Let’s Join Our Hearts Together To Expose The Heretic, Joseph Prince

– By Brigadier General (Retired) Andrew Tan (Dated 20 October 2020)


“I once watched a video of Joseph Prince’s preaching and he said “Christ drank the cup of abomination of sin and filth and wickedness and judgement” to his congregation. One does not need to attend theology school to know that such derogatory and offensive words towards God cannot be from the bible and yet the thousands listening to him preaching this satanic message from the bottomless pit were all held in awe, hoodwinked and fooled into thinking that this is a message from God. Such is the sad case of biblical misinformation, heresy and deception, week in, week out by Joseph Prince upon thousands of people in Singapore and the region.


I commend and applaud the efforts of Pastor George Ong to expose the false teachings of Joseph Prince. Pastor George Ong’s work is a labour of love and dedication for our Lord, to defend the Word and to help open the eyes of people so that they will know the deception and lies of the false gospel being preached by Joseph Prince. Pastor George Ong should be given all the support from followers of Christ as he helps believers and pre-believers to avoid the pitfall of believing a wrong Christ and worshipping a false god which is Prince’s motive in the first place to bring people literally to eternal damnation.


A big part of the problem why heretics like Joseph Prince has a free rein to preach his false gospel, adulterate and manipulate the Word and even make fun and despise Christ is simply because many churches and pastors choose to remain tight lipped. “Silence is consent” as the saying goes. The worst Christians are those that watch by the side-line the works of Satan’s disciples preaching and condemning the Gospel and Christ and watch in silence to what is being preached and the corruption of the poor congregation. I suppose one day, God will ask these pastors why did they not do something to correct the errors and heresies; why were they simply keeping quiet, and why did they allow such carnage to be perpetuated by false teachers that Christ Himself and His apostles had warned us of.


“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”. Satan is a diligent bible student. He knows that his time is short and he seeks at every point to counter the work of the Lord upon this world. The body of Christ must arise as one in this spiritual warfare to fight this war and not say “this is not my interest”, “this is not my business”, “this is not my calling”, “I have other things to do and I am not interested”. If anyone should say that he loves Christ and that he would even die for his faith, is it not hypocritical to not even lift a finger to expose any false teacher and help people not to be deceived by Satan’s disciples?


I once asked a pastor of another church why he and his church can carry out business as usual knowing that false teachers like Joseph Prince and a few other prominent prosperity gospel ‘pimps’ are committing fornication with the evil one and spreading satanic teachings by twisting, manipulating and misleading the Word? He replied that generally the other churches do not want to be involved because the senior pastors and pastors are committed to keeping the peace among fellow brethren and for the sake of unity in the body of Christ. Imagine the ignorance of this pastor, who isn’t even aware that Joseph Prince isn’t a fellow shepherd of Christ but a wolf in sheepskin to be exposed and contended against. I told this pastor that we cannot sacrifice truth; we cannot sacrifice the salvation of believers and pre-believers, and we cannot ‘martyr’ the Gospel for the sake of superficial peace and unity. It is certainly not wrong and even biblical to correct errors and expose heresies and false teachers. In fact, it is the sacred duty of every Christian, let alone their pastors and leaders, out of real love, to lead the way to champion this cause. Imagine the positive impact if more pastors and churches join in the cause to categorically tell Joseph Prince that they collectively denounce his errant preaching, and his characteristic manipulation of the Word and his effort to bring people literally to hell! If the whole of heaven should rejoice over the salvation of just one soul, imagine the roaring jubilation and exultation in heaven as hundreds and thousands of eyes are opened to the truth to the Word of God by the collective effort of the body of Christ in exposing the lies and deception of Satan?


John MacArthur in his book ‘Charismatic Chaos’ said, “John, the apostle of love, wrote a scorching condemnation of Diotrephes, a church leader who was ignoring the apostles’ teaching (3 John 9-10). As his second epistle shows John’s view of real love was inextricably bound with truth. In fact, love apart from truth is nothing more than hypocritical sentimentality. That sentimentality is running rampant in evangelicalism today.”


My humble request to everyone reading my post who loves Christ is to pray and explain to God why you are not interested to expose and condemn heresies and false teachings, and why you are not making any effort to help people to avoid deception, why you are allowing Satan’s disciples to have a free hand in getting people to learn the wrong gospel that could lead them to hell and to seek God’s discernment and courage to do what is right for Christ in exposing false teachers such as Joseph Prince. Shalom!”


Brigadier General (Retired) Andrew Tan
Attending Covenant Evangelical Free Church, Singapore