Joseph Prince is Preaching a Different God & a Different Jesus (Dated 2 August 2020)


“Joseph Prince is preaching a different god and a different Jesus. The God of the Bible is just, holy and a consuming fire, who cannot tolerate sin. He demands that we make every effort to be holy, and to love Him with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind and all our strength. This calls for the believer to take responsibility and act. It is not an easy journey and was never intended to be, because we are not of the world. Not so the god of Joseph Prince, who is a lovey-dovey god and needs us so badly he doesn’t want heaven without us and would do anything to make us happy, healthy and wealthy. He has forgotten that God in His holy anger nearly wiped out the entire human race save for 8 persons in the Noah’s Ark narrative. Joseph Prince’s teaching that Christianity is easy and requires no effort or toil on the part of the believer, simply resonates with the hearts of unregenerate people. He knows that. What they want are all encapsulated in a deadly pill that he is dispensing. He tells them what they want to hear and they keep coming back for their dosage of bad theology and falsehood, coated so enticingly with candy.


Joseph Prince has so many “inventions” he should get a patent. Take for example his “exposition” on the concept of Holy Communion. Although Jesus clearly told his disciples to take the Holy Communion in remembrance of Him, Joseph Prince has stretched it to say that it brings health to the person taking it. Nowhere is this found in scripture. Picture the eager anticipation of a sick person when the bread and the cup are passed to him. He would expect God to keep His side of the bargain and heal him. If he is not healed, imagine the confusion and fallout. Then there is the twisting of scripture in Matthew 13:44 where Jesus said “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field”. Joseph Prince switched the roles and now the man represents God being overjoyed when He found us and giving up everything in order to purchase us. Even a non-Christian will be able to see that this is not what the text says. These are some of the traits of a false teacher – reading non-existent concepts into the text and twisting scripture to fit his own agenda.


Few would endeavour to call out Joseph Prince for what he is, with such fervour, intense research and careful exegesis as Rev George Ong did, and is still doing. His effort has not gone unnoticed and many have been encouraged by his conviction to follow the true teachings of scripture, including the duty to expose false teachers of the gospel. It is always a joy to learn the truth of God’s word, and Rev George Ong has done a marvellous job in bringing us that joy. To God be the glory.”


Ang Lip Jin

Attending Grace Assembly of God, Singapore