NCCS’ Second Letter to Rev David Liew, Rev George Ong’s Open Letter to NCCS, 3 Open Letters by Benjamin Yeo, Eva Kane, Daniel Khoo to NCCS (Dated 22 Sep 2021)


NCCS’ Second Letter To Rev David Liew


After I (Rev George Ong) had written an open letter to NCCS on 19 Sep 2021, Sunday at 1 pm, (please click to view, see the last section) the NCCS wrote another letter to Rev David Liew on the same day at 8.10 pm:


Dear Rev David Liew,


Adding to my earlier note to explain the proper processes, I was not aware at that time that the leadership of NCCS has decided to discuss this matter at its next Exco meeting.


Please be patient and we seek your prayers for NCCS.



Simon Ng

Manager, NCCS


Rev David Liew will again reserve his comments on NCCS’ reply, maybe, at a later time.


Rev George Ong’s Open Letter to NCCS

(This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office)


Dear Rev Dr Ngoei, I find it strange that when NCCS wrote to Rev David Liew the first time, it was nameless. But with this most recent letter, the name, Simon Ng (manager, NCCS) appears.


Rev Dr Ngoei, it is more proper for us to respond to you as the General Secretary of NCCS. Any letter that is written under NCCS (whoever is writing) must be directed by you on behalf of NCCS and would have to be approved and vetted by you before it is released. This is standard and responsible management practice both in secular organisations and the Church.


Even if Simon Ng’s name appears in subsequent letters, we will still address our letters to you, Rev Dr Ngoei. This is because the issue at hand is such an important one that concerns the whole National Church of Singapore and one that has affected churches of many nations. So we feel that you, Rev Dr Ngoei is the right and suitable person for us to write to and for you to reply to us.


Firstly, both Rev David Liew, myself and many concerned members of the Singapore Church are thankful and greatly appreciate that NCCS has decided to meet over the Joseph Prince issue. This is a positive step forward.


Another three of such concerned members: Benjamin Yeo, Eva Kane and Daniel Khoo have written their open letters to NCCS and they are featured in this update on my website. They are ordinary members who feel that the Joseph Prince issue is such a serious one that they are prepared to put their names down, publicly. This is to let NCCS know that this issue must be resolved. Silence, inaction and unnecessary delay over the issue will tarnish the credibility and standing of NCCS.


Secondly, you, Dr Rev Ngoei, on behalf of NCCS have asked Rev David Liew to be patient in the most recent letter dated 19 Sep 2021. We will, of course, exercise due patience.


But we hope too that NCCS will also appreciate the long-suffering patience of those concerned about the Joseph Prince issue. Many have waited a long 20 over years for NCCS to do something about it. And alas, their patience is rewarded when NCCS has finally agreed and committed herself to meet to discuss the matter. 


But we hope our patience would not be taken for granted and that NCCS will expedite the process of arriving at a decision which is long overdue.


Thirdly, you, Dr Ngoei, have sought the prayers of Rev David Liew for NCCS. Rev David Liew, myself and all others will definitely pray for NCCS. That you can be assured of. We need to pray for our leaders. We need to pray that whatever decision they come to, must be guided by the scriptures, biblical conviction and godly values, and not be clouded by politics, personalities, convenience and secular principles. We pray that as NCCS goes about deliberating on the decision, they all will be filled with the fear of God and not the fear of men. They will seek to please God rather than men. They will have the courage to make the right decision even though it could be the most unpopular.


I do hope that NCCS would remember to pray for us too. We are so-called their sheep. And as their sheep, we covet their prayers. Just as it isn’t easy for NCCS to make tough decisions in the coming days, it isn’t any easier for us too. Do you think it is easy for Rev David Liew to summon his courage to blow the whistle that none dared to?


Do you think it is easy for me not only to contend against the supporters of Joseph Prince but also to confront not just the present council but also every past council (NCCS) for the last 20 over years over their failure to act? How many bishops and denominational heads would I have offended? And because I have also said that every pastor in Singapore including myself is somewhat responsible for the Joseph Prince episode, how many Pastors would I have slighted?


I am also well aware that I am stepping on the toes of 34,000 people who are attending New Creation Church. And not forgetting the millions of Joseph Prince’s adorers, supporters and sympathisers in the countless churches, not only in Singapore and Malaysia but also around the world. 


By exposing Joseph Prince as a false teacher, I am bound to offend many of his diehard supporters who have never failed to defend him against doctrinal attacks aggressively. What the offended party will ever do to a guy like me who dares to fiercely and publicly denounce their adored leader as a false prophet, and now compelling NCCS to act against him is really up to one’s imagination.


At a convenient time, I may share more fully about my tremendously difficult journey of confronting the heresies of Joseph Prince that few could deeply comprehend. 


Finally, Rev Dr Ngoei, as we pray for one another, let us also not forget to pray for Joseph Prince. As I have said many times before, I do pray for him intermittently. But there is only one thing I pray for him – that he truly repents. I’m not saying this for the first time but I have already stated many times publicly in my emails, website and videos over the last several years.


Joseph Prince has been self-deceived and deceived by the devil (because he chooses to be deceived) that if he repents, his entire ministry will be destroyed and crash to pieces. Yes, it will but that’s only half the story. I sincerely believe that if he truly repents, God will rebuild his ministry from ashes to glory. He will be used in a more powerful and mightier way than before, preaching the true gospel and ushering sheep instead of goats into God’s Kingdom! I’ll be the first to embrace him with loving arms and forgive him for all the evil he had done against God’s people. We would welcome him back to the Christian community with love and rejoicing. (As I’m writing this now, at this juncture, tears began to stream down my eyes, uncontrollably! And I had to stop for quite a while to compose myself and wipe those tears off my eyes.)


I am not playing to the gallery. Neither am I using emotions to win people over. I mean every word that I say. God be my witness! I know that if Joseph Prince refuses to repent, he will be doomed to eternal destruction! Pride is his main problem as he is too proud to admit that he was wrong all the while.


Would you pray with me that Joseph Prince would be delivered from the wiles of the devil and his own pride. Pray that he would be convinced that God will not desert him but will pick him up again and use him for His glory but only if he truly repents! If God can forgive the worst mass murderer, he certainly can forgive Joseph Prince.


However, if he chooses to persist in his wayward ways, the battle against his heresies must also continue.


I’ve observed that over the last one and a half to two months, he has been preaching safer sermons and making safer statements, and trying not to dwell on controversies. (I’m not saying that he won’t kick up any controversy again in his future sermons.)


Don’t be deceived. Don’t judge him based on his recent sermons or even his sermons in the coming months and years. You must judge him based on all that he has written in his many books and all that he has preached in his many sermons over the last 20 over years. It may be his ploy to keep a low profile and deceive you that he has somewhat mellowed or changed. But if he chooses not to recant all the heresies that he had written in his many books and preached in the many sermons, it is utterly clear that he has continued to remain defiantly unrepentant.


If this is the case, Rev Dr Ngoei, NCCS must expedite the case with urgency so as to prevent more souls from being lost to the kingdom of darkness through the heresies of Joseph Prince. May I plead with NCCS to treat this matter with a good measure of urgency.


“The heresy of one age becomes the orthodoxy of the next.” (Helen Keller)


“A sinner ruins his own soul but a heretic destroys the souls of many.” (George Ong)


Rev George Ong



Open Letter to NCCS – by Benjamin Yeo

(This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office)


Dear Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian (General Secretary of NCCS),

I am writing to you as a concerned member of the Body of Christ about the heresies that Joseph Prince has been preaching.

I have known Rev George Ong for several years. I’ve attended 3 of his seminars. His calling to expose heresies is a difficult one.


I cannot imagine going through what he has gone through. He must have gone through tremendous amount of pressure bearing this heavy load of confronting Joseph Prince’s heresies that few would want to take on. There are no gains from such an unpopular and unpleasant ministry but only criticisms coming from, of all places, some sections of the Body. But thank God for Rev George who not only rose to the challenge but kept on persevering in his call despite such challenges.


I sincerely believe he has nothing against Joseph Prince on a personal level, nor is Rev George Ong driven by anger or selfish ambitions or bitter envy. He did not benefit financially nor did his itinerant preaching ministry ‘flourish’. In fact, from a successful one, it dwindled to a near zero.

Rev George Ong has paid a high price in his calling, as a watchman to warn the sheep against the wolf, Joseph Prince. So must every member in the Body of Christ. This is because Jude’s injunction in Jude 3 “to contend for the faith” was written not just to the leaders of the church but to every member. That is why I have to obey the scriptures to contend for the faith by writing to NCCS to take a stand against Joseph Prince’s heresies. 


Isn’t it obvious by now that Joseph Prince’s hyper grace theology is simply heresy? What else and what more does it take for NCCS to act? Even a well-known theologian from Trinity Theological College, Dr Roland Chia has declared (in his essay) that Joseph Prince is a heretic please click to view. The well-respected Bishop Kuan Kim Seng, who is a former Dean of St Andrew’s Cathedral has also pronounced Joseph Prince as one who promotes idolatry and a heretic please click to view.

I urge NCCS to study Rev George Ong’s biblical and sound research on his website, comprising his voluminous notes and plenty of videos. They should also give weightage to Dr Roland Chia’s essay and take serious note of Bishop Kuan’s view – both of whom have pronounced Joseph Prince a heretic.


And not forgetting Bishop Ho Chee Sin, Rev Tan Cheng Huat, Rev David Liew, Rev Eric Chua and many others who have written against the heresies of Joseph Prince and their articles are featured on Rev George Ong’s website.


NCCS must also not miss reading the compelling testimonies on the same website of 9 Ex New Creation Church members: Daniel Tay, Ivy Bong, Dr Chris Kang, Asher Chee, Andrew Tan, Lindsay Lim, Peter Tok, Glenn Fong & Tony Wong-Jensen. These people have experienced the destructive teachings of Joseph Prince first-hand but, thankfully, they were delivered from them. And now their priority is to warn others from being drawn into the destructive fold of Joseph Prince.


In the NCCS’s Basis of association, it states “that the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the supreme of Christian faith and practice”.

Based on this statement, the NCCS cannot but call out against Joseph Prince’s heresies. This is because Joseph Prince publicly teaches that many doctrines under the Old Covenant are no more applicable to New Covenant believers.


A pertinent example is his teaching that the Old Covenant God is not the same as the New Covenant God. That while the Old Covenant God can get angry, punish, judge and be displeased with Old Covenant believers, the New Covenant God can never be angry, punish, judge and be displeased with New Covenant believers.


He further went on to say that the New Covenant God is always pleased and will never punish, judge and get angry with New Covenant believers regardless of how they behave and even though they are sinning against Him because every single future sin has already been and automatically forgiven without the need for confession or repentance. 


What is worse is that such teachings impinge on God’s sovereignty – by determining what God can or cannot do. 

NCCS should stay true to the Word and mission statement. Stand against heresies and disassociate from them. NCCS must deal with the issue of Joseph Prince’s heresies head-on. There is no more room to take on a ‘Mr Nice-guy’ or ‘let’s keep the peace’ or ‘the world is already divided and so the Church must never take on a divisive stand’ approach. These are worldly principles not founded on God’s word.


The time for action is now. NCCS as the shepherds of God’s flock cannot and must not stay silent at a time when Joseph Prince’s heresies have plagued not just Singapore but also the world.

In Christ’s truth,
Benjamin Yeo
Attending Faith Methodist Church, Singapore



Open Letter to NCCS – by Eva Kane

(This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office)


Dear Honourable Members of NCCS,


I am neither a pastor nor leader but a concerned member of the Christian community in Singapore.


In recent years, the church in Singapore has been ignominiously labelled an exporter of false teaching by overseas preachers. They were referring to Joseph Prince (JP) of New Creation Church (NCC) whose false teachings have reached many corners of the world.


While granted some preachers are prone to favour one view over another due to theological differences, there are indisputably some aspects of our Christian faith that are non-negotiable and fundamental to our salvation. Two such fundamental areas of JP’s teaching trouble me deeply and for the sake of the integrity of the true church in Singapore we should not remain silent.


First is the issue of Repentance. Some 20 years ago, out of curiosity, I attended NCC at The Rock auditorium to check out JP’s messages which had been hailed as fresh and liberating. It took me 3 successive sessions to question if indeed I had heard him right when his sub texts suggested that no confession of sin and repentance were necessary as our sins past present and future have all been forgiven and that we need only to believe. These were not his exact words but beguilingly suggested and craftily woven into his anecdotes. I wondered why then 1 John 1:9. My foundation was momentarily shaken. I scoured the Bible for the truth and I warned my NCC friends. I even tried in vain to get a pastor to confirm this falsehood.


Second issue – Years later I stumbled upon a video of JP telling the people that the broad road through the wide gate of Matthew 7:13, still leads to eternal life. Jesus unequivocally said the broad road leads to destruction. JP interpreted ‘destruction’ to mean a life lacking in abundance, wealth and victory this side of eternity and those on this broad road still have their salvation intact. Tragically even seasoned Church-goers welcome and cling tenaciously to this message as it exempts them from a life of obedience and submission. This, sadly, is the seeming liberation they want to hear from a preacher. Has their own home church failed in properly teaching them?


Over the decades through our silence, JP has enjoyed unfettered freedom to propagate his brand of Christianity, teaching a different Jesus, a different gospel, a grace that lulls a person into apathy and worldliness denying the convicting work of the Holy Spirit in us, and repudiating the salvific work of our Saviour on the cross by downplaying the need for repentance. By his smooth talk he has deceived the hearts of the unsuspecting.


Just these 2 teaching points are conclusive that JP is not serving the Lord. Such a person surely has no place amongst us and much less be associated with NCCS. If NCC has crept into NCCS unnoticed, it is time now either for correction or, failing which, removal.


False teaching is like a little leaven that leavens the whole lump (Gal 5:9). Leaven or yeast does not remain isolated in a single spot within a lump of dough. It spreads and becomes part of the entire loaf. Similarly false teaching and its consequences are never limited to just a few people. It is either rejected and removed or it works its way into the thoughts and practices of the entire group. False ideas especially if they are feel-good and tantalising, are contagious. They spread and take hold.


Therefore is it not incumbent upon the shepherds of God’s flock to call out the false teacher (lovingly and graciously if you will) and warn their sheep against such deception. Should not NCCS be concerned for the spiritual health and salvation of their sheep who have strayed into NCC’s den? If the shepherds do not warn how would the sheep know? Not every believer is as discerning and able to sift truth from falsehood in a mixture. Jesus himself warned us to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees (Mark 8:15).


In matters pertaining to our faith and our spiritual life, let not the world judge us but let us judge ourselves. Who is more qualified to judge than NCCS? Should we not be jealous for the truth and contend earnestly for the faith which was once and for all delivered to us. (Jude 3)? The basis for truth should be all of the Word, not an experience, not a feeling, and certainly not what JP claims God told him outside of the Bible.


I’m reminded of the 3-fold command our Lord gave to Peter. Do you love me? Then pasture, tend to, care for, feed and protect my sheep.


For all these reasons I humbly urge NCCS as the authoritative body of the church to look seriously into this grave matter and may you have the courage and the fear of God to do what is right as good and faithful servants of our Master.


Shalom In Christ,

Eva Kane

Concerned Believer, Singapore



Open Letter to NCCS – by Daniel Khoo

(This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office)


Dear Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian (General Secretary of NCCS),

I am writing this letter to NCCS as a believer of Christ our Lord and believe that full obedience to the inerrant word of God is the only way.


Many of the teachings of New Creation Church may contain truth, yet there are also many others which are starkly unbiblical. Though Joseph Prince’s teachings are cleverly coated with a veneer of truth, they are laced with toxic error.


These unbiblical teachings had been documented by Rev George Ong on his website. This website also contains the many testimonies of ex-New Creation Church members who testified against him, and articles by pastors and members who wrote against his heresies.


Hence, NCCS, being the Singapore Church Leadership has both the duty and obligation to call out such misleading and deceptive teachings, especially when the church that Joseph Prince pastors is an official member of NCCS.


It is in fact not unusual for the Church to stand up to such false teachings as shown in the convening of the Nicene Council to address the heresy of Arianism during that time. We read too in Galatians chapter 2 that Paul stood up to Peter regarding his “hypocrisy”. Also, in Acts 20 in Paul’s address to the Ephesian elders, he warned that men will arise within the church to distort the truth and draw men to themselves (Acts 20:30). 


I believe that every believer is precious because each and every single one has been bought by the precious blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Against the backdrop of many who have already been led astray by the heresies of Joseph Prince, we as a Church cannot afford to remain silent.


Therefore, it is the duty of the Church, especially the leadership, to warn believers of such teaching so that in that Day, we will not stand guilty before our Lord of not having warned our fellow brothers and sisters who are the inheritance of our God.


I am disappointed that there are believers and even leaders who have sacrificed truth on the altar of love, forgetting that our God is all holy, all righteous, all loving, all faithful and all truth. Though our God is all loving in 1 John, Hebrews 12 also portrays Him as a consuming fire.


Finally, as the Lord our God told Ezekiel in Ezekiel 33:7-9, it is the leader’s obligation to warn the flock (though we believe in the sovereignty of God), so that their blood is not on our hands even if they do not heed the warning.


We believe that warning saints is a show of love. For this is the commandment of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, do to others what we want others to do to us, as shown in the parable of the Good Samaritan. This greatly enlarges our responsibility to our neighbour. Similarly, we would also want others to warn us if we are in error.


On the other hand, taking a view that we should not do to others what we don’t want others to do to us is a pagan concept which absolves the church of all sense of responsibility because it encourages inaction in the face of untruth. 


May our God, the Creator of all heavens and earth grant NCCS the discernment, knowledge and courage through His Holy Spirit to stand up for His truth by acting against heresies.


Daniel Khoo

Attending Agape Methodist Church, Singapore