Pastors Must Deal with the Issue of Joseph Prince’s Heresies Head-On – By Benjamin Yeo (Dated 6 August 2020)


“We are living in the last days. The Lord made it abundantly clear that false teachers and prophets will appear in these last days to deceive the sheep. What bothers me is this – our churches are too laid-back and diplomatic when it comes to the false gospel of Joseph Prince. Pastors must deal with the issue of Joseph Prince’s heresies head-on. There is no more room to take a nonchalant and a Mr Nice-guy approach anymore. Warning the body of Christ of false teachers is the duty of every shepherd. The shepherds of God’s flock cannot and must not stay silent.


In 2 Timothy 2:16-19, Paul named names of false teachers to warn believers. This is the pattern we must follow. I have heard and read of many who say that it is not nice to criticise other pastors. It is disunity. But don’t they know that Joseph Prince isn’t a true shepherd but a false teacher? How can we have unity with false teachers? And scriptures are clear on how false teachers are to be dealt with. Exposing false teachers like Joseph Prince is the proper and biblical thing to do. The Body of Christ must differentiate between truth from heresies, and true shepherds from wolves who have come disguised as shepherds.

Joseph Prince’s easy Christianity and cheap grace holds no water. This is not the Christian walk as portrayed in the Bible. The righteous will face many afflictions but the Lord will deliver him from them all (Psa 34:19). Another disturbing teaching of Joseph Prince is on Holy Communion. He teaches that the Holy Communion is to be taken like medication, 3 times a day, and that people who take Holy Communion get younger and younger.

The ministry of confronting and exposing Joseph Prince as a false teacher is an unpleasant and unpopular task that many Pastors would choose to avoid. There are no gains from such a ministry but only criticisms coming from, of all places, some sections of the Body. But thank God for George who rose to the challenge. I know George to be a courageous teacher who does not flinch from his call, no matter how tough it is. George is a man on a mission not vengeance. He has paid a high price in his calling, as a watchman to warn the sheep against the wolf, Joseph Prince. And I know he would stay the course with no fear. It is time to stand up against such heresies. Let’s give our full support to George by spreading his teachings to as many as possible. We cannot adopt a posture of inertia and indifference and think this is not our problem. It’s time to stand up and be counted.  


George’s detailed study on Joseph Prince’s false grace gospel, which can be found on his website, is second to none. He has debunked the false teachings of Joseph Prince with solid biblical facts. His arguments are thoroughly thought through and painstakingly studied and researched. In this, George is outstanding.”

Benjamin Yeo
Attending Faith Methodist Church, Singapore