Joseph Prince Recklessly goes about Twisting God’s Word, and Flippantly Interprets a Text out of its Context. Such Irreverent Disrespect for God’s Word is a sure indication that Joseph Prince is a False Prophet – By Andrew Kiong (Dated 23 October 2020)


“Even as a young boy reading the Bible, it was very clear to me:

1) Christians will go through trials and tribulations, and some, even martyrdom.

2) It does not teach the prosperity gospel.

3) God seeks a broken and contrite heart – one of repentance and CONTINUING effort to work out our salvation with fear and trembling as a response to God’s matchless grace.


Each of the three issues I have highlighted are where Joseph Prince went wrong. He is of the view that believers will never meet with the tragedies of life and be martyred. He teaches on the prosperity gospel and that repentance is only a change of the mind, which is false. Any Bible teacher and mature believer would be well aware that such teachings cannot be supported in the scriptures. Yet, it is saddening that tens of thousands in Singapore, choose to be swayed by such twisted teachings of Joseph Prince.


The word of God cautions that those who teach, would be judged more strictly (Jas 3:1). Teaching the word of God must be handled with absolute reverence and care. But such attitudes are totally absent in Joseph Prince, as he recklessly goes about twisting God’s word, and flippantly interprets a text out of its context just to shore up his Pseudo-grace doctrine. Such irreverent disrespect for God’s word is a sure indication that Joseph Prince is a false prophet.


I thank God for Rev George Ong, whom God has called to expose the heresies of Joseph Prince. His consistent, laborious and tireless efforts at uncovering Joseph Prince’s false teachings is unmatched. Such undying and unwavering commitment despite the odds can only come from a man with a sense of purpose and one who has been called by God.” 


Andrew Kiong

Attending St Andrew’s Cathedral (Anglican), Singapore