a delegation from Jerusalem came to Capernaum to pick a fight with Jesus,


the gloves came off.


The men who had perverted the Lord’s covenant with Abraham and turned Judaism into a legalistic cult


needed to feel the wrath of God.”