500 YouTube Comments on my videos against Joseph Prince’s Heresies (Dated 20 Oct 2023)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


The following comments are compiled from my YouTube videos. They are largely unedited. Mainly spelling errors and some punctuation marks are edited, while other comments are shortened. Only minor additions, such as JP, amended to Joseph Prince, NCC amended to New Creation Church, and removal of irrelevant info, etc are done. By and large, the sentence structure is unchanged and unedited:




“I listened to the sermons of Joseph Prince for about two years and then repented when I realized it was false.


I, too, believe he has some evil spirit because I had many nightmares about his messages.


And even though I refuted his doctrines a year ago, I still have trouble praying and reading certain verses


because all I hear is Joseph Prince’s voice in my head.


It feels demonic, and I keep praying that Jesus will erase his voice from my head.


I don’t think it’s an accident that he tells people to constantly listen to his messages.


It feels like mind control.”




“Rev. Ong, by knowing the word you, by the Spirit’s discernment,


shows how Joseph Prince is a puppet of Satan.


I love how you show the truth of the word.


I respect you and love the work God has given you to do.


You make me desire the word of God and to read the Bible much more.


I, like you, want to contend for the faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints.


Thank you for everything.


I watch your videos all the time.”


From Dallas, TX. USA




“For years, my mother took the daily communion as per Joseph Prince’s teachings, nothing would change her mind.


When she got stage 1 cancer, she continued in the daily communion and ignored medical advice/SOP for cancer treatment,


snubbed even her close friends (some had cancer experience).


She took her last breath 3 years later, just skin and bones.


This isn’t an isolated/rare occurrence, I’ve heard of my friends’ similar experiences


with their parents taking daily communion all the way to their grave,


none got rich, healthy, or beautiful.”




“Thanks for being the watchman for the Church.


Very few want to stand up and speak up.


I pray the Lord’s divine protection upon you for doing His work.


We must protect the young generations from the wrong teachings.”




“Thank you, Rev Ong, for your messages.


All your messages awakening me.


I feel ashamed for myself, all this while listened to Joseph Prince’s sermon of so-called cheap grace


and take for granted of God grace,


live a sinful life, never pray for forgiveness.


After listen to all your messages, I can feel Holy Spirit inside me want me to repent.


I prayed to Lord Jesus for forgiveness, I cried the moment I pray.


Thank you once again for sharing all this messages.”




“I have my wife brother-in-law sisters & nieces and their husbands who are die hard believers of New Creation Church


and see Joseph Prince as God. 


What a cult organisation!”




“Every time I hear Joseph Prince’s teachings,


I cringe in horror and more so, in abject astonishment


to see a whole herd of Singaporeans seated there


absorbing his aberrant teachings


which was passed off as the truth and scriptural!”




“Pastor George Ong, Christ will be pleased with you for defending Christ and trying to expose apostasy and false teachers.


Know that all these enemies of Christ will end up in the lake of fire and brimstone.


More Christians organisations and leaders should condemn such errant teachings and not just keep quiet.


The worst enemies of Christ are not those that preach the false gospel.


It is those that keep quiet in silent consent to such teachings.


Shame on all the other Christian organisations and leaders!”




“Joseph Prince is a shameless person;


he has been cleverly deceiving his congregation all along.


I was there at New Creation Church for over a decade


till I came to realize he is a con artist.”




“Thanks, Rev George for exposing Joseph Prince’s lies.


I was from New Creation Church and attended that church for 9 years.


I left cos’ I found out that his sermons are scripturally unsound and sugar coated.


But when I brought up this issue to people in New Creation Church


I was scolded by them and they were very unhappy that I exposed his teachings.


Feel sad for New Creation Church.


No wonder Jesus says the path to heaven is narrow, but wide and broad is the road that leads to destruction.”




“I was from New Creation Church.


Every Sunday, I watched and heard Joseph Prince lied through his teeth.


It was disgusting he could do over and over again using God’s name.


His church members grew because of Satan not God.”




“New Creation Church is a cult… who believes in non-repentance,


and teaches believers do not need to revere the law of God = lawlessness.


Who believes in renouncing faith, still go to heaven.


All these, point to Joseph Prince as a devil’s advocate, a servant of devil, in disguise. 


Unfortunately, many believers fall prey to his teaching.


Most, if not all the believers there don’t read and understand Bible from cover to cover.


They believe Joseph Prince more than Jesus Christ.


Never before, a church in Singapore had ever gone to the extent of preaching anti-Christ messages


and other churches are keeping quiet about it.”


@lindsaylim5806 (Ex NCC member for 18 years):


“Joseph Prince is essentially a Satanist.


A Satanist is not someone who openly worships Satan.


He’s someone who opposes whatever Jesus stands for and what Jesus teaches. 


As such, Joseph Prince is considered a Satanist, and his father (god) is the father of lies.”


@kayqq361 (in reply to the above comment):


“Totally true.


I was from New Creation Church, so I know all the magic and spells he cast on his congregation every week.


Every Sunday, Joseph Prince does a satanic ritual of spell casting.


That’s how he got so big and keep the members bound to his satanic church.”




“Rev. George and Pastor Derek (Hong), thank you for your boldness to preach the truth.


So many Singaporeans are being deceived by the heresies preached by Joseph Prince.


I will pray for you and your Ministries to save fellow Singaporeans from the pit of hell.


God is on your side always and continually wear of Armor of God as you preach. God blessed!”


Karen M.

Honolulu, HI USA




“Thanks Rev George Ong for bravely standing up against Joseph Prince’s false teachings.


I am disappointed that many senior church pastors and New Creation Church


have not shown courage to admonish Joseph Prince for his heretic doctrines for so long.


I attended a few services many years ago and left as I am uncomfortable with the hyper-grace teachings.


I am taken aback that even longtime Christians cannot see the lies mixed with truth in his teachings.”




“Please, could someone write to the Singapore Christian council?


I’m not from Singapore.


You would know more details/evidence.


I fear for my friends in that New Creation Church learning the wrong doctrines.


I pray for them.”




“My heart is so burdened.


I was an ex New Creation Church attendee myself for 2 years.


I was lazy to read the Bible and Joseph Prince who avoided all hard teaching was a great comfort to me (initially).


Now that I have been rescued by Godly teachings, I tried to reach fellow New Creation Church friends.


But unfortunately, Joseph already prepared his church goers – that people like me are devils trying to break unity of the Body of Christ.


I can only pray that God’s spirit guides New Creation Church folks to start reading Bible themselves and be convicted by Holy Spirit on Joseph Prince’s teaching.”




“I attended New Creation Church for a short while back in 2005/2006.


Initially, it felt good and fired up listening to his sermons.


But after a while, it becomes like a broken record repeating the same thing – Grace and Favour.


At the same time, I sense a spiritual pride developing within me.


So, I prayed to the Holy Spirit to give me discernment.


The prompting I got was to stop attending New Creation Church for good.


I obeyed and never set foot there again or listened to Joseph Prince’s garbage anymore.”




“I admire the man (Joseph Prince) who has managed to hoodwink so many of obvious intelligence. 


How can that be? 


The devil is indeed powerful.”




“I was with New Creation Church and love the world-class worship. 


However, I soon discovered half the gospel preached.


All the sin, repentance, God’s warning, judgements, discipleship, hardship are left out


… basically, any hard-truth is avoided.


I left and was very relieved to find a scripture-based church


and corrected all my wrong teaching received.”




“The so-called spiritual leadership amongst Christian Community in Singapore


never publicly speak up against false teachers.


Neither did they unmask Kong Hee and his wife at the height of their popularity nor,


as in this video, mentioned Joseph Prince by name.


They may vociferously censure foreign false teachers


but largely turn a blind eye to the local wolves masquerading as sheep.”




“Rev. George Ong, I’m sending all those I’ve come in contact with that watched Joseph Prince’s videos and goes to his hall of entertainment, to your channel.


I, always knew something wasn’t sure quite right with Joseph Prince’s theology and doctrine.


You bring the truth (with charity) that was once delivered to the saints.


You mentor me, though you don’t know it.


I will keep you in prayer, you, and your family.”




“I’m so relieved I left this New Creation Church 5 years ago.


Disgusted, I was married at this church!”




“I have listened to Joseph Prince for 22 years,


and 2 years ago, I realized the false teachings he holds to, like not confessing your sins.


This is just one of many false doctrines he teaches.


But I think the worst is that he only preaches the same favourite verses again and again.


Half-truths are lies too.


He doesn’t teach the whole counsel of God.


He picks and chooses those verses that is palatable to people and promotes his own teaching like a marketing gimmick.


He makes himself equal to Jesus and his books equal to the Bible by telling people to “hear and hear” the word of God,


but Joseph Prince means to listen to his sermons, as if his sermons equal the word of God.




Now that the scales have dropped from my eyes (cos I used to have and have listened to thousands of his sermons),


I clearly see his teachings are dangerous and at best doesn’t help a person grow in faith in the true gospel.


I can go on and on at all that he’d said which now rings of untruth but enough for now.


God bless.”




“Hahahaha! I have been in New Creation Church for almost 20 years.


In 2019 during COVID-19, I stayed at home and read my Bible and the Lord showed me the scripture.


I found out that Joseph Prince had twisted and turned the gospel upside down to suit him.


I believe the whole congregation didn’t even bother to read the Bible.


My advice is to stay away from Joseph Prince.”




“Me and my own group of Ex-New Creation Church people have left that place since 2020 and never going back.  


His preaching is filled with deceiving errors. 


Always repeating these old sermons round and round.”






“Joseph Prince often preaches,


“Let those who oppose his ‘gospel of grace’ (or the gospel that has no more need to keep any law) be anathema.”


Actually, Prince has already been cursing John Calvin and Martin Luther also, without you knowing it.”




“My family and I also was blinded more than 10 years under Joseph Prince’s ministry.


Yes, it is our responsibility to read and study the Bible, or else, we will surely be deceived. 


Sharing Luke 11:14-28 where Jesus was accused as Prince of Demons.


In verse 19, where Jesus Himself rebuked the crowd that their own “exorcists” cast out demons too.


I was awakened by what Jesus said and now I learn to discern how to recognise whether it is God who heals,


or it was the exorcists working through pastors, such as Joseph Prince!


Knowing demons has the power to perform miracles too but they are false miracles which won’t last.


Praise God for opening our blind eyes.”




“Attended Joseph Prince’s service couple of times when they are in Suntec…


but after a while, felt very uncomfortable with this cheap Grace teaching…


no need to keep confessing one’s sins and ask for forgiveness.


This is seriously a false doctrine but puzzle me as it attracts even longtime Christian leaders to his church…


The leadership of New Creation Church should be ashamed of themselves for not exposing this false teacher


who are drawing many tens of thousands to hell!”




“So important for each individual to read Bible on our own,


read in context and let interpret Bible with Bible.


I was with New Creation Church for 10 years and later moved out.


Let’s pray that God will reveal His truth to His beloved people so they won’t be deceived.”




“I have sat glued to the screen watching your teaching videos, Reverend George.


Thanking you greatly.”




“Thank you for this video and your series of other videos on this false teacher, Joseph Prince.


Providence has led me to your channel,


and I appreciate what you are doing for the flock here.


It’s not easy calling out these wolves,


as I have experienced it myself too.


May the LORD bless and keep you strong.”




“Keep up the blessed work, bro Ong.


Joseph Prince is a reptile and his greed is leading thousands of souls to hell.


He has to be exposed.


Be courageous and fight the good fight.


God be with you. Ephesians 5:13.”




“Joseph prince is indeed a false teacher.


Please sign the petition to remove him from the National Council of Churches of Singapore.”




“Joseph Prince is trying to target many who are needy of healing and youthful looks to twist the purpose of the Holy Communion.


There is no theological basis for his version of Holy Communion.


How he found courage to give such a false interpretation of something sacred in the Sacrament that the Lord passed down to us is quite surprising.


Truly a ravenous wolf in sheepskin.


To deceive the Elect.”




“I have been praying about Joseph Prince.


And then Rev George Ong arose.


Rev George Ong is rare in that he has very good understanding of the Bible


and is willing to address the murk of theological devilry and corruption,


so that the true light of God’s Word can shine.”




“For Joseph Prince to be right,


the church fathers for the past 2000 years need to be wrong.”




“Thank you, Asher. You are right on the spot (Asher pointed out that Joseph Prince had lied regarding the Aleph-Tav issue).


I’ve been through theological college & went through Hebrew, Latin & Greek.


Did my full study on homiletics, hermeneutics & exegesis…fully agree with you, bro.”




“Christians are relying on you (Asher) and Rev George to reveal the truth about Joseph Prince.


Keep up the good work.


Be bless with wisdom and God’s favour throughout your work, Amen.”




“Rev George Ong said:


“… Finally, publicly proclaimed teachings, which are distorted and false must be publicly refuted.”


Yes, I agree with Rev George on his stance.


Imagine, if someone says our God is Satan, or Satan is God?


Of course, we must say something, or else we are not true to the God that we believe in.


Jesus said that in the end time, His angels would do the final execution of separation or judgement to divide the wheat and the tares,


but that does not mean that elders, pastors, reverend, and church council have no responsibility to deal with false teachings or false pastors.


If the church council do not want to do anything to protect the preaching of God’s words or the truth, they have no right to stop anyone who speaks out for the truth.


Of course, they can choose to do nothing or say nothing until the Lord (or the real judgement) comes,


but I don’t think they can escape from their responsibility and accountability to the Lord too.”




“From the time Joseph Prince ascended to the pulpit, I have never doubted that he is a serial liar,


teaching and distorting the Holy Bible to serve his satanic ways of life. 


Unfortunately, there are too many men and women who are misled and have loss the salvation which Jesus promises us. 


So sad.”




“I left New Creation Church in 2019 after 8 years of listening to (half-truths) false teachings of Joseph Prince.


The half-truths he taught on being saved by Grace helped me and probably helped many people…


but that is because of God’s mercy & grace, not because Prince is not a false teacher.


Eventually, Joseph Prince pulls hearts away from the true Christ.


To him, Christ is just a means to an end…and the end is still ourselves.


Everything then turns out to be idolatry and not true saving faith in Christ.


I may not agree with Rev. Ong & Asher on everything…but those are secondary things.


I believe they desire to stay faithful to God and His Word.


And they teach the Gospel…Christ as the end Himself and not just a means to get what our deceiving hearts covet.


And finally, some brothers have been given boldness to stand against the false teachings of Joseph Prince that lead many to hell.


Not for the fainthearted. Praying for these brothers.


Praying for Prince’s repentance.


And may people especially my friends who are still in New Creation Church will be called out by God and join a Biblical Church who persevere in the Gospel.”




“I was an ardent follower of Joseph Prince’s teachings for 8 years!!


But I was completely deceived.”




“My boyfriend literally being Joseph Prince’s follower…


It’s really sad…


I plan to breakup with him (his kinda type of ‘radical’ follower of Joseph Prince).”




“This is satanic grace game on church to tell all your past, present and future sins are forgiven.


It’s like telling to a robber that his past robberies, present robberies and future robberies are forgiven.


Jesus paid the price for all the sins but we need to confess them in the future to get straight with God.


This time it’s a father/child relationship where you ask your dad for forgiveness.”




“I don’t know if we can say that the prosperity gospel is a scam, but I would think that it is worse than a scam.


That’s why it is already known (without much dispute) as one of the most ‘scandalous or dangerous gospel’ of this century.


It highly resembles one of those high class, high level, and multi-level schemes that enrich only a few ‘inner circle’ at the top


but it knows how to use different things to promote itself most effectively as:


1. it uses social media thoroughly and benefited from it tremendously, and yet it condemns the social media as their enemy or as evil.


2. it uses people’s trusts to get the leads to their ‘gospel promotions or sales’ – it causes the people to give money willingly without knowing that it is a lie


3. it uses the law to protect themselves – it causes the people to accept losses even when they know that it is a lie. There is no way for the people to get back the ‘refund’ because there is no ‘payback guarantee’ for whatever they have given ‘willingly or legally’.


4. it uses threats to condemn those who are against their ‘gospel’, as the jealous ones, as the enemies of their ‘gospel of grace’, as the accusers of their brethren, and as those who want to judge.


As a result, most pastors, preachers, or churches dare not ‘judge’. The pastors either go along with their ‘scheme’ and join them, or just keep quiet and pretend as though nothing has happened.”




“Wow… Finally a man with steel… To stand against the teaching of lawlessness.


Plus, fully supported with right verse to support the truth.


Preach it, Rev George!”




“In 2001 after 1 year I received Jesus into my life


I went to New Creation Church in Suntec first time to listen to Joseph Prince.


I was not comfortable with his preaching even though I am young in faith


.. just full of false and many half-truths …


I thank God for that.”




“Thanks, Pastor Derek Hong for the exposure of lies.”




“Thank you, Pastor George for preaching the truth and exposing the deception of the devil.


Many years back I attended New Creation Church (also our first Church, so I was gullible)


After a while (which took at least 3-5 years), we noticed


‘It always preaches the same old same old sermons, serving the same old dishes’.


We started to try another nearby church which saved us from travelling to the MBS (Marina Bay Sands), and we were surprised that there were many things in the Bible that we had not heard.


There are so many warnings in the Bible besides the promises, and one day, the pastor preached about ‘wheat and tares’ which was never preached at New Creation Church.


Our spiritual eyes and spiritual ears were opened, and we decided to never go back to New Creation Church.


And since then, we have never looked back and focused on the Truth of God’s Words.


I only discovered your channel this week and was blessed by your teaching.


There should be more Watchmen that God called us to expose the deception of the devil.


Thanks for working on this mission.


I pray that more will repent and their spiritual eyes and spiritual ears opened to the Truth.


In Jesus’ name, Amen!”




“Thank you, Bro. Ong, I am encouraged, and thank God,


waited very long for someone who is bold enough and capable to point out,


the false teachings of Joseph Prince.”




“Joseph Prince is a liar.


I know because I was from New Creation Church.


I heard him lie week after week.


It was so insulting to God I left.”




“I am so embarrassed. 


I was with New Creation Church due to laziness to read the Bible


and I was led astray by Joseph Prince for 2 years.


Fortunately, my Bible foundation is still withstanding falsehood


and the mercy of God, the Holy Spirit keeps alerting me that something is off.


I left the church and am now with a scripture-based church.


Bible warnings of false teachers is so real!”




“Hi, Rev. Ong, my family and I just left New Creation Church.


Thanks to Jesus, who led me to see the true false teaching of “Pastor” Prince,


so I would appreciate if you give some recommendations of a few churches in Singapore that preach the true gospel.


And if there are any churches with knowledgeable pastors that I can seek some guidance from.


Do you have any Biblical churches that my family and I could attend?”


Thanks a lot, and thanks for exposing Joseph Prince’s false ministry!”




(RuPaul’s Drag Queen show held on 7 Sep 2023 at The Star Performing Arts Centre in New Creation Church.)


“This shows Joseph Prince can also set up another religious altar at his own home.


1 house can have 2 different types of gods.


When my mom said she wanted to move in with me and bring along her Taoist idol, I rejected her and told her to stay where she was.


My house of worship CANNOT have my God and her god.


Sad to say, as a Pastor, Joseph Prince doesn’t even know this very basic thing.


Aiya, how to lead a 30k sheep?


He is lost, his sheep lagi (Malay word) lost.”




(RuPaul’s Drag Queen show held on 7 Sep 2023 at The Star Performing Arts Centre in New Creation Church.)


“Joseph Prince meant meditate on God’s word day and night


but sorry he has no control over the use of the theatre the church own…


So, if they want to do a striptease show, he can’t say no.


Imagine a strip tease show on Saturday and a worship service the next day on the same stage and venue.


He’s allowing Satan to give God a slap in the face.”




(RuPaul’s Drag Queen show held on 7 Sep 2023 at The Star Performing Arts Centre in New Creation Church.)


“The endorsement of a Drag Queen production at a sacred place where Yahweh is worshipped every Sabbath by New Creation Church is deeply troubling.


While God will ultimately pass judgment, I will distance myself from the church and its members,


as the spiritual authenticity of that congregation clearly appears questionable.”


@lindsaylim5806 (in reply to the above comment):


“It goes to show that Joseph Prince and New Creation Church are not Christians.


NCC essentially follows the heresies of JP, which are not biblical at all.


That’s why it’s not a surprise to me JP could allow Satanic activities to go on in the Star. After all, his god is the father of lies.


If JP is truly a child of God, he would have considered the damage done to the testimony of Jesus and the Body of Christ by allowing such Satanic activities to take place at the Star.




“Shock and sad that so many in Joseph Prince’s church and Christians


are taking all these drag shows lightly.


They forget the Galatians 5:9, “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump”.




“Excellent Video Exposure


regarding the Drag Queen show at New Creation Church.


Thank You.”




“Rev George, you are doing a great job. It is not an easy way to do it;


however, it is the right and godly way because the only way to show people properly on how an evasive false prophet can deceive the sheep


is to show evidences of what Joseph Prince said.


Otherwise, he would just keep denying it and then return to accuse you of lying about what he said,


and accuse you of passing false critiques, false doctrine, false judgement, false warnings, or false prophecies.”




“Joseph Prince is a rock star in lying.


Lying is his game.


God hates liars.


Run from this demon-led preacher


Run run run … Now!”




“Pray and believe in God to judge heretic Joseph Prince and all cohorts


the same way as Ananias and his wife Sapphira was judged in Acts chapter 5


for theirs unrepented sins in openly lying to the Holy Spirit


so that the entire body of Jesus Christ could be warned to be awaked in the fear of the LORD


to renounce and stay away from heretic teachings.”




“I mean it’s evident in Joseph Prince’s latest book about using Holy Communion as an antidote for healing;


which is a pretty demonic twisting of scripture if you ask me.”




“Because most members in NCC (New Creation Church) do not read, or understand and interpret the Bible correctly


they do eisegesis instead of exegesis (those who did realize, left).


First, they take what was the authority of the day, reasoning that since Joseph Prince is so popular, he cannot be wrong.


Another common misguided thought, even with their leaders, is a sweeping statement that there are many interpretations and Joseph Prince is one of them, so why be critical of his interpretation alone?


Again, their interpretation is grounded very heavily in pre understanding of the Bible


– what the Pastor (Joseph Prince) said, used that as the basis for their understanding


and reading those ideas to fit into the theology (eisegesis) and through the lens of the Pastor (Joseph Prince). 


That’s why I left.”




“Thank you for being a modern-day prophet to point out false teachers like in Ezekiel 13.


Joseph Prince is leading millions to Hell by teaching that Christians no longer need to obey God.”




“Joseph Prince’s way is very destructive.


Literally, leading people down a dark path.


Thank you, Rev George Ong for your courage in exposing the spirit of leviathan in Joseph Prince.


Joseph Prince has the demonic forces of leviathan and mammon.


He is totally satanic.”




“Hats off to you guys (Asher & George)


for your revelations and shedding light on the misinformation (of Joseph Prince).


It also seems that you have a relentless obsession with Joseph Prince


– it must be given the amount of time you guys have spent.


Is this a special calling that the Lord has granted you?


Amazing work done!”




“Just can’t believe what Joseph Prince preaches!


Soooo nice to keep on sinning as God only see the blood of Christ in us (but not the sin in us)?


This is absolutely heretic!


We are sure of why Jesus says


‘I never knew you, depart from Me’ Matt 7:23.”




“Thank you, Rev George, for your bravery in exposing Joseph Prince’s teachings.


I know few pastors knew about his false teachings but have no guts to speak up.


It is time to stand up for us to expose Joseph Prince.


I hope more pastors who know about it all along will step out like you to expose him.


Someone must point out his false teachings and report to the authority for misleading the congregation.


May the Lord bless you.”


@Rayshader (in reply to the above comment):


“Joseph Prince is a blatant liar.


Joseph Prince devalues the law, ignores sin like it’s non-existent.”




“First, unless one can read another’s mind, ascribing “jealousy” to Rev George is presumptuous, unfair,


and frankly a projection and a smear, in my view.


Evidence points otherwise.


I see Rev George diligently, patiently, and persistently contending for the true gospel


by sound reasoning, video and audio proofs of faulty teachings by Joseph Prince, and sound theology,


despite receiving (I surmise) persecution, vitriol, and verbal attacks from those who oppose his work.


Secondly, feeling “blessed” is a catch-all phrase that can mean almost anything.


Mostly, it just means merely “feeling good.”


The trouble is, without discernment, such feelings of being “blessed”


may actually be a curse by virtue of the insidious deception and double-talk involved,


replete with false equivalences, false dichotomies, sleight-of-hand moves, and straw-man arguments, to name a few.


Hearing false teachings that tickle the ears and legitimise the carnal heart can feel “good”


but is actually spiritually deceptive and harmful.”




“Joseph Prince has been around for a long time preaching his own version of Christian faith.


His wealthy followers all think he is the saver.


Interestingly enough, he is still at it


without being stopped by the Christian community.”




“Joseph Prince: GREASY GRACE (34,000 SINGAPOREANS)


Slipping into the broad way of destruction!






“Well done brother George! 


To me, I have deemed Joseph Prince a cult leader, a false teacher


after attending a few services at New Creation Church many years ago.


He preached and advocated cheap grace.


Deception has to be exposed asap lest more fell for it.”




“It takes a courageous, zealous person


to point out something is wrong.


when it is easier to just ignore or let slide.


You, Rev George, join the ranks of the Reformers.”




“Joseph Prince doesn’t practise what he preached.


He always emphasised that God will renew your Youth like an eagle.


Look at his face… we don’t need to say much.


Those who work in aesthetic clinic will know…


I was from New Creation Church from 1998 till 2020.


No sound mind church will allow demonic activities (drag queen show) in their church. 


But I am awakened.”




“I have never seen anyone twisting the scripture so much

as Joseph Prince.


He wants to fit the whole Bible in one word ‘grace.’”




“Oh, Joseph Prince had played himself into the hands of Satan again and Satan had given him results!


Now he’s claiming these Satanic results as God-given ones!


What an outrageous, false and unwarranted claim!


How daring he’s becoming!


Still unrepentant and continuing in his heretical teachings.


So, so sad!


Will God be merciful to him, forgive and save him?


Yes. If he truly repents of his sins and seek God and stop his lying and wrong teaching and preaching the untruth!


Or he will get so deep and can’t get himself out of the pit!


Repent, bro! For Jesus’s sake! and for yours!”




“This guy, Joseph Prince is full of contradictions using God’s Word out context.


Read the last chapter of Revelation to what Jehovah God will do to those who distort His sacred Scriptures.


The time is drawing nigh… Be very afraid, Joseph Prince.”




“With regards to this false preacher Joseph Prince,


I am astounded to know a lady who is godly in many aspects of her life and yet is a follower of Joseph Prince.


When I told her of the many blatant heresies that were preached by Joseph Prince (as well as Joel Osteen),


the curt reply I received from her was…. “Don’t throw away the baby with the bath water!”


Such is the allure of the false teachings of Joseph Prince that even the godly can be deceived.


Which is why every believer of Christ must know exactly what the Bible teaches and make it the one and only ultimate guidance in his life.


That way, no false preacher can ever deceive him because he REALLY knows the word of God.”




“Joseph Prince is totally satanic and demonic.


He uses charm, charisma to preach to his flock.


I’ve personally caught him lying with false stories and testimonials during his sermons.


New Creation Church is all about this man and nothing else.


God revolves around him.


Absolutely a liar.


The demonic forces of leviathan and mammon works through him.


New Creation Church members are hypnotized, blinded and misled by this demonic speaker.”




“George Ong, you are Excellent!


You are devoted to teaching the right things from the Bible.


Those who are watching this Video must do your part in sending it to others to be aware of Joseph Prince’s discrepancies on the interpretation of the Bible.


One good idea is to put a Link in all Joseph Prince’s videos so that ignorant people will check out for the Truth from our good brother in Christ – George Ong.


Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.”




“Rev George, I respect what you are doing.


You are spot on in showing how Joseph Prince’s ‘prophetic word’ is false when he equated Leah’s sons as those represented the Law.


Leah was a legitimate and first wife of Joseph and she was not a slave as Joseph Prince falsely presented.


To get it so badly wrong and to build entire sermon on so flawed a premise


shows us that he’s a false teacher and wolf in the Church.


Yet people are so blind!


God bless you good work. Subscribed.”




“Thank you, Rev Ong,


for taking great effort to point out errors


which we might have fallen into each week.


All the references from the Church Fathers and renowned preachers


have further verified your findings.


Keep up the good work.”






Yet my friends idolise him and can cut me off if I ever tell them of Joseph Prince’s lies.


Imagine, I can go sin and then blame the flesh, because it is not I who sin but my flesh,


as God only see the blood of Christ covering over me.


How nice.”




“Amen to that… I stopped attending New Creation Church…


and My life was saved!”


@theministryoftheholyspirit5330 (in reply to the above comment):


“Praise God…


This hyper grace teaching is leading millions to hell!”




“Joseph Prince is selling his own version of Jesus


which does not exist & therefore will not have the power to bless or save anyone.


It’s very obvious that he lies at times


but I guess most of the people were too enchanted by him & his ‘grace teachings’…”




“A BIG flag to me is whenever a “pastor” says “God spoke to me”,


to pay very close attention to what might be a heresy coming.


In your video, Joseph Prince uses that phrase.


He does this quite often and is usually followed by heresy.”




“I remember I was verbally attacked by Joseph Prince’s followers for speaking against his teaching a decade ago.


I thank God for this channel for acknowledging this

dangerous and unbiblical heresies of Joseph Prince.”




“Joseph Prince is not the man of God!


He’s a lost Sinner!


He doesn’t know he is led by Satan to preach his unbiblical doctrines to mislead sinners to die in hell’s fire!


New Creation Church members don’t be deceived by Joseph Prince, the Devil’s pastor!


Wake up and get out of the church as soon as possible and join a true church of Christ before it’s too late!


I pray God will be merciful and save you out of New Creation Church and bring a revival, and save all the doomed and hell- hound members, even your pastor, Joseph Prince, Amen!”




“This self-made doctrine of just believe and be saved by Joseph Prince is sooo radical in the Philippines too!


We called it promo gospel, imagine talking to a drunkard gay


and telling him to believe, and not mentioning repentance first!


It’s so horrible!”




“Many people who are drawn to Joseph Prince are people who loves the world.


They tend to have weak Bible knowledge as they are unable to tell biblical truth and false teachings apart.


Many of them worship Joseph Prince more than they worship God.”




“Joseph Prince cannot help himself but manifest a kind of blindness, a kind of stupidity.


His delusions have reached gigantic proportions.


Rev Ong spends his mission helping and blessing Joseph Prince and New Creation Church members with such simple truths, enlightening them,


and do you think the entire New Creation Church members would be sending in their Tithes and Funds to him?


His efforts are worth more than all New Creation Church members, their Monies, time and possession.”




“Joseph Prince may have his best Life now following after his mentor Joel Osteen. 


Whether within the next few years or at 120 years old;


he will have to face his Maker one day at the Great White Throne Judgement


and give an account for the millions of souls led astray by his deviant preaching.”




“You are a wonderful teacher, Brother Asher.


Thank you for explaining this passage and correcting the false and deceptive teaching of Joseph Prince.”




“Good job Pastor George.


People need to hear the truth.


Many are blinded by his charm and charisma.


He is indeed a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing!”




“Thank you, Pastor Ong, for taking great effort each week


to point out the erroneous teachings which I otherwise

could have missed.”




“Of course, we can ‘let go and let God’ deal with the heresies or heretics,


but there are times we must deal with them ourselves, say something, or do something to state our stand.


If we have the responsibility to do something and we do nothing, it is sin.


For example, if we are the pastors and most of the members in the church have been influenced by heresies,


can we just keep quiet, keep preaching ‘let go and let God’, or keep saying ‘don’t judge’, 


to maintain our own popularity in the church?


No, one day we are answerable to God!”




“Thanks for revealing the Truth and shame the devil.


Is high time to wake up to listening to the Truth.


I had been to New Creation Church for years and my aura towards Joseph Prince teaching is no good


and thank God for giving me discernment and to leave NCC and now I have peace.”




“As Christians we are not to judge but righteous judgements are taught,


and there’s such a thing called biblical separation.


This is the moment to do that.


Thank you, Rev Ong, for doing what most wouldn’t do.”




“Powerful/brilliant and excellent exposition of scripture, Pastor George;


the only thing you could have said more was to explicitly mention (although it was implied)


that sanctification is required for ONGOING salvation


so that nobody thinks in the slightest that you are in part referring significantly and strongly to ‘sanctification’ required prior to one’s Salvation.


Awesome effort.”




“I used to love Joseph Prince and be spellbound by watching him on TV


until I began doubting the logic of his teachings.


Thank God He has opened my eyes to truth from the Bible.”




“Looks like more and more are waking up to the lies of New Creation Church.


I still have family members there.


My biggest mistake was going there;


after I went, then those family members went.”






“These 27 famous Christian leaders mentioned by George Ong were all trained in Bible colleges and seminaries.


They were more than qualified to interpret, declare, preach, teach and comment on the Bible.


They were theologians and Bible scholars!


Who is Joseph Prince to accuse and defame these 27 Christian leaders?


He does not even hold a diploma in theology or a degree in theology or divinity.


He has never received rigorous and gruelling training in the Bible.


He is not even qualified to preach and teach the Bible.


His interpretation of the Bible is highly suspect, doubtful, dubious and erroneous.


His interpretation of the Bible is out.


He is full of contradictions, superficiality, shallowness and stupidity!


He is pretentious and he is a despicable showman.


Joseph Prince is truly an abominable HERETIC!


He is a crème de la crème false teacher of the Bible who will land up in hell


for misleading a generation of Christians astray and away from Almighty God.”




“Joseph Prince’s popularity is a sign of the times. 


People will no longer endure sound doctrine and find teachers to tickle their itching ears.”




“Joseph Prince has taught almost everything in the Bible differently from what we know or understand,


and come up with his own interpretation on many things – e.g. repentance, law, grace, salvation, judgement, sanctification, confession of sins, righteousness, taking up of our cross, prayers, suffering, humility, obedience, anointing, wisdom, Sermon on the Mount, etc.


When he has taught too many things that are different, controversial, contradictory, out of context, offensive, blasphemous, arrogant, hypocritical, deceptive, or heretical,


he is not preaching from the Bible.


He is preaching his own ‘Bible’.”




“I sat under Joseph Prince’s ministry for more than 20 years and my family more than 10 years.


Until a major event happen, make me realise the leaders are not what they preach


and God did not respond the way Joseph Prince preach also,


and then I realise I do not know God.”




“This evil false teacher will be judged by God Almighty in the most severe way for leading God’s people astray.


The Golden Calf he preached is no God of the Bible at all.


Repent, Joseph Prince, before you end up in hell!”




“There is no question that Joseph Prince is a viper, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


One of countless now alas.


Lord Ezekiel 34, your promise that you confirmed when you said “I am the good shepherd” that this promise is fulfilled in you.


Lord, have mercy on the victims of these shiny suited vipers… call, drag, snatch with force if needs be


but take for yourself what you paid for and do not be denied by these snakes.


Set them free Lord who have become slaves under such men.


Ezekiel 34 Lord, your words and promise we rely on.


Amen Lord, Shalom.”


The following 6 YouTube comments are regarding Joseph Prince’s false teaching that Stephen could have lived if he didn’t pray the negative prayer, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” (Acts 7:59) as life and death is in the power of the tongue:




“I guess going by Joseph Prince’s teaching, Jesus could have lived longer too if he wouldn’t said,


‘Father into your hands I commend my spirit and having said this, he gave up the ghost’ (Luke 23:46).


As much as some Pastors don’t want to say that some believers will be martyred for the faith, it’s the truth!


Some speak of things they do not understand and boast arrogant words and lie against the truth!


I believe some pastors are silent about this because they themselves are COWARDS,


but worse than that, they will cause some peoples’ faith to be shipwrecked by letting people think we as believers are going to have a smooth bed of roses walk without trials, persecutions, and hardships.


That’s why I believe many are falling away from the faith because pastors aren’t preparing the people for hard times;


it’s all about health and wealth messages and how to be blessed,


but aren’t taught how to fight the fight of faith, to stand steadfast, to persevere, to overcome.


It’s all about a breakthrough in finances or health in your body 


but never telling the people that judgement day is coming, and Jesus is coming!”




“What a magnificent video! All is true.


Please share more videos as it speaks life and well-being to our soul!”




“Stop listening to Joseph Prince’s lies & dishonesty & scripture twisting!”




“Oh no, how could Joseph Prince insult Stephen!


So, if one is near death, he can’t pray, ‘Lord receive my spirit?’


Joseph Prince loves the world too much.”




“Joseph Prince is “stoned” (high on the drug of his hyper grace)


But seriously folks!


This sinful man (Joseph Prince) is a ravenous wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing


and he is part of Satan’s unholy trinity (Satan, the antichrist and the false prophet)


– a lousy imitation of the Holy Trinity of our Triune God!”




“Joseph Prince was using the Law of Attraction.


The law of attraction is a philosophy suggesting that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes


Typical prosperity gospel, name it, claim it!


He is a total deceiver and a false teacher.


Thank you, Rev. Ong, for preaching the truth of the Gospel.


May the Lord continue to bless you as keep your eyes on Jesus.”




“We need to stand up for what is wrong. 


Thank you, Rev George for your courage


cos most people would prefer to sweep it under the carpet;


when we do that, we are not protecting the gospel,


we are allowing The Towel of Babel to not only exist,


but expand leading more people to hell.”




“Pastor George, keep going with the good works of exposing the lies of Joseph Prince.


More people need to be delivered from this deception.”




“Joseph Prince must has hated you.


Keep it up.”




“Joseph Prince has managed to “brain washed” the New Creation Church goers.


They have believed his sermons as if they are Bible truths leading to salvation


not knowing they are just lies from Satan that eventually leads to eternal death.


May our merciful God wake all these spiritually blind and deaf people up to see our real Savior in the Bible.”




“Shalom shalom shalom.


In the last days, false prophets abound.


Prosperity preachers are evil BUT attractive to the naive and the simple.


Read your Bible daily and you can identify prosperity preachers.


Praise the Lord for remnants like Rev George Ong.”




“Joseph Prince is God’s judgment


on those who don’t and won’t read their Bibles.


These heretics wouldn’t last an hour


if people read their Bibles.”




“Basically, this video’s TLDR version means Joseph Prince is a false prophet/teacher ya?


Repent lah, Joseph Prince.


Stop being a pawn for the devil.


Want to go hell ownself go can?


Don’t drag other people down.


The fact that you’re still here shows how merciful God is.”




“Thankful to the Lord for a brother in Christ and pastor who speaks out boldly against wolves in sheepskin in churches.


If one is to speak out tirelessly the way Rev George Ong does, you’ll be criticised as harsh, judgmental and dogmatic.


These ignoramuses failed to realise that God is a just God who calls out injustices and wickedness starting from the church.


You go, Rev George Ong!”




“Joseph Prince is the largest hypocrite I have ever seen.


How dare he teach about context when he himself takes scripture out of context!”




“Joseph Prince said,


‘A new anointing in healing was released because the devil was afraid so he would send a new strand of virus.’


This is not in the spirit of prophecy.


This is what Jesus said in Matthew 24, pestilences will come.


Any Sunday school child who was told Matthew 24 can stand up and say,


‘You know what, new viruses will come to the earth.’


Who is Joseph Prince trying to fool?


To claim the prophecy of Jesus to be his own,


beware of such person.


BTW, where is this powerful new healing anointing Joseph Prince was talking about?


The first casualty of the virus in Malaysia was a faithful pastor.


If indeed, Joseph Prince was speaking under anointing in prophecy, it came too late for our dear brother.


All over the world people are dying and there was no report of exception in churches.


Just ignore such nonsense and expose the dangerous error there in the above talk by Rev Ong.”




“I said the same thing about 10 years ago


when Joseph Prince first ventured to the US opening a branch church there


instead of reaching out planting church in poor nations that surround Singapore all over Asia.




I couldn’t believe the gullibility of his followers.


I’m ashamed to say even after I stopped attending


(one period I was filled with disgust for his showy antics, even from his vain outfits you can tell this “preacher” is off)


but during a tough period of my life a few years later when I encountered challenges, I returned to join NCC care group again.


Glad that I left soon again after.


Happy to have found good, doctrinally sound church later on,


thanks to God’s leading.”




“I pray that Yeshua will completely destroy Joseph Prince,


strip him of everything & everyone


and put him to open shame before everyone.”




“PTL! This video is short and sharp;


arguments are crisp and to the point;


it is definitely a knock-out punch against those false teachings on God’s holy and just law.


Well done, Bro George! Shalom!”




“Thanks Rev George.


There are people out there genuinely seeking out truth.


I pray God uses your videos as a tool to open people’s eyes.”




“The wealth aspect was well explained, can you also explain the health aspect?


I was from New Creation Church and I can say that Joseph Prince’s gospel is a “gospel+” theology,


in the sense that he is biblically Calvinistic in his theology of the cross,


but anything else is heretical.”




“That’s the reason I left New Creation Church, after 20 years.


I have seen how Joseph Prince’s doctrine of false grace could simply bring you to heaven.”


@kayqq361 (in reply to the above comment):


“I left too after discovering Joseph Prince’s lies.”




“What this ‘prince’ of false theology is what some biblically sound preachers describe as ‘Easy Believism’.


Biblical Christians must keep reading their Bibles and resist preachers who reduce Our Lord GOD JESUS CHRIST to only be a heavenly healer and divine ATM!


Thanks to GOD in CHRIST for raising Rev Ong to speak out on false ‘Christian’ preachers who are misleading the multitudes who listen to their gospel of cheap ‘grace’!”




“Thank you, Reverend George, for helping us to identify Joseph Prince’s false teaching,


I am touched by your love and courage for our Lord Jesus,


we are His sheep to be fed and tend.”




“Joseph Prince has been lying and deceiving sooo many people for a long long time.


He’s been exposed by many, like Justin Peters, Jordan Riley Sean from revealing truth & many more.


He has no fear of God.


I hope one day, he’ll be on his knees begging for mercy from the Most High.”




“I love your work (Asher).


I love how you tear Joseph Prince’s statement to pieces.”




“Joseph Prince is a heretic and a false teacher.


He is a grievous wolf in sheep clothing speaking perverse things to draw away unlearned Christians after him (Acts 20:29, 30).


Sadly, many naive and ignorant Christians from many Bible-believing churches have been deceived by his teachings.


I thank God for Rev George Ong.


God has called him to expose Joseph Prince who has done so much harm and damage to the Body of Christ.


May God protect him from the evil one. Amen.”




“Some years ago, I still hear Joseph Prince making fun of homosexuality from the pulpit


but nowadays, he never does that again.


and to my recall, between numerous testimonies in his website,


there is not even a single testimony of somebody delivered from lgbtq sin. So odd.”




“I have never seen or heard of Joseph Prince or New Creation Church believers


carry out deliverance for people and casting out demons all these years.”


@lindsaylim5806 (in reply to the above comment):


“Good observation… how can Satan cast out his own?”




“Joseph Prince is a wolf in sheepskin.


I have many friends who idolize him.


Even I sent to a friend the Rev George Ong’s YouTube videos stating the obvious falsehoods of Joseph Prince,


he replied, we are so blessed by Pastor Prince and we are happy there.


This shows the level of addiction they are in


to only want to be on the grace side of their ‘God’ Joseph Prince and his messages.






Thanks (Asher) for pointing out the truth (Aleph-Tav issue).


These days, there are many false prophets.


Christians need to study the Bible to prove if the preachers are preaching truths or lies.”




“Excellently explained Asher (Aleph-Tav issue).


So many people are misled by false exegesis …


As the saying goes, “a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous!


Keep up the great work you are doing, Asher.”




“Anyone truly filled with the Holy Ghost can spot this trickster.


Many years ago, when I got saved, I knew very little about the Bible.


I argued with someone who claimed that Joseph Prince was a great man of God,


but I told them that there is something wrong with him.


I’m glad that he’s being exposed (on the Aleph-Tav issue) at least now,


and thank you so much brother (Asher) for exposing this liar!”




“My goodness!


As a teacher of Biblical Hebrew, I am exasperated by Joseph Prince’s interpretation of the direct object marker (Aleph-Tav issue) which is such a nonsense!


Thanks, Asher, for making this video.


This has to be told to the Church to make them aware of such pretenders!”




“Keep up the good work (Aleph-Tav issue) of exposing this liar (Joseph Prince).


Thank you.”




“Love your (Asher) presentation. Keep it up.


EXPOSE the lies.


The liar (Joseph Prince) is a ONE TRICK pony.


All his lies are based on TRANSLATION and assumes nobody will check out his claims.




Only Joseph Prince knows how to translate the Bible.”


@kelvinchan4794 (in reply to the above comments):


“Oh dear, I studied the Hebrew a little some years back.


Yes, this video and explanation (by Asher) makes sense.”




“Using his Hebrew and Greek translations to ‘mutilate’ the Bible is something Joseph Prince is really ‘good’ at.


If you remember how he had used his Greek translation of ‘metanoia’ to preach a false repentance,


you can dig some more false translation from his translations which he has hidden over the years.


I think we can only convince the people if we show these video clips here.


And you did it well, Asher, preach it.”




“I think someone has to make a stand.


If the false teaching is so obviously wrong but Christians or the leaders who need to make a stand would just do nothing,


it means that they would imply that Joseph Prince’s teaching is ‘right’


and all those who find him wrong are ‘wrong’.


Something is wrong!”




“Rev George Ong is good.


He is able to spot all the errors of Joseph Prince – Mr Singh!”




“Praise to the Lord Jesus Christ, every time I choose to watch preachings online,


I feel the discomfort within me to receive, if it is not given by the Spirit of God (led by some wrong spirit)


and yes, Joseph Prince was one of them,


though I felt a bit bad about saying it to a friend of mine recently,


now, it’s clear that this is a wrong teaching.


Let’s pray for the Lord open the eyes of the believers of Jesus Christ who are caught up with the wrong doctrines of wolves.


Thank you for this video, Pastor George, featuring Rev Derek Hong.”


@user-ix9wx6ms9v (in reply to the above comment):


“Likewise, the Spirit bears witness.”


@richardosborne2067 (in reply to the above comment):


“Saw through him many years ago. Well overdue.”




“Aiyoh, how can the Christian communities in Singapore and worldwide


not challenge Joseph Prince aggressively?”




“I was once an attendee of his service, until I studied the truth.


Matthew 7:17-20


Thanks, Rev George for exposing Joseph Prince.”




“Joseph Prince is living his best life now. 


But God cannot be mocked with his heretical preaching


that has led many to eternal damnation. 


He’ll have to give account one day to the Almighty God, the Supreme Judge


for the lies, deceptions, and twisting of scriptures


in the pursuit of mammon.”




“I think his end is near if he keeps repeating these mistakes.


All my Bible commentaries say opposite of what Joseph Prince says.


He is doomed.”




“Praise God for you Pastor Jason Lim. 


In this great apostasy time, we need more pastors and church leaders


who are daring enough to stand up to speak publicly against the false teachers and contend for the Truth


to wake up those church goers who are slumbering!


We need to be careful and always be reminded that the days are evil!”




“Thank God.


Finally, we have someone bold enough to dare to speak up in Rev George Ong and stand by His Living Word.


I attended and listened to Joseph Prince sermons some time ago out of curiosity.


Yes, he did hook me with his easy sermons.


I liken it to eating a Mac.


After consumption, I will throw the wrapper.


No need cleaning.


Quickly digested but never felt satisfaction.


He is enriched financially by the congregation’s adoration.


This is wrong to begin with.”




“Thank you for this.


I always feel that Prince uses a lot of half-truths which borders on lies and deception.


It is scary because in my knowledge, only Satan is capable of using half-truths just as in the garden of Eden


where Satan perfected the half-truth.


So, we should discern what type of spirit Prince has …


and our Jesus also says look at the fruits of the person in order to discern the false teachers…”




“The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite.


And Joseph Prince dares to criticize the theologians, when he was not even schooled in theology.


Satan is a liar;


it amazes me what some people with itching ears will listen to


and how a situation can get so twisted!”




“Be cautious of false preachers.


Have the spirit of discernment between falsity & truth. 


One has to cherry pick the rightful preacher to listen to.


Anything out of context or biblically unethical, keep away.


Preaching HERESY is dangerous and it has consequences for both Preacher & Attendee when we stand before the LORD.


I totally agree with Rev George with regards to Joseph Prince’s preaching;


It worries me too.


That’s the issue with some mega churches, sadly.”




“I have decided to “teach” my youngest two children Bible myself, a poor teacher


but certainly not as manipulative as Joseph Prince.


To all Joseph Prince’s congregation, READ, READ, READ your Bible.


The judgement comes to the congregation as well, for that’s their desire from the pulpit.


Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”




“I am awaiting Joseph Prince’s repentance from his false teachings.


I really do not wish for unrighteousness and greed to reign in Singapore and around the world


because of one man’s pride, hardheartedness and rebellion.


Unless God has His reasons, such as testing the people to see if they choose to be misled and deceived.


Is Joseph Prince saved?


This is a question to answer.


My answer right now is no, until he repents.


Because there is no salvation without repentance.


Not for me, not for Joseph Prince, not for anyone else.”




“I always felt something not right with Joseph Prince’s sermon until one sermon I heard he mentioned about the grace and pointing to himself,


immediately from there, I sensed something is not right and I stopped listening to him,


although his message is very tempting because it has the effect of lifting up your soul to feel good.


But thank God I read my Bible thus the word becomes my lamp and shows me the error way and point me to the right one.”




“So, Joseph Prince’s Ghostpel says you are no longer a disciple but a Christian


because only being his version of a Christian can be identified as Sons of God,


and a disciple cannot be ordained as Sons of God?


I didn’t know being a disciple we are lower ranking than his “Christian” high rank.


What a bunch of Hogwash!


This guy, Joseph Prince, worships Satan.”


@wilsonnkwan (in reply to the above comment):


“That is exactly his intent – to say that we are not called disciples but Christians.


You see, Joseph Prince’s theology is an effortless theology, i.e. you do not need to do anything, including obedience.


By re-interpreting the word Christian now as not equal to being disciples,


it fits his effortless theology of cheap grace.”




“Many years ago, when I visited the local MPH Christian resource store and saw Joseph Prince’s face on every merchandise he sold, I already knew what he was about.


Even at a time when I was only beginning to find out about him,


I felt that a shudder coursing through my veins that he was going to be an enormously dangerous preacher


who could easily prey on those who were putting material prosperity higher than anything they feel important to pursue in life.


Joseph Prince isn’t even his real name.


At this juncture, ask yourself how or why someone might feel the need to have a completely different change to his name.


This guy was born a Punjabi. Nothing wrong with that.


So why change?


Heaven’s above, why call yourself a Prince?


That would be the first alarming bell in anyone’s head as to who this guy might be about and what agenda he has to any unsuspecting Christian soul.


Prince, of course, isn’t the only so-called preacher who preaches the prosperity theology.


But one could say he is among the most dangerous because his staged act is convincing,


he has the necessary resources to reach far and wide and his branding power has far-reaching effects.


There might not be any way to oppose these people but remember what Jesus says about Joseph Prince and his ilk:


“I don’t know you or where you come from. Away from me, all you evildoers!” (Lk 13:23-27).


I firmly believe that Jesus is referring to Prince and those who, like him, continually distorts His true teaching.


Against them, we must pray.


Pray that Prince will kneel before the Lord and confess his wicked ways and change.


Pray that he will finally be made aware that he still has a chance to change and lead his congregation the right way.


He needs to know that if he doesn’t do that and God deals directly with him,


that would be catastrophic for him and his family.”




“Thank you, Rev Ong, for your efforts in exposing Joseph Prince’s false teachings.


Sadly, Prince’s false teachings have reached across Africa as well causing great harm to the people.”




“Joseph Prince sells books telling people to take “Holy Communion” because it will make them healthy and young.


This sounds more like the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail to me and pure blasphemy.”




“Not only is Joseph Prince filthy rich,


so are all his associate pastors and full-time church workers.


Can one imagine how much his associate pastors draw per month then?


And yes, it is true that he always ‘encourages’ his church attendees to listen to messages that are grace-filled,


subtly hinting them to buy his CDs and DVDs. This I can testify. Sigh…


The spirit of Leviathan and the love for money have certainly entered this brother of ours.


Please pray for him, everyone.”




“Yes, if Joseph Prince’s doctrine is true,


then there will not be any sick and poor amongst all his followers in New Creation Church and other countries.


Then Prince and his followers will say that those who are sick and poor are those who failed to grasp the secrets to reigning in life


as taught by the Singaporean Chinese Indian Joseph Prince.”




“Thank you, Rev. George Ong


for exposing a wolf in sheep’s clothing (Joseph Prince) …


Tolerance toward people is a good and biblical,


but tolerance toward false teaching is a sin.”




“Having said that, I was a follower of Joseph Prince.


But no longer.


Too many loopholes and blind spots in his teachings.”




“I’m surprised to learn that a Singapore Bishop and a Singapore Presbyterian Pastor don’t consider Joseph Prince a heretic.


Interesting. Oh well, they might be considered as his accomplices because they don’t condemn him for his heretic preaching.


I forgot which verses.”




“Number of Laws in the Old Testament=613.  


Number of Laws in the New Testament=1050.


Either way it proves that Joseph Prince was lying about God’s laws just as any false preacher does!


Joseph Prince knows that his judgement from God is coming soon!


The problem is that his blind “goats” who follow him still do not!”




“You’re a breath of fresh air, Rev. Ong!


Joseph Prince has been preaching hyper-grace for years.


Thank you so much for tearing down Joseph Prince’s theology.


He looks to be stuck on himself.


I’m so glad you check Joseph Prince and put him in his place, a false teacher.”




“Awesome, you (George Ong) caught him red-handed (Joseph Prince falsely claimed to have prophesied COVID-19).


I have listened to this Prince fellow and it was rather obvious that he is a charlatan.


He is not a prophet; neither is he well versed with scriptures.


May God bless you and thank you once again for exposing this messenger of Satan.”




“One of Joseph Prince’s favourite tools on the pulpit is victim playing (under the disguise of a persecuted preacher).


“Victim playing is the fabrication or exaggeration of victimhood for a variety to reasons such as to justify abuse to others, to manipulate others, a coping strategy, attention seeking or diffusion of responsibility.” – Wikipedia”




“The main reason why it is hard to pull Joseph Prince’s followers out of this illusion


is because they have been programmed to believe that they are “highly favoured” and “deeply loved” by God


to the extent that they are the “top of the cream” in God’s Kingdom!


Any other brethren outside New Creation Church is inferior to them,


and hence they would not heed any advice from such brethren.


Many people from New Creation Church are followers of Joseph Prince, NOT God.


What brother Aaron Khoo, Ex New Creation Church member has shared in his testimony in this video is true.


I can testify to it TOTALLY. Sad.”




“Joseph Prince has contradicted God’s word.


This is because he said that Old Covenant prophets who prophesy comfort are false prophets. 


Just a simple reading of Psalm 23 will expose his lies.


Psalm 23, v4 tells us


‘Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they COMFORT me.’


Is King David a false prophet?


I thought he uses typology and King David is a type of Christ? 


Joseph Prince is the prince of confusion because he does not even know the true gospel.”




“People are not attacking you (Joseph Prince); it the half-truths and you twisted it to suit you, and of course people have to be warned.


They are not out to get you; they are warning people about your false teachings and you are not teaching the correct Christian Faith;


so why can’t they speak the truth, why are you so afraid, after all God is in control right! 


Even as Christians, we are allowed to correct each other to prevent from going astray.


God have mercy on the people attending this ‘Church’ (New Creation Church) using your name and misleading people.


God will deal with you (Joseph Prince) in HIS OWN TIME.”




“The main problem is not the false teachers, that’s a giveaway


but the undiscerned professing people who love getting their ears tickled.”




“Prosperity teaching is the most selfish and self-centred teaching just like one religion.


Worse, it deceptively cloth itself as Christian doctrine.


In prosperity teaching, it’s all about self, self, self…. everything you do is for yourself


and you also have a god that will cater to you yourself…


It is self-love, love that seeks for yourself, it is a love of man who has become lovers of themselves


and entirely not sacrificial love which our Lord Jesus teaches…


keep safe everyone… lest we too be tempted.”




“Joseph Prince thought he is God! 


Claim it, have it? 


Singapore number one charlatan who twist, turn, dilute, distort the Word of God.”




“I have noticed from personal experience from one member who happened to be my ex-colleague about 20 years ago.


At that time, he was very “proud” that he came from a big church with a big congregation,


but I don’t see his good testimony at the work place.


He will do his own Lord’s Supper almost every day in the office but it doesn’t match his personal life.


You can attend church 24/7 but unless you have a personal relationship with God and have been transformed by his renewing Spirit,


you are not a born-again Christian and at best you are just another ‘religious person’.”




“Why would any true Christian want to trust a pastor who consistently boasts of his good looks?


True Christianity is about humility, love, care, decreasing oneself.


Joseph Prince preaches the exact opposite.


Disgusting that Joseph Prince consistently says he is good looking.


That alone sets off alarm bells


– a servant of God is humble, not a boastful one.”


@lindsaylim5806 (in reply to the above comment):


“Just like his father of lies;


Satan thinks he’s the most beautiful and desires worship.”




“Jesus has already warned us that there will be many false teachers.


Some churches become mega churches because people flocked to them due to their false teachings being music to the ears, as these false teachings like prosperity gospel,


and you can be saved even after you abandon your faith appeal to the flesh.


I heard there are many investment bankers in New Creation Church who attributed their financial success to blessings from God,


and they donate generously to the church believing the false teaching of prosperity gospel


that the more they donate, the more God will bless them with greater wealth and financial success.


One common tactic used by false teachers is to quote and support their false teachings with Bible verses quoted out of context,


or deliberately misinterpret the scripture to deceive the church congregation.


It is sad that many sheep are led astray as a result.


May God save the stray sheep.”




“Excellent points raised by Pastor (Jason) Lim.


I don’t follow Joseph Prince due to similar reason.


We need to preach according to the scripture – within context and principles.”






“Absolutely loved this video presentation.


Wish every follower of this so-called free grace movement of Joseph Prince would view this excellent comparison.”




“Joseph Prince is more heretical than I thought.


If we step back and see his overall stance, we can see that he is trying to do away with the commands of God, ask people not to repent,


and even says that the Lord’s Prayer is no longer applicable (as we have to forgive first before He forgives us).


He also subtly implies that we should not examine ourselves or confess our sins before taking the Holy Communion


(because he says that we are already forgiven. And not believing that makes us unworthy to partake Holy Communion).


It appears to be a big agenda for Joseph Prince to attack and twist the Bible, the gospel and the commands of God.


So, his message is:


Even if you cheat, steal, insult, bully, lie, kill, never mind the commandments no longer apply.


Believe Jesus paid the price.


Don’t even need to repent or confess your sins.


Read the Bible for yourselves then decide.”




(This is regarding Joseph Prince’s ‘Animals Can Talk’ Bizarre Teaching.)


“Ridiculous conjecture. 


Nowhere other than God giving the donkey (Balaam’s donkey) momentary ability to speak is there any other instance of this mentioned in the Bible.


This guy, Joseph Prince, should be debunked everywhere.”




(This is regarding Joseph Prince’s ‘Animals Can Talk’ Bizarre Teaching.)


“Just because we see the prophet arguing with the donkey, we conclude that all the animals could talk and think?


Could the fish or the birds talk too?”


@user-hc8co5xz4e (in reply to the above comment):


“They can according to the Book of Joseph Prince.”




“Forsaking context, Joseph Prince sounds true but he is not.


He allegorises words, forcing them to mean what he wanted.


He is a deceiver, learns from his father, Satan, the liar.”






“The issue is not prosperity;


the issue is the ‘prosperity gospel’.”






“As a country nation, we want to achieve prosperity


but as a believer in Christ,


we want to achieve holiness, righteousness and faithfulness


bearing the fruit of the Spirit in love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance.”




“Salute! (Asher);


a deep study and clear explanation with confidence!”




“Your (Asher) command of languages and understanding of their origins blew my mind!


Enjoyed your explanation.”




“Great work by brother Asher Chee.


May God bless your work.


Really nice to see you on YouTube!


(In additional to posting on Nerdy Language Group.)”




“Thanks for exposing the falsehoods again.


I was from New Creation Church and it is true they teach this.


And yes, if we don’t examine ourselves and repent of our sins and partake the Holy Communion,


we can bring judgement upon ourselves.


Thankfully our church reminded us about this during communion.”




“Well said Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong.


I am amazed so many Christians, even longtime Christian lay leaders buy this crap hyper-grace heresy teaching!


Shame on New Creation Church for not having the courage to expose lies of Joseph Prince.


You guys, fear man rather than God!”




“Did Jesus say “Drink in remembrance of me…”


or like what Joseph Prince says that he can take Holy Communion and expect his skin to be like that of a little child.


No, No, No, Jesus never say that your skin would be like that of a little child after you partake the Communion.”




“So therefore, true to a sense…let’s take Joseph Prince literally at his word


…if he says Abraham was rich, so you should be rich & Joseph was successful, so you should be successful,


then he needs to go literally all the way


…Jesus was betrayed, scourged & crucified, so you should be betrayed, scourged & crucified;


the apostles were martyred, so you should be martyred.


If he wants to go the full route of literal interpretation then go all the way


…don’t pick & choose just to suit what you want to say.


Because if he does that then he is preaching what he wants to say…which are mere dead human ideas,


not what God wants to tell us which is the Spirit-breathed rhema word from heaven.”




“Rev George, your past few articles really hit home runs for me.


Thank you for the good work.


I pray the LORD continue to preserve, strengthen and anoint you to teach HIS Word.”




“Galatians 6:7 says “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”


There is a limit to God’s long suffering of false teachers such as Joseph Prince’s lies, poison and deception!


Joseph Prince knows that he will be judged!”




“First time I am hearing (from Joseph Prince)


that we can take communion for someone.”




“Joseph Prince, that Holy Communion is very very serious and not to be taken lightly.


There are 3 serious consequences to face if taken unworthily.


How dare you say you take communion for your critics.


This is unscriptural.


It says ‘Do this in remembrance of me.’


Then it read 1 Corinthians 11:29-30, the 3 dangers of taking communion unworthily, not discerning Jesus’ death.


Jesus warned us in Matthew 10:28,


‘But rather dear Him who is able to destroy both body and soul in hell.’”




“Joseph Prince is definitely leading “sheep” to hell.


He must repent!


Church purification is coming Now.


Let’s pray and cry to God to intervene!


Praise Jesus!


Thank you, Rev George for giving us the truth!”




“He is a WOLF in Sheep’s clothing by its very definition.


Such elusive arguments of Joseph Prince showed his immense hypocrisy.


False Teachers & Preachers abound in this age.


They will seem to make sense of every word,


however, be not deceived! Be very warned!”




“Joseph Prince should debunk what critics said about his preaching by providing scripture verses in return.


Instead, he didn’t but insulted & made fun of them.


This showed his true colours!


Those gullible Christians who don’t know the Bible will swallow what he preaches.


Sure, he is materially rich by preaching grace, prosperity & rosy gospel rather than repentance & sin.”




“All of us fall short in the glory of God and our sins are filthy rags!


That is why we need a SAVIOUR!


Absolutely, we need to repent in order to be SAVED and not perish.


All glory to our great God & Saviour Jesus Christ through Him we have salvation.


Thanks Rev. George Ong for exposing Joseph Prince’s false teaching of a no-repentance gospel.


God bless you.”




“Those in the congregation who are weak in their biblical knowledge


will be easily swayed by him.


His weekly sermon becomes like a Sunday school for them


but the only difference is he’s feeding them falsehood


and they love it cos it sounds so good…”




“Anyone in collaboration with Joel Osteen is definitely a false teacher.


So that includes Joseph Prince!


Be careful of his teachings;


it’s 50% Gospel and 50% heresy.


So, it’s hard for young Christians to discern.”




“Sheep in wolf’s clothing. Beware!


Teaching grace but himself not graceful…another contradiction.


The fact that he pointed out that lady in the audio, is already in itself taking offence at her action contradicting himself.


Joseph what exactly do you think we are jealous of (of you)?


Your big church, your big big congregation? Your worldwide popularity (which probably makes you more popular than Jesus Himself)?


Your Bible knowledge? Your gift of the gap? Your earthly wealth that came from your ministry? What else?


I honestly think Jesus won’t even have an audience with you or stand on stage with you


because he is not well-dressed, not handsome like you.”




“Is very sad.


A lot of the people around me likes Joseph Prince’s preaching


and there seems to be no way of turning them back.”


@kevinjanghj (in reply to the above comment):


“I stopped trying.


They need to learn from their own errors.”




“Joseph Prince said that he preached the gospel that Paul preached.


But did he really preach like Paul.


Not really.


Paul never ‘sold’ the gospel.


Paul would rather sell tents which required a lot of effort than to sell it like a ‘snake oil medicine’ which get a small percentage of naive people who always think that they are healed.


Of course, God will heal, but God will never let anyone abuse His healing.


God would not allow his healing to be sold, taken, or ‘swallowed’ like a ‘formula’.


Joseph Prince claims that taking the communion will make them go around like the Israelites who took the Passover Lamb; none feeble, no one died, no one got sick, but stay young and live long. Is it true?


But, now more and more people in his church still die, become older, and pass on before 60 years old, even though they all took the Holy Communion consciously, intensely, or radically every day;


it only shows that they all still dishonoured the Lord’s Holy Communion, became sick, and died in ignorance, like the Corinthian church.


There is actually no miracle; but all lies.”




“One thing I’ve come to realize about the Word of Faith preachers, such as Joseph Prince


is that they speak the same way,


make fun of those who criticise them stylishly.


They are just the same.”


@cheongcheemeng9205 (in reply to the above comment):


“Shame on New Creation Church for their silence.


They too have to answer to God for condoning and not exposing heresy!


They fear man rather than God!”




Purely diabolical preaching and teaching by this Joseph Prince who is the pop-charlatan of the false gospel. 


2 Cor. 11:13-15: For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ.  And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.”




“Looking at Hebrews 12, the LORD can chasten, rebuke and scourge his children.


If God chastens, He is displeased.


So, we can leave the assertion by Joseph Prince that God will always be pleased with New Covenant believers aside.


Joseph Prince has put himself above the Word of God.”




“Well done, George! Keep on preaching it.


Otherwise, many are going to be deceived by the greasy grace message.”




“Any person who is a true follower of Jesus wouldn’t react like Joseph Prince does.


I think he’s actually the jealous one, that he has to deceive people in order to gain an audience.


He knows people have “itching ears” so he says what they want to hear.


How can anyone in good conscience lead people away from the Truth,


especially when they’re supposed to be representing the Truth?


The good thing, is we have access to God’s Word for ourselves,


so, if someone is ignorant enough to fall for this stuff, I’d consider that they probably don’t read their Bible.


Nobody can say they weren’t warned and what to watch out for.”




“New Creation Church is essentially operating under the spirit of witchcraft. 


When one refuses to repent, it’s as good as rebellion. 


Rebellion opens door to the spirit of witchcraft to work in their midst.


That explains why many are indeed under the spell of the spirit of witchcraft.


For rebellion is as the sin of divination, and presumption is as iniquity and idolatry.


Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, he has also rejected you from being king. 1 Samuel 15:23 ESV.”




“Spot on Rev George when you said:


“Unthinking people hungrily lapping up the saliva of his (Joseph Prince) theological rubbish.”


The modern church is full of itching ears.”




“Thanks for standing up against heretics and for the word of God.


People like you (George Ong) are “Fighting for the Faith” and are doing the work of the Lord.”




“I have never felt comfortable with Joseph Prince’s preaching.


Never like the way he styled himself.


May it be clothing or hairstyle.


He gives me the impression that he wants to be Elvis Presley.


I am so happy that people like Rev. George Ong dare to challenge him and tell him, he is a false preacher.”




“Joseph Prince is like the author of a book called,


‘Easy Christianity for diots’


… and there may be many who fell for it.”




“George Ong is a very responsible Pastor, otherwise he would not have come out with so many videos to point out Joseph Prince’s many discrepancies that distort the true teachings of the Bible.


Many are not aware that the Bible has to be delivered with absolute care.


The Bible has many cross references which can be interpreted wrongly.


We can suppose that Joseph Prince was self-taught without any kind of formal training, hence he is being challenged by others.”




“Dear Joseph Prince, if what you say is correct that we should focus on our Lord Jesus and not be concerned about doctrine,


then the Apostle Paul must be gravely and dearly wrong because how many times he attacked those so-called Christians of his time because of wrong doctrine.


What Paul said and did contradict Joseph Prince’s calls for unity without doctrine.


Imagine another Christian cult calls all Christians to be united and stop fighting one another.”




This chap, Joseph Prince, is worse than the Pharisees in Jesus’ time.


They at least preached the truth of the Jewish Torah,


though they do not practice what they preached, and was strongly condemned by Jesus!”




“As a lifelong Christian, the video clip shows the wrong teachings of Joseph Prince.


Sadly many, especially new believers will be misled by his wrong teachings.


May God judge Joseph Prince and handle him.


Thank you, Rev George Ong, for highlighting this wrong teaching.”




“Joseph Prince is right when he said let the fruit speak for itself because if you attend their Chinese ministry,


the level of hypocrisy exhibited by their two most popular lady pastors showed all.


Same fruits from the same ministry, many people especially the poor left because this ministry only serves the rich.


Joseph Prince said in his preaching decades ago that if you can find the dog can bark and bark at the moon but the moon still shines


and of course, he is referring himself as the moon.


Correct me if I am wrong those who attend his ministry in the early days.


There was a period of time when I was reading the testimonies in his ministry,


then 2 testimonies appear from 2 different countries appear at 2 different timing like months apart.


However, the testimonies are worded almost the same except the opening paragraph.


I was wondering at that time why is this so weird.”




“Joseph Prince is scot-free when Olivia Lum fails because his doctrine has a disclaimer:


if you fail or fall down it’s because of your faith and your own wrongdoing.


His congregation will not hold him accountable.”


@lorrainloh2252 (in reply to the above comment):


“The least he could do is ask whole church pray for her…”




“Please think, if Joseph Prince would behave like this in the Olivia Lum’s case


(ie. when she was successful, he would use her testimony to boast about his doctrine or gospel,


but as soon as she fell, he quickly pretends that he has got nothing to do with her),


will he not deal with God’s things in the same way that he deals with people too?


I wonder whether he would remove those fantastic testimonies that he had once boasted about,


when he realized that they could no longer give him the favourable promotion too?”




“I dare Pastor Joseph Prince to talk about this Hyflux case openly.”




“Joseph Prince have been peddling the gospel for many years.


I say ‘peddle’ because he used to have snippets of his sermons


and it cut off after 10-15 minutes and ask the viewers to pay to listen to the whole sermon


… such is the peddling and selling of God’s words…


This is even before his preaching got so twisted with half-truths and concealed lies…


I am now more than ever convinced that this is done deliberately to sell the preaching


… and we definitely know the Holy Spirit does not do this,


and if Joseph Prince does this, he does not have the Spirit of our God.


We should pray for his deliverance.”




“Joseph Prince is a Freelance Heretic