Joseph Prince’s Teaching About Two Second Comings Of Christ Is Misguided Part 23 (V100 Dated 13 May 2021)

Testimonies of Bishop James Wong, Sheldon Loh, Dr Yvonne Soh, Png Hui Jun, Dr Enoch Tan, Lam Chun Mun & Kimi Dahem

Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 7 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Bishop James Wong, Sheldon Loh, Dr Yvonne Soh, Png Hui Jun, Dr Enoch Tan, Lam Chun Mun & Kimi Dahem who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Bishop James Wong


I have known Rev George Ong for more than 15 years.


I first came to know him as an itinerant preacher who has written the most books on humour that are loved by young and old.


Rev George Ong ministers often in many of our Basel Churches in Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu.


Whenever I have the opportunity, I would invite him to speak to our congregations.


He is friendly and he is sensitive to the needs and culture of the congregations he ministers to.


He is a master communicator who can capture the attention of the crowd with his unique sense of humour and bring across the message of the Bible in a clear and compelling manner.


Thus, those who listen to him will be greatly encouraged by his teaching and personal testimony.


I have personally attended Rev George’s seminar on the ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ that I organised for the Basel denomination.


He spoke with great passion and depth and he is able to expound from the teachings of Jesus and many other Bible references that unmistakably support the Post-Tribulation Rapture doctrine and reveal the fallacies of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture teaching.


The 350-page book collated and written by him on the subject is an excellent resource for participants who wish to learn or investigate the truth further.


The positive responses from the Basel Church members who attended the same ‘Rapture’ seminar were overwhelming.


I have no reservation in recommending Rev George to any Church or Christian group that would like to prepare its members with the full knowledge of the coming end-time or other seminars that he is providing.


Bishop James Wong

Bishop of the Basel Christian Church of Malaysia (BCCM), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Sheldon Loh


I want to tell you that l was really impressed and impacted by the amount of detail in your presentation on Pre and Post-trib Rapture.


Your presentation is excellent and fully inspiring, well prepared and systematic.


I have always believed in Post-trib, and your exposition, backed by Biblical references, have affirmed and confirmed my Post-trib beliefs.


Your teaching also leaves no doubts whatsoever in my mind that Pre-trib Rapture is false, deceptive, dangerous, and destructive.


Your revelations confirm that the Lord requires us to be ‘Overcomers’ with the Holy Spirit’s help, to be his faithful servants working diligently in the harvest fields pending his second coming, to watch, pray, and be prepared like the five wise virgins.


I am pleased to add that my cell members who attended the same seminar have all informed me that they have received affirmation in their spirits that Post-trib Rapture is true.


Armed with your revelations, illumination, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit’s empowerment, we are now more prepared to face the End of Days.


My cell members have rededicated themselves towards achieving spiritual maturity, so that they will be thoroughly prepared to encounter the Great Tribulation when it comes, and it will come, because the Lord Jesus said so.


But, as the scriptures declare, ‘fear not’ after all, we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.


Dear George, thank you for your unflinching courage in teaching Biblical truths in the face of unbelief, rejection, ridicule, ostracism, etc.


I pray that the Lord will continue to open doors for you so that truth will prevail.


Shalom! The Lord bless you and your family.


Sheldon Loh

Attending SIB KL Church, Kuala Kumpur, Selangor, Malaysia



Testimony of Dr Yvonne Soh


Both the contents in your book and your teaching were very detailed and thorough and they were concretely supported with scripture evidences.


Before attending this seminar, I heard about Pre, Mid and Post-tribulation rapture theories and held an opinion that it would be Mid-tribulation.


Yet, at the same time, I wasn’t sure and didn’t have any concrete back-up for my Mid-tribulation view.


The idea of Pre-tribulation rapture actually troubled me as I was worried about what would happen to my non-believing family members if I were to be raptured and leave them all behind.


Having attended the seminar by Rev George Ong, I am now convinced that while Post-tribulation is the true biblical view, Pre-tribulation is a false doctrine.


Everyone is gifted differently and is being used by God in different ways.


Just because Rev George Ong’s tone and style of preaching is different from others doesn’t mean he ought to be criticised or rejected.


Judge the content of the prophecy and not the style of the ‘prophet’.


We need ‘prophets’ who will shun the popularity of the people in order to please God.


We need courageous preachers who will speak the words of what the people NEED to hear, as opposed to what they ‘want’ to hear.


I really appreciate Rev George’s boldness in speaking what God has convicted him to speak.


I thank God for the good work Rev George is doing and am looking forward to attend his next end-time seminar in 2016.


Dr Yvonne Soh

Attending BEM (SIB) Canada Hill, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia



Testimony of Png Hui Jun


I used to be a Pre-tribulation believer because I read Tim Lahaye’s books and was simply convinced.


But many untruths taught by Tim Lahaye had been unravelled by Rev George Ong in the seminar on the basis of scriptures.


I now see that believers will not escape tribulation but will go through it. 


Rev George Ong delivered a compelling and convincing argument laying out the foundations of both Pre-tribulation and Post-tribulation beliefs.


He has a strong message that is built upon research, analysis and a thorough scrutiny of God’s word.


Like a doctor who removes a thick layer of scab piece by piece so as to reveal tender skin at the bottom, his teaching was one that delved deep, pressed at old wounds, yet revealed new revelation and brought a renewal of mind.


His teaching is well-balanced.


He knows what Pre-tribulation teachers are teaching and he is able to knock down their arguments.


He being honest and frank in his approach had helped to gain trust from the seminar participants.


I can see that he is standing up for Christ despite the opposition and hostility.


That only creates a bigger impact on the strength of his testimony.


Thanks for being brave and firm on your convictions.


You are indeed a man of conviction.


I am thankful that you chose to be a herald of truth to deliver a difficult, yet objective and spiritual message.


May God always align your convictions to be in line with His, that you may speak the truth wherever you go.


Png Hui Jun

Attending Church of Singapore (Balestier), Singapore



Testimony of Dr Enoch Tan


Thank you, Rev George Ong, for the wonderful seminar on ‘Rapture and the Great Tribulation’ at Christ Church Likas, Kota Kinabalu.


After three nights of solid Bible teaching, you have convincingly proven that the Pre-trib Rapture is a false doctrine that needs to be exposed and demolished, and that the Post-trib Rapture is the true scriptural view.


Thank you for doing such a detailed study on such a crucial subject.


We appreciate you for taking us through the ‘bolts and nuts’.


Before attending this seminar, I have been exposed to the teaching that the Rapture can happen anytime.


Now I know that this is not true – Rapture will only happen after we have gone through the Great Tribulation.


Thank you also for alerting us to prepare ourselves and our family for the hard times ahead.


The examples you gave of our family members being confronted by evil gunmen is a scenario that is so real every family needs to take note of.


Your reference and exposition of so many verses in the Book of Revelation have also given me a better understanding of this difficult book.


Generally, we have all been blessed by your clear and systematic teaching and exposition.


We look forward to more seminars in the future.


May God bless you and your family that you will remain steadfast and bold to proclaim God’s word and truth as revealed to you.


Dr Enoch Tan

Attending Christ Church Likas (Anglican), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Lam Chun Mun


In the late 1970s and the early 1980s, I have heard and read much of the second coming of Christ.


I have always found it confusing when it came to the teaching on the Pre-tribulation rapture or the Mid-tribulation rapture.


There was very little teaching on the Post-tribulation doctrine.


After a while, I left the subject alone as it was just too confusing for me.


I thought perhaps the Pre-tribulation position was right as after all, these teachings were done by Bible scholars, Bible teachers and pastors.


Like many others, I thought it doesn’t really matter which position one holds.


Yet throughout the years, whenever I read Matthew 24 or Mark 13, I cannot help noticing that the Lord Jesus may be talking about the rapture after the tribulation period.


Praise the Lord for Pastor George Ong who came along and explained it all.


His teaching on the Post-tribulation was so clear, well-organised and thoroughly biblical.


It is very convincing as compared to my previous exposure to Pre-tribulation teaching which I find it to be very confusing.


I had also learnt that the Pre-tribulation doctrine has no scriptural basis at all.


My confusion on the subject of the rapture and tribulation was cleared up when I read his 209-page book (1st edition) even before I attended his teaching.


How has the teaching impacted me?




It impacted my relationship and walk with the Lord and has motivated me to love Him with all my heart, soul and mind. 


Second, it has motivated me to share the truth of this Post-tribulation doctrine to my brothers and sisters in Christ in the Church.


Further, it has given me an urgency to pray and prepare myself and my family for His coming, especially my children for the tribulation.


The Lord will not leave us alone to go through the tribulation but will pour out His Spirit to empower us to emerge from this difficult period as conquerors.


Lam Chun Mun

Attending Faith Methodist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Kimi Dahem


My focus as a Christian has always been on salvation and doing the works of the ministry, with little attention given to end-time events.


In my many years as a Christian, I could not even recall ever attending a seminar or preaching session on ‘Rapture and the Great Tribulation’.


My personal conviction or position on the topic of ‘Rapture and the Great Tribulation’ is inclined towards that of Pre-tribulation, based upon reading of the scriptures and influences through articles mostly written by Pre-tribulation advocates. 


I had thought that whether Christ’s second coming is at the beginning or at the end of the tribulation is a non-issue to me as long as I am ready at all times and remain faithful to the Lord to the end.


But after attending Rev George Ong’s seminar conducted at our Church on the 6 & 7 May 2016, my whole perspective on this issue took a drastic turn. 


For one, I noticed that Rev George was full of confidence, very passionate and bold in declaring his stand on the doctrine of Post-tribulation as the true interpretation to the Rapture issue.


His assertion is not based on empty rhetoric but purely on the word of God and backed by numerous solid verses and texts from the scriptures to support his claim. 


He also declared in no uncertain terms that the Pre-tribulation doctrine is false and explained clearly, logically and systematically why such doctrine has no scriptural basis and therefore could not stand. 


The presentation by Rev George was so convincing that I now come to the conclusion that Post-tribulation is the only scriptural interpretation to the issue and that the Pre-tribulation is a false doctrine.


For Christians, there is no such thing as escape, but we will have to undergo sufferings and persecutions just as our Lord warned in Jn 15:20 … “If they persecuted Me, they will persecute you as well …”


The truth presented in this seminar is so powerful, life-transforming and very timely.


It warns and thoroughly prepares us for the difficult times that are to come. 


Kimi Dahem

Attending Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia


Joseph Prince’s Teaching That To Be Delivered From Wrath Is To Be Raptured Is Unwarranted Part 22 (V99 Dated 9 May 2021)

Testimonies of Pastor Terence Chang, Wong Soon Jeck, Poon Kum Fai, Calvin Chan, Carla Yong, Maxine Pearl Loo, & Bernice Loke

Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 7 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Pastor Terence Chang, Wong Soon Jeck, Poon Kum Fai, Calvin Chan, Carla Yong, Maxine Pearl Loo, & Bernice Loke who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Pastor Terence Chang


I attended Rev George Ong’s Rapture and Great Tribulation seminar in Miri, Sarawak on 11th & 12th Sept, 2015.


The seven hours of teaching was an eye opener to me because I had not actually made a personal stand on whether I was Pre-tribulation, Mid-tribulation or Post-tribulation.


We had invited to Miri preachers from Nigeria who favoured and taught the Pre-tribulation view.


Our Bible schools here just presented us with the three Rapture positions, more as academic exercise with no clear convictions.


As I read George’s 350-page book and sat humbly to listen to his discourse with much biblical references to the Bible, I realised that there is such a thing called false doctrine of Pre-tribulation that was formulated about 180 years ago by western theologians.


With the guidance and the leading of the Holy Spirit, and most importantly from the authority of the word of God, I am finally persuaded that the only Biblical stand that I should now be taking is the Post-tribulation rapture of the saints.


This makes sense because I personally believed that the Church of Jesus Christ must go through the furnace fire of persecution in order to emerge as a pure, holy and spotless shining Bride of the King of Kings.


To God be the glory.


Pastor Terence Chang

Pastor, Full Gospel Assembly (FGA) Church in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Secretary of Miri Pastors’ Fellowship



Testimony of Wong Soon Jeck


I have been taught the Pre-trib theory since I was very young.


But through my own personal reading of the Bible, I have always felt a bit uncomfortable about this doctrine.


I must be honest to say what makes me embrace the Pre-trib doctrine is the fear of staying on earth during Tribulation.


I can’t bear to imagine that I will be persecuted, tortured and may even end up as a martyr.


It is such a daunting and scary thought.


I believe this is one of the main reasons why many Christians choose to believe in Pre-trib theory, not because it is the truth but because of the fear of suffering and persecution.


But through Rev George Ong’s seminar, I have come to accept the tough truth that believers will have to go through Tribulation.


I have come to realise that it is wrong for me to hold on to the Pre-trib doctrine as a form of escapism from reality and truth.


No matter how uncomfortable it is, I should embrace the truth and be prepared for what is to come.


This is a question that every Christian must confront.


The question is whether a Christian has embraced the Pre-trib teaching because it is the truth or more because of the fear of suffering and even death.


As Rev George Ong has emphasised, there is nothing to fear as we have the assurance that God will pour out His Spirit during the last days, and we will be empowered and able to withstand the toughest of trials.


I’m thankful to Rev George for his effort and time to come all the way to Miri, Sarawak to share with us this hard and precious truth.


Most of all, I am impressed with his boldness to speak against the common teaching of most Churches and his courage to declare that Pre-trib is false.


This will definitely hurt his own ministry as an itinerant minister as offended pastors and churches will close the doors of ministry to him. 


Yet, this has not daunted his spirit or stopped him from obeying the call of God all the way.


Wong Soon Jeck

Attending a BEM (SIB) Church in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia



Testimony of Poon Kum Fai


When I was a young Christian, my former church drilled me on the Pre-tribulation doctrine through many books and literature.


For 34 years as a Christian, I have been brought up to believe in the Pre-tribulation doctrine.


So I have much to unlearn what I had wrongfully learnt.


The fact that Christ can come anytime as it is taught in the Pre-rapture doctrine somehow produced the opposite effect in me and I began to live in constant fear of Him coming anytime.


After learning from Pastor George Ong, I begin to understand that the Pre-trib rapture is a false doctrine.


Pastor George also gave us the assurance from the word of God that the Lord Jesus Christ will be with us to the end of the age to face the most difficult times.


The Book of Revelation also teaches that we can be overcomers during the Great Tribulation.


I appreciate the teachings of Pastor George as he is honest and forthright in his teaching.


When it comes to true and false teachings, there should be no compromise, and he is rightfully dogmatic in declaring the truth and in exposing the false.


Poon Kum Fai

Attending an Independent Church, Singapore



Testimony of Calvin Chan


Even before the seminar, while reading Rev George’s 350-page seminar book, I have already been convinced that Post-trib is the true teaching, as it is thoroughly biblical.


At the seminar, I also learnt another insightful truth that Pre-trib is false.


Thus, my stand now is Post-trib and I will prepare myself and my wife for such a time.


Your seminar was excellently presented and it ministered to me personally.


My faith has also grown stronger.


You have courageously spoken the hard truth which few dared to venture into.


The world needs the truth and I thank God you are the beacon of light that will never be extinguished against the most formidable flames of opposition.


Your superb speaking skills have helped to engage the audience and sustain their attention throughout the seminar.


More importantly, your seminar is biblically sound and solidly anchored on the scriptures, and it will be my delight to recommend this seminar to everyone I know.

Calvin Chan

Attending Every Nation Church, Penang, Malaysia



Testimony of Carla Yong


I am so blessed and I really enjoyed your teaching on Rapture and the Great Tribulation.


Pastor, you were so cute and your teaching was so funny.


Yet, they were full of God’s wisdom, and you have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that the Pre-trib teaching is a false doctrine.


The reason why I said so is that every of your teaching is based on the word of God.


One key lesson that I have learnt was to differentiate between Satan’s wrath and God’s wrath.


God’s wrath comes right at the end of the seven years of Tribulation, whereas Satan’s wrath is at its height during the Great Tribulation.


I have learnt that Christians will go through the Great Tribulation not because they are under God’s wrath but Satan’s wrath.


May you continue to spread the Post-trib teaching to all the churches and to demolish and tear down the false doctrine of Pre-trib teaching as many churches have been deceived by it.


Carla Yong

Attending Calvary Charismatic Church (Assembly of God), Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Maxine Pearl Loo


I thank God I was able to attend the Rapture and Great Tribulation Seminar by Rev George Ong.


This was the first time I heard a local preacher from Singapore touch on this topic in such great detail.


He courageously and passionately made a stand to uphold Post-tribulation as a true doctrine and expose Pre-tribulation as a false doctrine.


I found the seminar to be enlightening, inspiring and meaningful.


Through the Seminar, I had a better understanding of the Book of Revelation.


Before I attended the Seminar, whether one holds to Pre, Mid or Post-tribulation, it did not mean much to me.


In fact, I was quite confused.


Due to Rev George’s clear, concise and biblical teaching, I am convinced that the Post-tribulation is the true doctrine.


Tim Lahaye’s ‘Left Behind’ movies in the 1990s have sadly influenced many Christians.


Through his book, Christians have been brought up to believe that Christians will not go through the great tribulation but rather be raptured before it.


We need to stand firm in our faith, to prepare ourselves and our next generation to face the persecutions and even martyrdom.


We do not fear because the Holy Spirit will empower us not only to endure but to be overcomers.


It is such a delight to see Rev George Ong publicly acknowledging and praising Kwee Siew, his lovely wife and Ministry partner.


It is very encouraging to know that this man of great faith has given his blessings to his teenage daughter to go to Jordan for 7 months to minister to the Syrian refugees in 2014/2015.


I am really looking forward to his next end-time seminar.


Maxine Pearl Loo

Attending Grace Assembly of God, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia



Testimony of Bernice Loke


I attended Rev George Ong’s seminar on ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ on 12 Aug 2017 at Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church.

I had thought that believers will not go through the Great Tribulation, until I attended the seminar.


As Rev George puts it – it is simply illogical for God to take away His Church at such a crucial time – the last window of opportunity for propagating the Gospel and for precious souls to be saved.


From the exhaustive list of passages that Rev George has laid out, the Pre-tribulation Rapture doctrine is also proven to be unbiblical and false.


I have to humbly change my Pre-tribulation Rapture mindset as all the scriptures that Rev George has expounded is so plain and clear for all to see.

I was deceived and fooled by the Pre-tribulation Rapture doctrine and I sincerely urge those who share the same sentiments not to be fooled but hold on to the right doctrine, that is, Post-tribulation Rapture.


It’s time for God’s children to equip themselves by thoroughly examining the scriptures like the Bereans did, to see what was taught were true and not be deceived again by the ‘feel-good’ teachings of Pre-tribulation Rapture which promise that Christians will escape tribulation and be in heaven for 7 years of total safety. 


On the contrary, those who hold on to the true Post-tribulation Rapture teaching, will take their faith seriously as they prepare themselves to go through tribulation, if they happen to be the end-time church.


Rev George’s teachings were very inspiring, concise, convicting, bold and no-nonsense.


I am indeed thankful for Rev George’s convictions to teach the true doctrine of Post-tribulation Rapture and his courage to expose and demolish the false Pre-tribulation Rapture.


I am grateful that he has corrected me from my false belief in the Pre-tribulation Rapture and I really do hope that other believers will be humble enough to do the same – and the time to do it is now. 


Let me quote what Ron Poch said (whose quote was mentioned in Rev George’s 350-page book), “If we continue believing in a wrong doctrine, we will effectively erect a stronghold in our mind that cannot be penetrated by truth.”

It is my sincere prayer that more will attend this seminar and receive a fresh revelation of the truth.


I also pray that believers will overcome the challenges of the great tribulation and remain faithful to the end, even laying down their lives for the Lord Jesus Christ!

Bernice Loke

Attending Faith Methodist Church, Singapore

Joseph Prince’s Failure To Distinguish Between The Seal, Trumpet & Bowl Judgements Deludes

Part 21 (V98 Dated 5 May 2021)

Article/Testimonies of 3 Scholars: Dr Roland Chia, Rev Dr John Tay & Dr Bernard

Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Dr Roland Chia from Trinity Theological College writes against Joseph Prince’s Pseudo-grace teaching.


Both Rev Dr John Tay, a former Professor & Head of the Department of Paediatrics, National University of Singapore (1988-1995) and Dr Bernard, who has a PhD from Nottingham University, UK, write in favour of the Post-tribulation position and against the Pre-tribulation doctrine.



Confessing Our Sins by Dr Roland Chia


One of the most important acts in Christian worship is the confession of sins. So significant is this act of confession that it is found in the liturgies of all the traditions of the Christian church — Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant.


For example, in the traditional morning prayer in The Alternative Service Book of the Anglican Church, we find this solemn prayer of confession:


Almighty God, our heavenly Father,

we have sinned against you and against our fellow men,

in thought and word and deed,

through negligence, through weakness, and through our own deliberate fault.

We are truly sorry and repent of all our sins,

For the sake of your Son Jesus Christ, who died for us,

Forgive us all that is past,

and grant that we may serve you in newness of life

to the glory of your name. Amen.


In the liturgy of ‘Word and Table’ of the Methodist Church, there is a lengthy prayer of confession by which worshippers ‘acknowledge and bewail our manifold sin and wickedness’, ‘earnestly repent [of] these our misdoings’ and pleads God for mercy and forgiveness.


After the confession, the minister will pray this ‘Prayer for Pardon’:


Almighty God, our heavenly Father,

who of thy great mercy hast promised forgiveness of sins

to all them that with hearty repentance and true faith turn to thee:


Have mercy upon us;

pardon and deliver us from all our sins;

confirm and strengthen us in all goodness;

and bring us to everlasting life;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


The practice of confession of sins in the liturgical and spiritual traditions of the Church is grounded in and inspired by the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples (Matthew 6:9-13). Just as Christians should pray daily for God’s provision, so they must ask for God’s forgiveness every day.


The practice of confession of sins and repentance is premised on the fact that although Christians have been saved by grace through faith in Christ, they have not attained spiritual perfection. Sanctification is a process, and as the Christian tries to live a life of obedience he will at times succumb to temptation and sin against God.


However, the Christian knows that he can always turn to God, repent of his sins and receive divine forgiveness. The Christian knows this with certainty because it is a promise found in God’s written word, the Bible: ‘If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just, and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness’ (1 John 1:9).


The new antinomians, however, reject the teaching that Christians should confess their sins daily. They maintain that the believer needs only to confess their sins once — when they accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour. From that point on, all their sins — past, present and future — have already been forgiven. According to this logic, there is no point confessing the sins that we commit today or tomorrow because they have already been forgiven.


Rob Rufus made this very clear in a 2011 sermon when he declared that ‘You have not been partially forgiven; you have been totally and completely and utterly and fully and absolutely forgiven of all your sins — past, present, and future!’


This teaching is echoed by Joseph Prince in his sermons and books. For example, in Unmerited Favour Prince writes: ‘My friend, this is the assurance you can receive today: The day you received Christ, you confessed all your sins once and for all.’


In fact, Prince argues that if we think that only the sins that we have committed before putting our faith in Christ are forgiven when we accept Christ, we cheapen God’s grace. He writes:


His grace is cheapened when you think that he has only forgiven you of your sins up to the time you got saved, and after that point, you have to depend on your confession for your sins to be forgiven. God’s forgiveness is not given in installments.


In Destined to Reign Prince not only teaches that it is not necessary for Christians to confess our sins after they put their faith in Christ, the sins that they commit as believers have no consequence at all to their eternal salvation. This, incidentally, is premised on the doctrine of ‘once saved always saved’ that is favoured by the antinomians.


Prince points his readers to 1 John 1:7 which says: ‘But if we walk in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, purifies us from all sin.’ He then interprets and applies this verse as follows: ‘So, if we sin in the light, we are cleansed in the light, and we are kept in the light. This idea of us going into darkness when we sin is not from the Bible.’


This teaching is theologically erroneous and pastorally irresponsible.


Prince is in effect saying that once a believer has put his faith in Christ, confessed his sins and received God’s forgiveness, he could live his life without ever worrying about sin. He could sin with impunity. His relationship with God will not be affected. He will remain in the light. He will not forfeit his salvation.


This teaching can be understood — indeed, it has been understood! — as a license to sin.


Imagine a married Christian man who is having an affair with a married Christian woman, his colleague at work. Both are followers of the new antinomians.


They know that what they are doing is sinful. But they assure themselves that their sin of adultery has already been forgiven by God when they first became Christians many years ago. They assure themselves that their sinful relationship will not compromise their relationship with God at all. They are still loved by God. God is still happy with them. They will not lose their salvation.


They are determined to resolutely reject any feeling of guilt that they may have for being in this relationship. They will tell themselves that this feeling of guilt cannot possibly come from God. They will bring to mind another insight that they have gleaned from Destined to Reign where Prince writes: ‘The bottom line is that the Holy Spirit never convicts you of your sins. He NEVER comes to point your faults.’


So they will merrily continue in their adulterous relationship because, according to Prince, ‘if we sin in the light, we are cleansed in the light, and we are kept in the light.’ When other Christians warn them of God’s judgment if they were to continue in adultery, they will simply shrug it off. This is because Pastor Prince has clearly taught that ‘This idea of us going to darkness when we sin is not from the Bible.’


In his article entitled ‘8 Signs of Hypergrace Churches’, Bishop Mattera describes one of the characteristics of the church which embraces the teachings of these antinomians thus:


Key members of the church are regularly living sinful lives with impunity. Those attending a hyper grace church will most likely find that, because of the strong emphasis on grace — with no teaching against sin or repentance, judgement or hell — there is an atmosphere of loose living with many involved in sexual immorality and drunkenness as well as other physical vices.


The teachings of Prince and the antinomians on sin, repentance and confession are extremely dangerous for the Christian. They undermine the seriousness of sin. They give the believer a license to sin by stressing that sinful behaviour is inconsequential to his eternal destiny.


The inspiration behind this teaching cannot come from the holy God who abhors sin.


In Matthew 7:13-14, Jesus speaks about the narrow and the wide gates. The narrow gate leads to life, he said, and ‘only a few find it.’ The wide gate, on the other hand, ‘leads to destruction, and many enter through it.’


In teaching that all the sins of the Christian have already been forgiven once and for all and that he does not need to ever worry about them any longer, the antinomians are urging their followers to walk through the wide gate.


Dr Roland Chia

Chew Hock Hin Professor of Christian Doctrine

Trinity Theological College

Theological and Research Advisor

Ethos Institute for Public Christianity



Testimony of Rev Dr John Tay


Dear Pastor George, thank you for preaching on The Rapture and Great Tribulation on 15 Feb, 2015 at the worship service which I attended at Hakka Methodist Church.


I totally agree with you that the Pre-tribulation doctrine is unbiblical and a false teaching.


The problem is that many pastors and preachers have been taught the wrong doctrines and have not really studied the scriptures themselves.


That the rapture will occur before the tribulation is clearly a false teaching that is not founded on scriptures, yet taught so widely in the churches. 


There is not a single explicit scripture to show that rapture will take place before tribulation, whereas there are a number of scriptures that show the rapture will occur towards the end of the tribulation.


This position can also be demonstrated from the book of Revelation.


Revelation 16:15 clearly states Christ coming as a thief occurs only after the 6th bowl.


It is located very late in the chronology of Revelation between the 6th and 7th bowls.


The 7th bowl is the fall of Babylon, and the coming of Christ at Armageddon.


Why would Jesus be coming “as a thief” AFTER six plagues are already poured out, if Pre-tribbers claimed that He had already come “as a thief” about seven years BEFORE they were poured out?


If Pre-tribbers teach that Christ comes as a thief before the Tribulation, why would Jesus warn, “Behold, I come like a thief,” just when Armageddon is about to begin?


This clearly debunks the false Pre-tribulation rapture doctrine which sees Christ coming as a thief as a warning about not missing the Pre-tribulation rapture seven years before the battle of Armageddon.


Rev Dr John Tay

Dean of the Faculty of Biblical Studies, Bethany International University

Former Dean & Vicar of St Andrew’s Cathedral (Anglican), Singapore

Former Professor & Head of the Department of Paediatrics, National University of Singapore (1988-1995).

Holds 2 doctorates in genetics and is a writer of many books



Testimony of Dr Bernard


After years of painstaking study and research in the spirit of the Bereans (Acts 17:11), George has reached a firm conviction about the falsity of the Pre-trib position and the truth of the Post-trib doctrine that is solidly anchored on scriptures.


The Pre-trib position is a relative newcomer in biblical theology (less than 200-years-old) and is based on inferences and a less than robust exegesis of scripture.


The Post-trib position, however, is clearly taught in the scriptures and is the view firmly held by the Apostles, Church Fathers, and Reformers like Martin Luther and John Calvin.


God’s people, whether Israel in the Old Testament or the Christian Church throughout her history, have always been going through great tribulations, great certainly from their historical perspective.


One grave misunderstanding in eschatology concerns ‘the end times’ or ‘the last days’.


Many who subscribe to the Pre-trib position understand the end times or last days to refer to that period of time just before Christ’s second coming.


However, a careful study of scriptures will reveal that since Christ’s first coming, the Church has been in the last days (Heb 1:2), and these last days are characterised by tribulations.


There is no clear scriptural teaching that the last generation of Christians, who are alive just before Christ’s second coming, will enjoy the special privilege of being spared or will escape any tribulation. 


George’s teaching on this subject, which I attended, certainly deserves a hearing and will definitely challenge your position and cause you to rethink your theology of the last days.


It may confuse or upset you but what’s important is whether his teaching is clearly based on scripture.


If you are passionate about truth and pursuing nothing but the truth, give George a chance to open the scriptures to you.


Dr Bernard

PhD from Nottingham University, UK.

A former pastor, a former theological educator,

An independent theologian and a senior learning specialist in the marketplace, Singapore

Joseph Prince Who Makes No Distinction Between God’s Wrath & Satan’s Wrath Is To Mislead Part 20 (V97 Dated 30 Apr 2021)

Testimonies of Pastor Satthy Patrick, Stephen Pui, Jeffrey Chen, Mimi Quek & Quek Lip Kie & Chee Chin Cheng

Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 5 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Pastor Satthy Patrick, Stephen Pui, Jeffrey Chen, Mimi Quek & Quek Lip Kie & Chee Chin Cheng who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Pastor Satthy Patrick


It was a real enlightening and a totally great revelation message from Pastor George on the topic of ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ that I attended at City Tabernacle, KL.


The seminar has caused such a stirring in my heart and a great awakening in my spirit to be prepared for Tribulation.


I was so impacted by the message that I strongly believe it is a much-needed message for the church in these last days she is living in.  


I was overwhelmed by so much clear scriptural evidences that Rev George Ong has surfaced in proving his case – on the truth of Post-tribulationism and the falsity of Pre-tribulationism that no one can leave the seminar unconvinced.


All doubts to the Rapture issue have been cleared and clarified unless one stubbornly chooses to go against the simple and clear facts of the scriptures.


His teaching is excellent, clear and straight-to-the-point.


I pray and desire that more doors will be opened for Rev George Ong to take this message to many more churches.


I believe the message that the Lord has placed in his heart is not only for Malaysia but for all nations.


Pastor Satthy Patrick

Abundant Life Centre, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia



Testimony of Stephen Pui


Since our younger days (especially during our youth), I was taught about rapture and the second coming of Christ.


It was a hot topic.


Even songs, books and videos were used to support the Pre-tribulation doctrine.


I can still vividly remember the pastor who preached about rapture ─ how Christians were proudly taken away to avoid tribulation before the second coming of Christ.  


I was so naïve and ignorant then.


I never argued about it or raised any questions.


I just believed what the pastor had preached.


Eight years ago, I was invited to a seminar, ‘The Book of Revelation Unveiled’ by Dr Paul Tan.


It was an eye-opening experience for me as he talked about what Revelation reveals about rapture, tribulation and the second coming of Christ.


Dr Paul Tan explained vividly that Revelation is a book with time sequence.


He explained that after the Great Tribulation, the Cosmic Blackout will happen, which will then be followed by the Day of the Lord.


It was well explained but Dr Paul Tan did not try to demolish the Pre-tribulation doctrine.


The recent seminar on ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ by Pastor George Ong was indeed a truly inspiring experience.


He perceptibly taught on the Post-tribulation doctrine, based concretely on the scriptures, and with the same scriptures, he demolished the Pre-tribulation doctrine.


The reading of the 350-page book before the seminar, had drawn great interest and increased and deepened my knowledge of the topic.


Reading beforehand as Pastor George had wisely advised had greatly helped me to grasp the lesson better as he went through the seminar like a ‘bullet’.


The teaching of the Post-tribulation doctrine was humorous, lively, down to earth, and biblically-based.


Pastor George really speaks with boldness, passion and love, who persistently stand his ground on the truth of the Post-tribulation, and simultaneously, exposing the false doctrine of the Pre-tribulation.


The seminar is a great help and gives solid and biblical foundation for Christians to be fully prepared to face the great tribulation before the rapture and the second coming of Christ.


Are we prepared to die as martyrs, like Peter, Stephen and the Apostles?


I thank the Lord for Pastor George, who is fully equipped and well prepared to teach us the truth of the Post-tribulation and to help us to demolish and debunk the falsity and flaws of the Pre-tribulation doctrine.


I am truly blessed.


Stephen Pui

Attending a SIB Church, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Jeffrey Chen


First of all, I would like to thank Rev George Ong for the opportunity to attend the ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ seminar held at Christ Church Likas, Kota Kinabalu.


When the seminar was first announced, I had some reservations in attending as it would involve three nights (22-24 June).


But praise God that the value that we have gained from the seminar was well worth the three nights spent. 


In fact, it was more than what we had expected as your teachings were very impactful and thoroughly biblical.


We have been blessed by the three nights of great learning and insightful teaching.


The audience was captivated by your passionate teachings and they were kept alert throughout each of the three nights.


This is one topic that I have never heard priests or pastors teach.


It is a topic that most preachers will avoid and will not touch on.


This topic was really an eye-opener for most of the participants and it had made us to be more aware of the false teachings that are taught by preachers.


Most of these Pre-trib preachers will often use Bible verses to supposedly prove their case but failed to keep to the context of the passages.


Or they will just base their case on selective verses from the Bible and avoid the many other passages that point to the contrary, hence have failed to teach the whole counsel of God’s truth.


Sadly, there are many Pre-trib teachers, in order to guard the security of their jobs and positions, are unwilling to unlearn what they have wrongfully learnt, and are continuing to teach the false Pre-trib doctrine even though many of them are aware of the falsity of it or that something is not quite right and even seriously wrong about the Pre-trib doctrine. 


The seminar also warns me about what I have to look out for in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 and to be better prepared for the coming of the last days in 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17.


Together with my wife, we pray that you will continue your ministry as the Lord has called you to and that your ministry will help the body of Christ to stand firm on the truth of God’s word.


Jeffrey Chen

Attending Christ Church Likas (Anglican), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Priest’s Warden



Testimony of Mimi Quek & Quek Lip Kie


We came to the seminar with an expectation to learn about the end-times in the book of Revelation but little did we know that there are such doctrines as Pre-tribulation and Post-tribulation which were presented by you.


Nonetheless, we had learned more deeply and in greater detail about the Book of Revelation.


At first, we thought the debate between Pre-tribulation and Post-tribulation is academic and is more for those who are into the study of theology.


We thought we were attending a university lecture where a thesis is being presented.


Surely, your well-researched course materials in your 350-page book qualify to be a thesis for a doctorate degree and the subject seems so difficult for us.

However, as we listened more attentively, we begin to know why you are so passionate about the subject.


We begin to appreciate why you took great effort and time to research and study the subject and to articulate so persuasively and convincingly that one doctrine is the truth and the other is a lie.


We begin to see that it is vital that all Christians ought to know the difference and to embrace the truth and prepare themselves to face Tribulation before the rapture.

We believe that God has divinely and specifically prepared you for this difficult task.


As an itinerant preacher who writes mostly humour books, we really did not think you would dwell on this serious topic of end times but we were wrong.


You were extremely serious and committed to this difficult task.


You were very patient and genuinely cared to ensure that the audience understood the cost of being a true and faithful Christian.


We sat and listened effortlessly for 8 hours and you stood and spoke tirelessly for 8 hours to deliver to us the truth God has entrusted to you.


Thank you for the comprehensive and in-depth course material in your book that we know you had painstakingly compiled for us.


It is truly a challenge for us to do what Abraham had done; to obey God and sacrifice Isaac and trust that He will resurrect him.


The real test is whether we would be willing to sacrifice our loved ones or even ourselves in the Great Tribulation or whether we would give in to temptation and give up in the face of persecution.

We were really challenged to seriously examine whether we love God with all of our mind, all our strength and all of our soul.


At the same time, we learnt that God will provide the strength for us to withstand persecution and stand firm and grow strong in our faith.


Thank you for speaking the truth in love so that fellow Christians can be more prepared for the coming of our Lord Jesus.


Your teaching that is backed by scriptures is excellent and very inspiring and encouraging.


It has a strong message, is deep in its substance and powerful in its impact. 


May the Lord continue to bless you and use you mightily to do His great works.

Mimi Quek & Quek Lip Kie

Attending a Basel Church, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Chee Chin Cheng


I have been a Christian for 40 years and a week to be exact.


During those years that I have heard about the end-time teachings, there were ‘countless’ times I have also watched movies which promoted the Pre-tribulation doctrine.


As a result of those years of exposure, naturally the Pre-tribulation belief has taken deep roots in my life even though there were times I had doubts and questions which went unanswered.


Your teachings on Rapture and the Great Tribulation have been an eye-opener.


I thank God for your boldness and the passion you went about teaching them, even though you have had to face strong resistance and persecutions.


What price you have had to pay!


Your teachings were very well done and presented, and they have successfully ‘put to rest’ many of the questions and doubts that I had.


The most important consideration why I was convinced by your teachings was that they were entirely Bible-based, word upon word, precept upon precept.


They were not taken out of context.


They were founded on the truth of God’s word.


Through your teachings, I received a fresh understanding and a ‘new revelation’ about the truth of Post-tribulation and was set free from the false Pre-tribulation beliefs.


Your thoroughly scripture-based teaching had uprooted a ‘40-year-old tree’ in me.


The old and false view and understanding of the scriptures about the Pre-tribulation doctrine have been uprooted in my life!


I am also convinced that if I belong to the last end-time generation, I will be around to face the great tribulation.


Hence, I will have to be prepared and be strengthened in the Lord so that I shall not deny my Lord when being faced with persecution and even martyrdom.


May the truth of your teaching continue to set His people free, for they shall know the truth and the truth shall set them free.


Thank you Rev George and Kwee Siew for the hard work that you both have done.


May the Lord’s blessings and providence be your portion all the days of your life.


Chee Chin Cheng

Attending Trinity Baptist Church, Alor Star, Kedah, Malaysia 

Joseph Prince Affirmed that it was God who answered the Prayer of His church member because she won the Toto (lottery) Top Prize of $2.8 million – By Rev George Ong

On 10 March 2021 (4 days ago), Melissa Thangavellu’s sober testimony was featured in this website. She shared that one of her family members who attended New Creation Church even bought Toto. If you missed the testimony, please click to read.  


Melissa said of her family member, “She often bought 4D, Toto and big sweep and claimed God’s blessings on her. She asked Jesus for 4D numbers and referred to the numbers as Jesus’ numbers.”


This is not surprising, given what you are about to hear what Joseph Prince said about Toto in a 1-minute audio clip. 


In a sermon excerpt, titled, “The Covenant That Demonstrates His Wealth & Health,” Joseph Prince said (click to hear)


Here is a verbatim of what Joseph Prince said:

“Now, recently, something else happens. Just two weeks ago, there was a lady in Singapore, who was working as a cashier at a coffeeshop, Kopitiam. And one lady walked in and offered her a Toto – just one piece. Now, she never plays Toto in her life. She bought that one piece. I was told later that she wanted Christians to know she don’t plays Toto. There was one time the lady came in and insists on her taking the one. She took that piece. She bought it – the one piece. And that was the top prize – $2.8 million. It was on the front page of The New Paper. $2.8 million, and the word got around in Singapore, saying a Kopitiam aunty has won the top prize. Now what people didn’t know was this; she was praying to God; she’s a new convert. And she was praying to God that she can go to church because somehow her finances didn’t allow and she had to work on Sundays at the Kopitiam, the coffeeshop. So, she asked God to help her. Boy, did God help her. I want to read to you a testimony. And yes, she is from this church.” 


On one hand, Joseph Prince tried to explain for the lady when he mentioned that “she don’t plays Toto.” Yet, on the other hand, he said it was God who answered her prayer by providing for her finances because she won the prize of $2.8 million.


What Joseph Prince is clearly implying is that God can provide for you through gambling. And especially, if it is $2.8 million, it has to be God, and it has to be the right thing to do. I guess, for Joseph Prince, it is because it is $2.8 million that makes it right.


Could you accept such flippant and irresponsible attitude and approach of Joseph Prince (who is a pastor) towards gambling and wealth? It seems that Joseph Prince’s theology is that the ends justify the means – if it is $2.8 million, then it has got to be God.


(This is so characteristic of Joseph Prince as he constantly uses this argument – that just because his church has experienced phenomenal growth, or just because he can produce the plenty of testimonies, this means he is preaching the true grace doctrine.)


In order to promote his Prosperity Gospel doctrine that every believer is to be very rich like Abraham in the Old Testament was, Joseph Prince is even prepared to drag God into this gambling thing. He is making God say that it is okay to gamble as it is God who answered the lady’s prayer by taking care of her finances because He had helped her win the $2.8 million Toto prize.


And what I am interested to know from Joseph Prince is, did she continue to buy Toto after winning the $2.8 million? Well, the reasoning is, if God can answer her prayer by helping her win a monetary prize through Toto once, why can’t He do it the second and third time? If it is okay for God to do it once, shouldn’t it be okay for Him to do it the second and third time?


Instead of giving a clear signal to his church members that gambling is wrong because it promotes the sin of covetousness, unbelievably, Joseph Prince gave tacit approval to it.


How would his church members, especially the new converts and those who are weaker in faith, and worse, those who may have the temptation to gamble, go away with Joseph Prince’s frivolous approach to the issue of gambling?


They must be thinking, that perhaps, buying Toto is not all that wrong, especially if one can win the top Toto prize of 2.8 million, as, after all, their Pastor Joseph Prince Himself had dared to testify publicly, in a worship service about a believer winning Toto.


By now, can you make the connection why the family member of Melissa Thangavellu’s could buy Toto, even though she is attending New Creation Church?


The horrifying thing is, not only does Joseph Prince not give a clear signal that gambling is wrong as it is an insidious form of covetousness, he indirectly promotes it by saying that God can answer the prayer of a believer because He had helped her win a Toto prize.


“Prosperity cannot be proof of God’s favour for it is what the devil promises to those who worship him.” (John Piper)


Going by what John Piper said, it is not God, but very likely the devil, who has helped his lady member win the Toto prize.


By the same token, it is not God, who is responsible for the massive growth of Joseph Prince’s New Creation Church, and the unceasing number of testimonies that he is so anxiously belting out during almost every Sunday worship; it is the devil. (Though portions of these testimonies could be true, not because of the Pseudo-grace doctrine of Joseph Prince, but due to the true grace of God.)


When Joseph Prince is preaching stark heresies, to say that God is the one who is responsible for the growth of his church and the testimonies that he belts out every Sunday is to malign God.


Let me also remind you that not just true prophets, but false prophets could also perform signs and wonders. Deuteronomy 13:1-2: If a prophet, or one who foretells by dreams, appears among you and announces to you a sign or wonder, 2 and if the sign or wonder spoken of takes place, and the prophet says, “Let us follow other gods” (gods you have not known) “and let us worship them,”


Many have told me that Joseph Prince must be right since he is blessed by God with the biggest church in Singapore. But haven’t they read the passage from Matthew 4:1-11 that Satan can also bless anyone with fame, popularity, success and wealth when this person chooses to worship him and do his biddings.


What is sobering is that the more his church grows and the more testimonies he receives, the more self-deluded and arrogant he becomes. The more affirmation and praises unthinking and simplistic believers lavished on him about the growth of his church and the testimonies that seem to allude to his grace teaching, the more they are leading him onto the road of no-repentance, no-return and self-destruction.


Rev George Ong

Reverend George Ong

Reverend George Ong

George Ong is an engaging speaker at organisations and churches, both in Singapore and overseas.

He has been an itinerant speaker for 20 years and has preached in more than 200 churches across different denominations.

He has the unique ability to reach out to all age groups: from children, youths and adults to the elderly.

Marked by clarity, passion and a touch of humour, his messages have touched and transformed many lives.

To date, he has written one of the thickest books ever produced in the world: ‘Joseph Prince: Shepherd or Wolf?’ comprising 10 volumes in 4,800 pages.

He has also produced 56 volumes of humour books, containing 27,000 jokes in 10,300 pages, which is possibly a world record.

The great news is that all 10 volumes in PDF Version are FREE for download to read at your own leisure.

On a lighter note, I have also produced 56 volumes of humour books, containing more than 27,000 jokes in about 10,300 pages.


No one in my knowledge has produced as many as the same number of humour books that I had. Producing 56 humour books is definitely a Singaporean record, probably an Asian record, and possibly, a world record. I am not a guy who is crazy about breaking records. If any records are broken, it is purely incidental. I am only interested in accomplishing what God has gifted and called me to do.


It is not a joke to produce 56 volumes of humour books. No amount of words can describe the massive task and the humongous effort that went into producing the books. Enormous discipline, untiring diligence, unwavering passion, unyielding focus, dogged perseverance, and most of all, the supernatural empowerment of God, all went into making the impossible, possible. Glory to God for His strength to accomplish one of life’s most unique challenges of producing 56 humour books, which is unequalled in most parts of the world.


Though these 56 Humour Books are unique and different from each other, the goal is the same – to provide a resource for teachers, lecturers, communicators and preachers. The humour in the books can be used to spice up a point, illustrate a lesson and make learning a fun and enjoyable experience. Most of all, the books are written for those who just want a good laugh.


The PDF Version can be purchased at a reasonable price of SGD $6.50 each.