Bishop Ho Chee Sin & Rev Tan Cheng Huat’s Open Letters to National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS)

Open Letter to NCCS – by Bishop Ho Chee Sin

(This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office)


Dear Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian (General Secretary of NCCS),


I was Bishop of the Methodist Church from 1984-1996 and President of the National Council of Churches, Singapore (NCCS) from 1988-1996.


During those years, my impression of Joseph Prince and his ministry was not strong. Perhaps, he was at the beginning of his ministry and his aberrant doctrines had not become that pronounced.


I learned that in 1997, when Joseph Prince was in Switzerland, he claimed to have heard from God that if he doesn’t preach grace radically, peoples’ lives will never be transformed. I believe that was the point he went astray and started preaching heresies.


As we know, over the years from 1997 onwards, his heretical teachings began to spread in Singapore, and from Singapore to many countries.


The Singapore Church Leadership, including myself, must be responsible for this sad state of affairs. Throughout these last 24 years, from 1997 till now, 2021, we have not done enough to address this issue. In fact, we have done nothing concrete to stop the spread of such heresies both in Singapore and the world. We have allowed this state of events to continue unchecked. We have permitted Joseph Prince, the heretic to operate under NCCS’ umbrella for too long. It is a laughingstock for a heretic to park himself under the official Church covering and preaching his heresies, unrestrained. This is an indictment against us, the Singapore Church. We must now rise up to make up for our negligence and what we should have rightfully done. Or else, we will have to answer to God one day when we stand before Him on the Day of reckoning. 


I’m glad that NCCS has finally decided to meet over this issue. This is a responsible and much needed step. Though this is long overdue, it is better late than never.


Joseph Prince is, undoubtedly, a heretic. As I look at the evidence, there seems to be no other way to view his errant teachings. His heresies are so massive. His doctrines on sin, salvation and the Holy Spirit are all patently false. His teachings on the Holy Communion are not only against the scriptures and the Apostolic doctrine and practice but they also go against the Orthodoxy of the Historic Church.


Joseph Prince’s doctrine that every New Covenant believer must be very rich is way off what our Lord Jesus had taught about wealth in the Gospels. The Lord Jesus didn’t promise that every believer would be very wealthy but instead warned of the dangers of wealth and the sin of covetousness. How can one who teaches against the Lord Jesus be a true prophet? This is just one example. There are many other instances where he teaches against Christ Jesus. How can one who dares to contradict the teachings of our Lord Jesus multiple times not be a heretic?


What I have mentioned are just several of his many heresies that Joseph Prince has deceived many in the Church with. These and many more can be found on Rev George Ong’s website.


Rev George Ong has done the brave thing to surface Joseph Prince’s heresies and the neglect of the Singapore Church Leadership to deal with this issue to the Christian public. He has done this at great risk of incurring more ‘wrath’ from Joseph Prince’s supporters and probable disdain from leaders and members of the Singapore Church. Though this is a radical and unprecedented move for him to confront the Singapore Church Leadership publicly, I believe God is using him as a prophetic voice to wake the Singapore Church up.


May I implore NCCS and the pastors in the Singapore Church, not to leave Rev George Ong and the many courageous others alone in the fight against the heresies of Joseph Prince. You must remember Joseph Prince is from Singapore. He is not from some faraway nation. You need to speak up and act against his heresies. Many of you have lost sheep to New Creation Church. Don’t be silent anymore. This is the time to make your voice heard for the sake of truth and the true Gospel.


May NCCS act with courage and bring this issue to a clear and decisive conclusion. May they be filled with the fear of God and guided by the Holy scriptures to do what is necessary and right.


Rev Ho Chee Sin

Former Bishop of the Methodist Church, Singapore



Open Letter to NCCS – by Rev Tan Cheng Huat

(This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office)


Re: Disassociation of Joseph Prince and/or New Creation from NCCS membership


Dear Rt Revd Dr Titus Chung, President of the National Council of Churches of Singapore


Grace and peace be with you in Christ Jesus.


I am writing with deep concern that Joseph Prince has been teaching and misleading his congregation and Christians at large on the concept of Communion especially through the publishing of his book “Eat your way to Life and Health”.


Obviously, there were many more misinterpretations of the Holy Word in his preaching and teaching which Rev George Ong had pointed out and contested in his video series, refuting every wrong concept and misquoting the Bible.


During this time of pandemic, Reformed and Evangelical churches in Singapore and worldwide are trying to find solutions and theological traditions to rightfully administer Communion.


I’ve read the articles presented to NCCS with regards to this from the 4 main denominations and founders of NCCS. None of these articles to our members actually explained and taught Communion the way it was presented by Joseph Prince.


As we all understood and recognized that Communion is one of the core doctrines of our faith, then we should take Joseph Prince to task in the way it was misrepresented and taught. Rev George Ong has a 2-part series video “Joseph Prince Falsely Teaches That Healing Is A Core Purpose Of The Holy Communion”: Part 1 (Click to view) & Part 2 (Click to view)


I appeal to NCCS to seriously consider removing the association of Joseph Prince and/or New Creation Church from our membership.


Yours for the sake of the Gospel,

Rev Tan Cheng Huat

Interim Senior Pastor

Hope Presbyterian Church, Singapore


NCCS’ Second Letter to Rev David Liew, Rev George Ong’s Open Letter to NCCS, 3 Open Letters by Benjamin Yeo, Eva Kane, Daniel Khoo to NCCS & Dr Chris Kang’s Article, “Covid-Immune Hype Debunked” 

NCCS’ Second Letter To Rev David Liew


After I (Rev George Ong) had written an open letter to NCCS on 19 Sep 2021, Sunday at 1 pm, (please click to view, see the last section) the NCCS wrote another letter to Rev David Liew on the same day at 8.10 pm:


Dear Rev David Liew,


Adding to my earlier note to explain the proper processes, I was not aware at that time that the leadership of NCCS has decided to discuss this matter at its next Exco meeting.


Please be patient and we seek your prayers for NCCS.



Simon Ng

Manager, NCCS


Rev David Liew will again reserve his comments on NCCS’ reply, maybe, at a later time.


Rev George Ong’s Open Letter to NCCS

(This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office)


Dear Rev Dr Ngoei, I find it strange that when NCCS wrote to Rev David Liew the first time, it was nameless. But with this most recent letter, the name, Simon Ng (manager, NCCS) appears.


Rev Dr Ngoei, it is more proper for us to respond to you as the General Secretary of NCCS. Any letter that is written under NCCS (whoever is writing) must be directed by you on behalf of NCCS and would have to be approved and vetted by you before it is released. This is standard and responsible management practice both in secular organisations and the Church.


Even if Simon Ng’s name appears in subsequent letters, we will still address our letters to you, Rev Dr Ngoei. This is because the issue at hand is such an important one that concerns the whole National Church of Singapore and one that has affected churches of many nations. So we feel that you, Rev Dr Ngoei is the right and suitable person for us to write to and for you to reply to us.


Firstly, both Rev David Liew, myself and many concerned members of the Singapore Church are thankful and greatly appreciate that NCCS has decided to meet over the Joseph Prince issue. This is a positive step forward.


Another three of such concerned members: Benjamin Yeo, Eva Kane and Daniel Khoo have written their open letters to NCCS and they are featured in this update on my website. They are ordinary members who feel that the Joseph Prince issue is such a serious one that they are prepared to put their names down, publicly. This is to let NCCS know that this issue must be resolved. Silence, inaction and unnecessary delay over the issue will tarnish the credibility and standing of NCCS.


Secondly, you, Dr Rev Ngoei, on behalf of NCCS have asked Rev David Liew to be patient in the most recent letter dated 19 Sep 2021. We will, of course, exercise due patience.


But we hope too that NCCS will also appreciate the long-suffering patience of those concerned about the Joseph Prince issue. Many have waited a long 20 over years for NCCS to do something about it. And alas, their patience is rewarded when NCCS has finally agreed and committed herself to meet to discuss the matter. 


But we hope our patience would not be taken for granted and that NCCS will expedite the process of arriving at a decision which is long overdue.


Thirdly, you, Dr Ngoei, have sought the prayers of Rev David Liew for NCCS. Rev David Liew, myself and all others will definitely pray for NCCS. That you can be assured of. We need to pray for our leaders. We need to pray that whatever decision they come to, must be guided by the scriptures, biblical conviction and godly values, and not be clouded by politics, personalities, convenience and secular principles. We pray that as NCCS goes about deliberating on the decision, they all will be filled with the fear of God and not the fear of men. They will seek to please God rather than men. They will have the courage to make the right decision even though it could be the most unpopular.


I do hope that NCCS would remember to pray for us too. We are so-called their sheep. And as their sheep, we covet their prayers. Just as it isn’t easy for NCCS to make tough decisions in the coming days, it isn’t any easier for us too. Do you think it is easy for Rev David Liew to summon his courage to blow the whistle that none dared to?


Do you think it is easy for me not only to contend against the supporters of Joseph Prince but also to confront not just the present council but also every past council (NCCS) for the last 20 over years over their failure to act? How many bishops and denominational heads would I have offended? And because I have also said that every pastor in Singapore including myself is somewhat responsible for the Joseph Prince episode, how many Pastors would I have slighted?


I am also well aware that I am stepping on the toes of 34,000 people who are attending New Creation Church. And not forgetting the millions of Joseph Prince’s adorers, supporters and sympathisers in the countless churches, not only in Singapore and Malaysia but also around the world. 


By exposing Joseph Prince as a false teacher, I am bound to offend many of his diehard supporters who have never failed to defend him against doctrinal attacks aggressively. What the offended party will ever do to a guy like me who dares to fiercely and publicly denounce their adored leader as a false prophet, and now compelling NCCS to act against him is really up to one’s imagination.


At a convenient time, I may share more fully about my tremendously difficult journey of confronting the heresies of Joseph Prince that few could deeply comprehend. 


Finally, Rev Dr Ngoei, as we pray for one another, let us also not forget to pray for Joseph Prince. As I have said many times before, I do pray for him intermittently. But there is only one thing I pray for him – that he truly repents. I’m not saying this for the first time but I have already stated many times publicly in my emails, website and videos over the last several years.


Joseph Prince has been self-deceived and deceived by the devil (because he chooses to be deceived) that if he repents, his entire ministry will be destroyed and crash to pieces. Yes, it will but that’s only half the story. I sincerely believe that if he truly repents, God will rebuild his ministry from ashes to glory. He will be used in a more powerful and mightier way than before, preaching the true gospel and ushering sheep instead of goats into God’s Kingdom! I’ll be the first to embrace him with loving arms and forgive him for all the evil he had done against God’s people. We would welcome him back to the Christian community with love and rejoicing. (As I’m writing this now, at this juncture, tears began to stream down my eyes, uncontrollably! And I had to stop for quite a while to compose myself and wipe those tears off my eyes.)


I am not playing to the gallery. Neither am I using emotions to win people over. I mean every word that I say. God be my witness! I know that if Joseph Prince refuses to repent, he will be doomed to eternal destruction! Pride is his main problem as he is too proud to admit that he was wrong all the while.


Would you pray with me that Joseph Prince would be delivered from the wiles of the devil and his own pride. Pray that he would be convinced that God will not desert him but will pick him up again and use him for His glory but only if he truly repents! If God can forgive the worst mass murderer, he certainly can forgive Joseph Prince.


However, if he chooses to persist in his wayward ways, the battle against his heresies must also continue.


I’ve observed that over the last one and a half to two months, he has been preaching safer sermons and making safer statements, and trying not to dwell on controversies. (I’m not saying that he won’t kick up any controversy again in his future sermons.)


Don’t be deceived. Don’t judge him based on his recent sermons or even his sermons in the coming months and years. You must judge him based on all that he has written in his many books and all that he has preached in his many sermons over the last 20 over years. It may be his ploy to keep a low profile and deceive you that he has somewhat mellowed or changed. But if he chooses not to recant all the heresies that he had written in his many books and preached in the many sermons, it is utterly clear that he has continued to remain defiantly unrepentant.


If this is the case, Rev Dr Ngoei, NCCS must expedite the case with urgency so as to prevent more souls from being lost to the kingdom of darkness through the heresies of Joseph Prince. May I plead with NCCS to treat this matter with a good measure of urgency.


“The heresy of one age becomes the orthodoxy of the next.” (Helen Keller)


“A sinner ruins his own soul but a heretic destroys the souls of many.” (George Ong)


Rev George Ong



Open Letter to NCCS – by Benjamin Yeo

(This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office)


Dear Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian (General Secretary of NCCS),

I am writing to you as a concerned member of the Body of Christ about the heresies that Joseph Prince has been preaching.

I have known Rev George Ong for several years. I’ve attended 3 of his seminars. His calling to expose heresies is a difficult one.


I cannot imagine going through what he has gone through. He must have gone through tremendous amount of pressure bearing this heavy load of confronting Joseph Prince’s heresies that few would want to take on. There are no gains from such an unpopular and unpleasant ministry but only criticisms coming from, of all places, some sections of the Body. But thank God for Rev George who not only rose to the challenge but kept on persevering in his call despite such challenges.


I sincerely believe he has nothing against Joseph Prince on a personal level, nor is Rev George Ong driven by anger or selfish ambitions or bitter envy. He did not benefit financially nor did his itinerant preaching ministry ‘flourish’. In fact, from a successful one, it dwindled to a near zero.

Rev George Ong has paid a high price in his calling, as a watchman to warn the sheep against the wolf, Joseph Prince. So must every member in the Body of Christ. This is because Jude’s injunction in Jude 3 “to contend for the faith” was written not just to the leaders of the church but to every member. That is why I have to obey the scriptures to contend for the faith by writing to NCCS to take a stand against Joseph Prince’s heresies. 


Isn’t it obvious by now that Joseph Prince’s hyper grace theology is simply heresy? What else and what more does it take for NCCS to act? Even a well-known theologian from Trinity Theological College, Dr Roland Chia has declared (in his essay) that Joseph Prince is a heretic please click to view. The well-respected Bishop Kuan Kim Seng, who is a former Dean of St Andrew’s Cathedral has also pronounced Joseph Prince as one who promotes idolatry and a heretic please click to view.

I urge NCCS to study Rev George Ong’s biblical and sound research on his website, comprising his voluminous notes and plenty of videos. They should also give weightage to Dr Roland Chia’s essay and take serious note of Bishop Kuan’s view – both of whom have pronounced Joseph Prince a heretic.


And not forgetting Bishop Ho Chee Sin, Rev Tan Cheng Huat, Rev David Liew, Rev Eric Chua and many others who have written against the heresies of Joseph Prince and their articles are featured on Rev George Ong’s website.


NCCS must also not miss reading the compelling testimonies on the same website of 9 Ex New Creation Church members: Daniel Tay, Ivy Bong, Dr Chris Kang, Asher Chee, Andrew Tan, Lindsay Lim, Peter Tok, Glenn Fong & Tony Wong-Jensen. These people have experienced the destructive teachings of Joseph Prince first-hand but, thankfully, they were delivered from them. And now their priority is to warn others from being drawn into the destructive fold of Joseph Prince.


In the NCCS’s Basis of association, it states “that the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the supreme of Christian faith and practice”.

Based on this statement, the NCCS cannot but call out against Joseph Prince’s heresies. This is because Joseph Prince publicly teaches that many doctrines under the Old Covenant are no more applicable to New Covenant believers.


A pertinent example is his teaching that the Old Covenant God is not the same as the New Covenant God. That while the Old Covenant God can get angry, punish, judge and be displeased with Old Covenant believers, the New Covenant God can never be angry, punish, judge and be displeased with New Covenant believers.


He further went on to say that the New Covenant God is always pleased and will never punish, judge and get angry with New Covenant believers regardless of how they behave and even though they are sinning against Him because every single future sin has already been and automatically forgiven without the need for confession or repentance. 


What is worse is that such teachings impinge on God’s sovereignty – by determining what God can or cannot do. 

NCCS should stay true to the Word and mission statement. Stand against heresies and disassociate from them. NCCS must deal with the issue of Joseph Prince’s heresies head-on. There is no more room to take on a ‘Mr Nice-guy’ or ‘let’s keep the peace’ or ‘the world is already divided and so the Church must never take on a divisive stand’ approach. These are worldly principles not founded on God’s word.


The time for action is now. NCCS as the shepherds of God’s flock cannot and must not stay silent at a time when Joseph Prince’s heresies have plagued not just Singapore but also the world.

In Christ’s truth,
Benjamin Yeo
Attending Faith Methodist Church, Singapore



Open Letter to NCCS – by Eva Kane

(This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office)


Dear Honourable Members of NCCS,


I am neither a pastor nor leader but a concerned member of the Christian community in Singapore.


In recent years, the church in Singapore has been ignominiously labelled an exporter of false teaching by overseas preachers. They were referring to Joseph Prince (JP) of New Creation Church (NCC) whose false teachings have reached many corners of the world.


While granted some preachers are prone to favour one view over another due to theological differences, there are indisputably some aspects of our Christian faith that are non-negotiable and fundamental to our salvation. Two such fundamental areas of JP’s teaching trouble me deeply and for the sake of the integrity of the true church in Singapore we should not remain silent.


First is the issue of Repentance. Some 20 years ago, out of curiosity, I attended NCC at The Rock auditorium to check out JP’s messages which had been hailed as fresh and liberating. It took me 3 successive sessions to question if indeed I had heard him right when his sub texts suggested that no confession of sin and repentance were necessary as our sins past present and future have all been forgiven and that we need only to believe. These were not his exact words but beguilingly suggested and craftily woven into his anecdotes. I wondered why then 1 John 1:9. My foundation was momentarily shaken. I scoured the Bible for the truth and I warned my NCC friends. I even tried in vain to get a pastor to confirm this falsehood.


Second issue – Years later I stumbled upon a video of JP telling the people that the broad road through the wide gate of Matthew 7:13, still leads to eternal life. Jesus unequivocally said the broad road leads to destruction. JP interpreted ‘destruction’ to mean a life lacking in abundance, wealth and victory this side of eternity and those on this broad road still have their salvation intact. Tragically even seasoned Church-goers welcome and cling tenaciously to this message as it exempts them from a life of obedience and submission. This, sadly, is the seeming liberation they want to hear from a preacher. Has their own home church failed in properly teaching them?


Over the decades through our silence, JP has enjoyed unfettered freedom to propagate his brand of Christianity, teaching a different Jesus, a different gospel, a grace that lulls a person into apathy and worldliness denying the convicting work of the Holy Spirit in us, and repudiating the salvific work of our Saviour on the cross by downplaying the need for repentance. By his smooth talk he has deceived the hearts of the unsuspecting.


Just these 2 teaching points are conclusive that JP is not serving the Lord. Such a person surely has no place amongst us and much less be associated with NCCS. If NCC has crept into NCCS unnoticed, it is time now either for correction or, failing which, removal.


False teaching is like a little leaven that leavens the whole lump (Gal 5:9). Leaven or yeast does not remain isolated in a single spot within a lump of dough. It spreads and becomes part of the entire loaf. Similarly false teaching and its consequences are never limited to just a few people. It is either rejected and removed or it works its way into the thoughts and practices of the entire group. False ideas especially if they are feel-good and tantalising, are contagious. They spread and take hold.


Therefore is it not incumbent upon the shepherds of God’s flock to call out the false teacher (lovingly and graciously if you will) and warn their sheep against such deception. Should not NCCS be concerned for the spiritual health and salvation of their sheep who have strayed into NCC’s den? If the shepherds do not warn how would the sheep know? Not every believer is as discerning and able to sift truth from falsehood in a mixture. Jesus himself warned us to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees (Mark 8:15).


In matters pertaining to our faith and our spiritual life, let not the world judge us but let us judge ourselves. Who is more qualified to judge than NCCS? Should we not be jealous for the truth and contend earnestly for the faith which was once and for all delivered to us. (Jude 3)? The basis for truth should be all of the Word, not an experience, not a feeling, and certainly not what JP claims God told him outside of the Bible.


I’m reminded of the 3-fold command our Lord gave to Peter. Do you love me? Then pasture, tend to, care for, feed and protect my sheep.


For all these reasons I humbly urge NCCS as the authoritative body of the church to look seriously into this grave matter and may you have the courage and the fear of God to do what is right as good and faithful servants of our Master.


Shalom In Christ,

Eva Kane

Concerned Believer, Singapore



Open Letter to NCCS – by Daniel Khoo

(This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office)


Dear Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian (General Secretary of NCCS),

I am writing this letter to NCCS as a believer of Christ our Lord and believe that full obedience to the inerrant word of God is the only way.


Many of the teachings of New Creation Church may contain truth, yet there are also many others which are starkly unbiblical. Though Joseph Prince’s teachings are cleverly coated with a veneer of truth, they are laced with toxic error.


These unbiblical teachings had been documented by Rev George Ong on his website. This website also contains the many testimonies of ex-New Creation Church members who testified against him, and articles by pastors and members who wrote against his heresies.


Hence, NCCS, being the Singapore Church Leadership has both the duty and obligation to call out such misleading and deceptive teachings, especially when the church that Joseph Prince pastors is an official member of NCCS.


It is in fact not unusual for the Church to stand up to such false teachings as shown in the convening of the Nicene Council to address the heresy of Arianism during that time. We read too in Galatians chapter 2 that Paul stood up to Peter regarding his “hypocrisy”. Also, in Acts 20 in Paul’s address to the Ephesian elders, he warned that men will arise within the church to distort the truth and draw men to themselves (Acts 20:30). 


I believe that every believer is precious because each and every single one has been bought by the precious blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Against the backdrop of many who have already been led astray by the heresies of Joseph Prince, we as a Church cannot afford to remain silent.


Therefore, it is the duty of the Church, especially the leadership, to warn believers of such teaching so that in that Day, we will not stand guilty before our Lord of not having warned our fellow brothers and sisters who are the inheritance of our God.


I am disappointed that there are believers and even leaders who have sacrificed truth on the altar of love, forgetting that our God is all holy, all righteous, all loving, all faithful and all truth. Though our God is all loving in 1 John, Hebrews 12 also portrays Him as a consuming fire.


Finally, as the Lord our God told Ezekiel in Ezekiel 33:7-9, it is the leader’s obligation to warn the flock (though we believe in the sovereignty of God), so that their blood is not on our hands even if they do not heed the warning.


We believe that warning saints is a show of love. For this is the commandment of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, do to others what we want others to do to us, as shown in the parable of the Good Samaritan. This greatly enlarges our responsibility to our neighbour. Similarly, we would also want others to warn us if we are in error.


On the other hand, taking a view that we should not do to others what we don’t want others to do to us is a pagan concept which absolves the church of all sense of responsibility because it encourages inaction in the face of untruth. 


May our God, the Creator of all heavens and earth grant NCCS the discernment, knowledge and courage through His Holy Spirit to stand up for His truth by acting against heresies.


Daniel Khoo

Attending Agape Methodist Church, Singapore 


Covid-Immune Hype Debunked – By Dr Chris Kang (Ex New Creation Church Member)


I have published a new essay debunking the prosperity pseudo-gospel’s hype of victory over sickness and death in relation to the covid-19 pandemic. In particular, I question the credibility of so-called prophetic statements and the escape route of pre-tribulation rapture theory. I conclude that the health and wealth hypergrace teaching of “victory over sickness and death” and “reigning in life” especially as it pertains to the pandemic is unbiblical, deceptive, delusional, hyperbolic, and spiritually damaging.


Prosperity gurus boast of a kind of triumphalism that asserts premature victory over sickness and hyper-optimism amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Joseph Prince, a hypergrace prosperity guru, is a prime example of this absurdity that overpromises and underdelivers.


I intend to critique this Covid triumphalism in three ways:


first, by refuting the prosperity hypergrace doctrine of victory over sickness via hypergrace performances such as positive confessions and taking the Holy Communion (in the distorted hypergrace style);


secondly, by refuting the pseudo-prophetic hype of supernatural abatement of the Covid-19 situation from June 2021;


and thirdly, by debunking the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine as the hope of escape from worldly vicissitudes in the event things (including the pandemic) get much worse. 


In my view, none of these hyped-up claims are biblical.


These gurus are known for “name it and claim it” teachings that promise all kinds of supernatural results. For one, a current theme is that believers will have “victory” over sickness and “reign in life,” which can be taken to mean not suffering and dying from Covid-19. The power of positive confessions particularly of their righteousness in Christ founded upon the (hyper)grace of God is thought to confer that victory.  Prosperity hypergrace guru Joseph Prince has this to say about reigning in life and over sickness and disease:


You are destined to reign in life! You are called by the Lord to be a success, to enjoy provision, to enjoy health, and to enjoy a life of victory. I want you to know that it is not the Lord’s desire that you live a life of defeat, poverty, and failure. He has called you to be the head and not the tail. … My friend, when you reign in life, you reign over sin, you reign over the powers of darkness, and you reign over depression, over perpetual lack, over every curse, and over every sickness and disease.[1][1]


Again, Joseph Prince offers a way to experience this victory over sickness through the Holy Communion, misconstrued and misapplied as a supernaturally potent means of faith healing. Apart from the contemptuous abuse of a sacrament in Christian faith, such prescriptive rhetoric and advice is accompanied by decontextualized readings of Scripture that are patently false.


For example, Prince cites 1 Corinthians 1 verses 27 and 29 as scriptural basis for his warped reading and usage of the Holy Communion, but conveniently leaves out verse 28.[2][2] I cite 1 Corinthians 1: 27-29 in full as follows:


27 But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong; 28 God chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are, 29 so that no human being might boast in the presence of God. (ESV)


Now, a careful examination of the context of 1 Corinthians 1 verses 27 to 29 shows that these verses pertain to believers in Corinth who were considered by the educated elite at that time as “foolish” (not educated and competent), “weak” (bereft of power or influence), “lowly” (of lowly birth and unimportant), “despised” (regarded as unmeritorious or unworthy), and “things that are not” (devoid of substantial being or impact).


In this context, Paul was encouraging these believers to take heart that God in His grace and mercy has chosen precisely them to come to faith in Christ and receive the riches of His grace (see 1 Corinthians 1: 4-5).


Thus, God is in effect shaming and nullifying the “wise” and “strong” elites by choosing the “foolish” and “weak” believers of Corinth. As you can see, these verses have nothing to do with the Holy Communion at all, much less with healing and victory over sicknesses!


Moreover, by omitting verse 28 that says “… God chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are …”, could it be that Prince is effectively admitting that the descriptors “low” and “despised” do not fit into his preconceived misguided theological box as he sought to re-interpret these verses for his purpose?


In other words, knowing that “low” and “despised” as descriptors cannot be suitably applied to the Holy Communion, it seemed like Prince had conveniently left out verse 28 as it did not fit his agenda of refurbishing these verses for his theological sleight-of-hand.


In short, based on the foregoing discussion, it is clear that the Holy Communion has nothing to do with victory over sickness nor does it function as a prescription for faith healing. The scriptural verses (1 Corinthians 1:27 and 29) used to support this view have been read and applied out of context.


All this rhetoric is, of course, in line with the over-realized eschatology of pseudo-grace teachings comprised of deceitful hype and a biblically unhinged view of reality. The warped idea that no Christian would have to suffer disease or death from Covid-19 finds no basis in the biblical texts.


Dr Roland Chia has written an essay that cogently establishes the biblical teaching that Christians still and do suffer sickness, even unto death (see


The three salient examples cited by Dr Roland Chia – Francis Jane Crosby, Joni Eareckson Tada, and the Lang family – not to mention the countless pioneers and missionaries of gospel evangelism who suffered in more ways than one including sickness and death, offer more than sufficient evidence of the ludicrous triumphalism and facile vacuity of the health and wealth pseudo-gospel.


The prosperity cult teaches that naming and claiming health is our portion and that words spoken in faith can do anything (even stop a tornado in the more extreme of cases, based on what I have heard). A fairly recent iteration of prosperity cultism can be seen in dominion theology where a central tenet is Christian domination over every sphere of human society and culture.


Taken together, they are all variants of heretical teaching stemming from the Word of Faith movement connected to Kenneth Hagin, having more in common with the new-age law of attraction than with biblical faith. What is sinister is the Christian gloss put over these deceptions to give a cloak of respectability. What are also sinister are the possible agendas for societal control, wealth generation and multiplication, and pretensions to spiritual superiority.


Despite all the hype surrounding health and immunity to death by Covid-19, quite the opposite is the case. As of the time of writing this essay, more than 225 million people have contracted Covid-19 in the world and about 4.65 million have died from it. Among those who have fallen ill and died are believing Christians, in all probability. As a case in point, 2020 data from the United Kingdom showing death occurrences involving Covid-19 by age, sex, and religious group is ample proof that Christians do indeed get sick and die from Covid-19.[3][3] 


In Singapore, the first local patient to die from Covid-19 was from the Life Church and Missions Singapore sub-cluster which had 10 patients; while the Grace Assembly of God sub-cluster had 23 patients.[4][4] If the prosperity cult teachings are true, why then is this the case? Why do Christians get sick and die from Covid?


One way to reconcile this fact of Christian morbidity and mortality with Joseph Prince’s hypergrace ideology is to shift the blame onto the believer in question. Whether this is actually done or not, be it in public or in private, is a moot point. For the nature and content of hypergrace claims on health and healing imply certain logical conclusions that warrant interrogation.


One possible attempt at justifying this factual anomaly is by making the spurious claim that Christians who fell seriously ill or died from Covid-19 have somehow failed to confess positively in faith or have fallen short in one aspect or another of hypergrace performances (e.g. taking holy communion multiple times a day; praying bold prayers with blessing-grabbing faith; or applying anointing oil over oneself everyday etc.). To me, this rationalization would be patently false and blatantly insensitive, bordering on slander. Biblically speaking, individual sickness is not to be glibly correlated with sin, as Jesus himself has shown (See John 9:3). Thus, it is equally preposterous to claim that failure to positively confess (as if it is a sin) results in sickness.


While this rationalization of hypergrace prosperity teachings vis-à-vis Covid-related sickness and death may or may not have been asserted publicly, it is certainly implicit and implied in the positive confession theology. For if positive confessions bring health and protection from death, then the converse is also true – that failure to positively confess will not bring health and protection from death, which means sickness and death are possible. In the end, the sick and dying (or dead) become the ones shouldering the blame for their predicament. This is not only uncharitable, but also positively hurtful and offensive.


On this facile doctrine of positive confession for victory over sickness, well-respected Bible teacher and pastor John MacArthur has this to say:


Joseph Prince argues that physical healing is the right of all believers – something they can simply “confess” into reality …  describes a potential atonement that requires our activation. That’s a cruel doctrine to inflict on Christians who have sought healing but continue to spend their lives in wheelchairs, on respirators, and under medication. The belief that Christ’s physical suffering somehow guarantees our physical healing in this life isn’t merely an abuse of Scripture – it’s a form of mental and spiritual torture to those who sit under such false teaching. It’s a lie that has left many churchgoers disappointed with the gospel. Rather than longing for their heavenly home, they are gripped by unrealized expectations in the here and now. The sickness they struggle with leaves them feeling like failures who lack the necessary faith to claim the healing that’s rightfully theirs. The fact that everyone still dies should be proof enough that on this side of eternity all people are still subject to Adam’s curse. Sickness is a very real part of life in this fallen world, and no amount of claiming divine health is going to change that. Even the disciples of the early church didn’t rebuke their physical ailments into oblivion – they dealt with them as best they could like everybody else. Paul left Trophimus behind during one of his missionary journeys because of illness (2 Timothy 4:20). He recommended wine to Timothy for his “stomach and [his] frequent ailments” (1 Timothy 5:23). Epaphroditus got so sick he nearly died (Philippians 2:25–27). And sometimes God sent sickness to discipline members of His church (1 Corinthians 11:29–32).[5][5]


Secondly, I would like to refute so-called prophetic statements often made glibly by prosperity preachers who frequently give themselves the mantle of a ‘prophet.’ As a continuationist, I am not theologically against the Spirit’s gift of prophecy in the present-day church. Rather, I would urge mindful care and vigilance in discerning who is a credible prophetic voice as opposed to who is a religious charlatan capitalizing on the fear and greed of the masses.


In a sermon dated 3rd of January 2021, Joseph Prince apparently prophesied that the pandemic situation would dramatically improve as we see a divinely-appointed dawning of a “brightest” time of “greater release” in June 2021. Watch this short video clip (55:43 to 56:31) (click to view) where Joseph Prince spoke prophetically (seemingly though rather vaguely, as is typical of most alluded prophecies) about this supposed act of God in the middle of the year 2021:


(55:43) Based on this story, is God going to do something, (pause) amen, concerning this social distancing thing? Will God cause something to happen that, you know, that everyone will agree that we don’t need that kind of social distancing anymore? Could it begin this year, middle of this year, because twelve hours, and it was noontime, when God gave him the vision. Could it be something’s going to happen, middle of this year, something’s going to happen middle of this year or towards the middle of this year; something’s going to happen that will precipitate a greater release. I’m telling you church, I’m so excited when I saw this, amen. Let God’s will be done, amen. Not my interpretation but God’s will; but when God began to show it to me, amen, and said he was going to do something (56:31).


Again, the same message but in different words is repeated in this written passage:


Notice that Peter had his vision the next day (2021, prophetically speaking) at the sixth hour or noon, when it was brightest. I’m pretty excited as I write this because I believe we are entering this brightest time soon! We are stepping into a kairos moment, an appointed time of favor. The Lord is going to open heaven to His people. The world will get darker, but the Lord will rise upon His people and shine His light upon them (Isa. 60:2). You’ll see heaven open over you and your family this year.[6][6]


This claim was made in connection to an idiosyncratic allegorical reading of the name ‘Cornelius’ and the timing of ‘noon day’ or the ‘sixth hour’ as depicted in the scriptural narrative of Acts 10. Ex-NCC member Asher Chee, now doctoral scholar proficient in Greek and Hebrew, has cogently demolished Prince’s allegorical game and exposed his deceptive misuse of Hebrew and Latin in the text in question (see Asher’s video by clicking here). From Asher’s analysis, it is evident that contra Prince, the name ‘Cornelius” has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘corona’ (or crown).  The error and falsity of Prince’s allegory game in relation to biblical text is laid bare for all to see.


Furthermore, June 2021 has come and gone, with no dramatic change or resolution of the Covid-19 situation that is evident as far as I know. The Covid situation is far from being resolved. Cases in Singapore continue to climb despite high vaccination rates. Evidence from highly vaccinated countries like Israel and the United Kingdom do not tell a pretty story either. High case numbers continue and may still pose a risk to the capacity of healthcare systems of these countries, if and when more serious illnesses and more deaths occur even though hospitalization rates are currently low. In many other countries with less pandemic preparedness, the situation remains dire with health systems collapsing or edging close to collapse under the weight of Covid morbidity and mortality. Easing restrictions and opening borders may boost economic activity for the short term but a long-term sustainable solution remains elusive. Mental health issues are unlikely to abate regardless of economic recovery, for the underlying roots of mental dis-ease lie much deeper than state narratives would suggest.


In short, in the three months since June 2021, what we see in advanced relatively well-vaccinated countries is a turn towards living endemically with the SARS-COv2 virus based on assumptions that may not eventually hold water, given the dynamic mutations and rapid often unforeseen changes in the situation on the ground. In the majority world where access to vaccines and healthcare infrastructure and equipment remains a knotty problem, I am not sure just what sort of “brightest noon” is to be found. To me, this is hardly an “open heaven” of the “brightest time” and “greater release” touted so highly in Joseph Prince’s so-called ‘prophesy.’


Once again, it seems to me that Joseph Prince has uttered empty words from the pulpit into the public space with little to show for them. All in all, from where I stand, Joseph Prince’s prophecies appear to carry more hot air than real substance.


Thirdly, the fantasy and fallacy of Joseph Prince’s pre-tribulation rapture doctrine may, to some, seem to offer an escape route for hypergrace devotees. Caught in the grip of a potentially endless pandemic debacle, with certain probability of things worsening into the future, it is not unreasonable to cling to some light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a pre-tribulation rapture. Yet, the lack of credible biblical attestation for this pre-tribulation rapture theory makes it more an agent of despair than a beacon of hope. I will not go into details regarding Joseph Prince’s rapture theory here, pointing readers to the many articles and teaching videos of Rev. George Ong who has, in my opinion, argued cogently and convincingly against the pre-tribulation doctrine held by Joseph Prince and other ‘pre-tribbers.’


I have written elsewhere that my own perspective is one of post-tribulation pre-millennialism, a perspective that I believe is theologically most consistent with biblical textual evidence and a sound reading of that evidence. This is notwithstanding my, and I suspect, many people’s desire that the pre-tribulation rapture for believers be true, given our instinctive recoil from pain and suffering and attraction to pleasure and ease. But personal feelings aside, one has to surrender to the weight of biblical evidence and I believe that the evidence in this case is clearly in favour of post-tribulation rapture concomitant with the second coming of Christ.


Hence, I see Joseph Prince’s escape route for his hypergrace fan club to be a vacuous promise that is unsupportable biblically and potentially damaging psychologically and spiritually. If anything, there is no incentive for urgent and important spiritual training for confronting the trials and persecutions of the imminent tribulation to come, rendering the church ill-prepared in body, soul, and spirit for the momentous quakes that are still to come.


The Covid situation that we are currently in will not find any lasting blissful resolution in some chimera of a pre-tribulation rapture, if this is indeed what is sought after as a final solution. I do not think such wishful magical thinking is biblically sound or psychologically healthy. A false hope is no hope at all. It is time to get real and get grounded on the gospel of Christ beyond legalism and antinomianism, for only in the whole gospel (not truncated one) and the real Christ (not false genie) can we find true lasting hope.


It is my prayer that exponentially greater numbers of people will awaken to the deception and destruction of pseudo-grace cultism, forsake and leave the false to run unequivocally towards the gracious truth that is found only in Christ; that in the testimonies of the saints contending against false teachings like hypergrace and prosperity ideology, we may see surging and mighty waves of radical return, in large quarters of the global church, to time-tested and transformative biblical truths that take us beyond shallow waters of unhinged belief into the fathomless depths of trinitarian communion in Christ: our Lord and Saviour, and our soon and coming King. Amen.


If you have missed reading Dr Chris Kang’s testimony about how he came out of New Creation Church, please read it here (click).


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Open Letters to NCCS by Dr Simon Chong, BG (Ret) Andrew Tan, Tan Siew Poh & Andrew Tan & National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) Reply to Rev David Liew’s Letter & Rev George Ong’s Open Letter to NCCS

Open Letter To NCCS – By Dr Simon Chong


Dear President and Honorable Members of NCCS, (This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office).




I am writing to you as a concerned member of the Christian Community in Singapore in regards to the doctrines and teachings of Joseph Prince (JP) of New Creation Church (NCC) which is registered under the auspices of NCCS.


It has come to light under intense scrutiny that the doctrines espoused by JP over the years have been increasingly deviant and currently outright heretical. And if that be so, do his doctrines reflect NCCS’ own stand and values in regards to the Scriptures since NCC is a member of NCCS?


There have been complaints from the Christian Community overseas (besides the crescendo-rumbling on our own ground) on such far-reaching spread of heresies from our shore which has been met with complete silence from the local Christian Authorities like your good-self.


Would it not be timely now that an official statement be made in regards to your stand on matters of doctrinal accuracies pertaining to what JP stands for?


I believe a rebuke and correction is timely now not just for the sake of truth and love for JP and NCC, but also for those (Believers and Pre-believers) led astray and are being led astray by his deceptive demeanor and preaching that is relaying a different foundation from that which has long been established in the Scriptures and the traditions of early fathers of the faith, lest it be interpreted as condoning on the part of yourselves if there be any further with-holding to discipline a member who holds on to a doctrine or belief that’s completely different from that which you have deemed to be true and right biblically.


I shall leave it to your good faith and conscience to do what’s right in His eyes. I believe you’ve already heard the cry and outrage from various quarters of the country and globe on this outright persistent disparaging of His truth weekly, and it will certainly be foolhardy to ignore this on your part as elected members of this esteemed Council which you’ve been called to, the godly values which I hope you’ll faithfully uphold and implement than turn a blind eye to.


I would like to leave you some words of wisdom from Dietrich Bonhoeffer as a call to you for action:


“Our church regime totally lacks even the concept of heresy, it no longer exists….the word heresy has been struck from our vocabulary. And yet the concept of heresy is a necessary, non-negotiable factor for the confessing church. Doctrine must always be set against false doctrine.” He quickly adds that this talk of heresy is OUT OF LOVE, NOT OUT OF A LACK OF LOVE. NOT SPEAKING THE TRUTH and NOT CALLING heresy “HERESY” would be UNLOVING, whereas if I do speak the truth to them, I’m doing it out of love.”


Hence, I implore you to do the right thing out of love than the lack of it in further inaction.


In His Love,


Dr Simon Chong

Attending Faith Methodist Church, Singapore



Open Letter To NCCS – By Brigadier General (Retired) Andrew Tan

Dear Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian (General Secretary of NCCS),

(This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office).


Dear Rev Dr Ngoei, as an ex-General from the Singapore Armed Forces, I fully understand the responsibility and burden of leadership. The leadership in any organization shapes, prescribes, influences and provides the inspiration for its members to do and achieve the organization’s goal.


Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality and the influence to guide and maximize its people towards the attainment of its goal. There are good and effective leadership and there are bad and weak leadership.


NCCS is the leadership for the Body of Christ in Singapore. NCCS provides the churches in Singapore and Christians in general, the capacity, the voice, the encouragement, the authority and influence to follow the teachings of Christ.


I noticed that NCCS has lately issued a Statement denouncing acts of violence against another religious community thereby upholding Christ’s teaching “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39). This is a positive leadership act.


What about ‘Christian leaders’ who have deliberately and incessantly been corrupting the teachings of Christ? I am referring here to the errant and destructive preaching of Pastor Joseph Prince of New Creation Church (NCC).


First and foremost, I do not know Pastor Prince and I have no issue with him personally. The concern I have is regarding his heretical teaching and the persistent manipulation of the Word. I trust that the leadership of NCCS is fully aware of this verifiable and substantiated concern. If there is any doubt, I am sure that Rev George Ong will be able to provide ample and verifiable evidence of Pastor Prince’s heresies.


I once asked a pastor of another church why he and his church can carry out business as usual knowing that false teachers like Joseph Prince are spreading satanic teachings by twisting and manipulating the Word.


He replied that generally the other churches do not want to be involved because the senior pastors and pastors are committed to keeping the peace among fellow brethren and for the sake of unity in the body of Christ.


Imagine the ignorance of this pastor, who isn’t even aware that Joseph Prince isn’t a fellow shepherd of Christ but a wolf in sheepskin to be exposed and contended against.


This calls for the greater need and urgency for NCCS to provide leadership on this matter so as to prevent more and more believers and even pastors from being deceived. 


A big part of the problem why heretics like Pastor Joseph Prince has a free reign to preach his false gospel, to adulterate and manipulate the Word and to even make fun of and despise Christ is simply because many churches and pastors choose to remain tight lipped. “Silence is consent” as the saying goes.


The worst Christians are those that watch by the side-line the works of Satan’s disciples preaching and condemning the Gospel and Christ and watch in cowardice silence to what is being preached and the corruption of the poor congregation.


If anyone should say that he loves Christ and that he would even die for his faith, is it not hypocritical to not even lift a finger to expose any false teacher and help people not to be deceived?


In this regard, NCCS, being in the leadership role and the shepherd of the Singapore Church has an even higher compulsion. NCCS has an obligation, a duty and a responsibility to work upon and resolve this concern. It cannot simply say that it is not its role and duty to do anything about the problem. Understand that this is a leadership issue and therefore it is not something optional!


I pray that there will be wisdom, courage and conviction within the leadership of NCCS to address the problem of Joseph Prince’s heresies for Christ’s sake and the sake of the Body of Christ in Singapore which NCCS is providing leadership.


In Christ,


Brigadier General (Retired) Andrew Tan
Attending Covenant Evangelical Free Church, Singapore



Open Letter To NCCS – By Tan Siew Poh


Dear Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian (General Secretary of NCCS),

(This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office).


I’m most disappointed with your reply (I’m assuming you are the one who replied on behalf of NCCS) to Rev David Liew to say the least.


To me, it smacks of NCCS shirking its responsibility as the national leadership of churches in Singapore to do what is right in God’s sight.


It is most disconcerting to learn that no action was taken by NCCS about Joseph Prince and his heresies that were propagated by him for the last 20 years. 


How long more is NCCS going to wait before taking action? It’s time to stop hiding behind bureaucracies and stand up for the truth!


In fact, all the heavy hard work has already been done by Rev George Ong who has painstakingly put together all the evidence that you need. 


I, myself have read through 95% of the 4,800 pages of notes by Rev George on his website and I’m utterly convinced that Joseph Prince is indeed a wolf in sheepskin.


All NCCS needs to do is study that evidence and determine for yourself whether you agree or not with the evidence presented by Rev George.


If you do not agree, please explain why you disagree. If you agree, you need to expose and call out Joseph Prince for who he really is – a heretic!


You cannot be ambivalent about it.


We expect Christian leaders in Singapore to act with courage and not ‘hide’ in silence, inaction and deliberate delay.


Tan Siew Poh

Attending Grace Assembly of God, Singapore



Open Letter To NCCS – By Andrew Tan (Ex New Creation Church Member)


Dear Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian (General Secretary of NCCS),

(This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office).


I am writing in support of Rev David Liew and Rev George Ong concerning the gravity of Joseph Prince’s teachings.


I was a member of New Creation Church for 20 years (2000-2020) and lately, my wife and I have since worshipped in another church.


During my 20 years, I’ve seen how Joseph Prince twisted God’s word to fit his grace theology and spilled out heresy after heresy with reckless abandon (which I came to realise later). I am not alone as I have read several ex-New Creation Church members’ testimonials on Rev. George Ong’s website.


I thank God that I was given a revelation and understanding of the biblical truth to evaluate them with the teachings of Joseph Prince who derived his doctrines mainly from the Word of Faith movement, which promotes a pseudo form of Christianity.


Joseph Prince can be ranked amongst such wolves as Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Benny Hinn, Steven Furtick and many others from the USA.


I am not concerned or have any quarrel on the exponential growth of New Creation Church to her current 34,000 members. What I am concerned as an individual disciple of Christ Jesus is the amount of heresies Joseph Prince is feeding to its folks every Sunday.


I need not go through all of Joseph Prince’s theologies as these have already been espoused meticulously and thoroughly by Rev George Ong via his videos and articles.


I have read 100% of the 4,800 pages of notes on Rev George Ong’s website and there is no doubt that Rev George Ong has proven that Joseph Prince is indeed, a heretic. 


The crucial question is – can we as true believers of Christ, and more so as the National leaders of the Singapore Church, allow such heresies to be taught against the very One who is the embodiment of Truth? God forbid!


If we don’t do anything about it, we are making mockery of the many martyrs (now and in the past) who had sacrificed their lives for the sake of the true gospel.


The Singapore Church Leadership must realise the grave implication that not doing anything will only perpetuate the spread of such heretical evil.


As Edmund Burke has rightly said,


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of Evil is for good men to do nothing.”


In Christ Alone,


Andrew Tan

Attending Agape Methodist Church, Singapore


If you have missed reading Andrew Tan’s testimony about how he came out of New Creation Church, please read it here (click). 



NCCS’ reply to Rev David Liew’s Letter (please click here for previous correspondence)


Dear David,


Thanks for writing to NCCS with all the details and explanation.


May we respectfully suggest that you work through the Methodist Church Leadership. Once the Methodist Leadership is able to agree on the path forward, they can always bring the matter up to NCCS. The Methodist Leadership is well represented by the Gen Com members and Bishop Dr Gordon Wong who is the Vice-President of NCCS.





Rev David Liew will reserve his comments on NCCS’ reply, maybe, at a later time.



Open Letter To NCCS – By Rev George Ong


To: The National Council of Churches of Singapore (This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office).


Dear Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian (General Secretary of NCCS),


I am writing to you as to why (I’m assuming you are the one who wrote the letter on behalf of NCCS) you are suggesting that Rev David Liew work through his Methodist denomination instead of taking it directly to NCCS.


You, on behalf of NCCS, are probably going to ask me to work through my denomination (as NCCS did to Rev David Liew) and church. (From pastoring, I was called to be an itinerant preacher from 2001 please click to view.) But during this season, I don’t belong to any denomination or any local church. I am of course a member of the Body of Christ both in the Singapore and Universal Church.


The reason is since 2014 (still as an itinerant preacher), I was called by God to teach the truth of the Post-tribulation rapture and the falsity of the Pre-tribulation rapture. This went against my denominational stand. So, I had to leave my denomination and my church. All doors from churches of this denomination in Singapore and Malaysia were closed to my itinerant preaching ministry. I, of course, had expected this as I was preaching against the denominational stand. I blame no one for this as it comes with the price of obeying God’s call. The consolation was that many who attended my Rapture & Great Tribulation Seminar were convinced of my Post-tribulation stand and the falsity of the Pre-tribulation doctrine. Please click to view.


Then, I received another difficult call to conduct the seminar that we aren’t once saved always saved. Many churches are teaching that we are once saved always saved. Again, a different set of churches closed their doors to my preaching ministry. My comfort is in knowing that there were many who attended my seminar who agree with my position on this issue. Please click to view.


This was followed by the call (the most difficult of the three) to expose Joseph Prince as a heretic and his heresies since 2017 till now. Again, more doors closed on my preaching ministry.


From 2014 and until now, that is what I have been doing. I knew it wouldn’t be easy for me to belong to any church as these three issues are (only humanly but not biblically) controversial. When I attend a church, I don’t just want to ‘show my face’ every Sunday but to be involved. I knew that hardly any church would be able to flow with these three of my tough callings in succession. And I don’t wish to put them in a tight spot. I believe, it is God’s will that I don’t belong to any denomination or church during these years, or else, I won’t be able to do what I did and am doing now.


Now back to the purpose of my letter.


A crucial point I wish to bring up is that it puzzles me why Rev David Liew has to work through the Methodist Leadership before any action on Joseph Prince can be taken by NCCS.


Is it to observe mere protocol? If not, what are the reasons? Could Rev Dr Ngoei enlighten us?


Is it because NCCS lacks the competence to handle the Joseph Prince issue that the Methodist Leadership is called in for? Can’t be! Most in the NCCS are theologically trained. They are well aware of the heresies of Joseph Prince. So why the need to drag the Methodist Leadership into the picture?


Or, is it because NCCS, being the National Leadership, doesn’t have a stand of their own, or have any idea about how such a grave heresy that is affecting not just Singapore but also the world for the last 20 over years, ought to be handled? If that is the real case, then the Singapore Church is really in trouble!


Why get the Denominational Leadership involved when the issue of Joseph Prince and his heresies is purely a matter to be resolved by NCCS? Aren’t NCCS competent enough to handle the issue as she is already represented by all denominational heads? And every denominational head represents the welfare, interests and views of their denomination?


Does the Methodist denomination represent the views of all denominations? Can she make decisions on the Joseph Prince issue on behalf of every other denomination? Can the Methodist denomination decide for every denomination that Joseph Prince is a heretic? Does she have the power to expel Joseph Prince from NCCS?


So what value does this add to resolving the Joseph Prince issue? Just blindly following protocol for protocol’s sake? (Hope not!) It will only bring about more red tapes, more delays and getting more people to be unnecessarily involved in the process.


Let’s say if the Methodist Leadership (after many laborious rounds of meetings and hours spent with Rev David Liew) decides not to take this up to NCCS, could it be possible that NCCS would say, “Oh, we can’t or won’t do anything about the Joseph Prince issue because the Methodist Leadership didn’t think that is an important issue to take it to us?” Then NCCS would be left off the hook?


Perhaps, NCCS may say, “No, this isn’t our intention. Rev David Liew can always appeal to NCCS to discuss the issue with us even though the Methodist Leadership has decided against it?” What? And then go through the rigmarole of more and more rounds of discussions and debates again?


Come on, let’s stop playing such bureaucratic games! Let’s stop passing the buck! Let’s take responsibility and deal with the issue head-on.


So what happens if a Presbyterian Pastor were to write a letter to NCCS about the Joseph Prince issue? Is NCCS going to tell him to take it with the Presbyterian Leadership? Then another Lutheran Pastor….Lutheran Leadership…Anglican Pastor…Anglican Leadership. What if the views of the many denominations about whether Joseph Prince is a heretic are different? Call for another big conference to sort this out? Isn’t this ridiculous? Getting everybody busy – for what?


And what happens if a church member, say a Presbyterian, writes to NCCS about the same Joseph Prince issue. Then an Anglican, then a Lutheran, and finally a Baptist. Guess what NCCS would do? NCCS would probably ask each of them to write to their individual churches first. Only if it gets through at the church level, then it would be brought up to the denominational Leadership to deliberate for a decision…


Let’s say the Presbyterian and Lutheran Leadership decide that the matter is important enough to take it to NCCS, while the Anglican and Baptist Leadership feel the issue is unimportant and does not need the attention of NCCS, what’s going to happen? You have the answer. Then another neutral council, comprising representatives from all four denominations may be set up to deliberate which has the better case before the matter could be taken up to NCCS. And while all this rigmarole is going on, more souls would have been deceived by Joseph Prince and more souls will go to hell!


Do we really want to go this way? Do we honestly want such an undesirable situation filled with bureaucratic red tapes to prevail in the Church?


Isn’t NCCS aware that the Joseph Prince issue isn’t just a Methodist issue or a Presbyterian issue or a Lutheran issue, etc. It is an inter-denominational issue or a National Church problem that has become an international curse. Which is the best ‘organisation’ to handle this? – a mere denomination?


Is the Methodist denomination the only denomination that is afflicted with Joseph Prince’s heresy? Is she the only denomination whose sheep has crossed over to New Creation Church? Are the people who are gravely concerned about Joseph Prince’s heresies only from the Methodist denomination? Is Rev David Liew merely representing just the Methodist denomination when he put his head on the chopping board – (that many pastors who feel the same way but are too afraid to come forward?) Of course not! Rev David Liew is representing all Christians in Singapore who have reached a point of impatience with NCCS for her elegant silence and mysterious inaction about Joseph Prince’s heretical curse that has befallen Singapore and the world. 


I’m not sure whether NCCS has read both my open letter and Rev David Liew’s letter carefully. Both of us have highlighted in our letters that the heresies of Joseph Prince have not only plagued the Church in Singapore but also the world. Since this is both a National and International problem, is a mere denomination (like the Methodist Leadership) equal to the task of resolving it?


It is so obvious that the resolution to this problem has to be done by NCCS, as every denominational head is represented there. And it is long overdue. There should be no more feet-dragging. By introducing another layer of bureaucracy (Methodist Leadership) with little justification except, perhaps, protocol, only goes to show that NCCS isn’t that serious at resolving the issue. There seems to be no urgency to addressing this heretical curse that is plaguing not just Singapore but the entire Christian world for the last 20 years.


Let’s not hide behind bureaucracy to avoid making a decision. All the facts against Joseph Prince’s heresies are out. NCCS needs to take the bull by the horns and make a decision, whichever way – with clear and cogent justification. This is not the time to play such bureaucratic games. This is the time to get to the root of the problem as quickly as you leaders can before more souls are lost into the eternal fire.


I’m not saying that all issues mustn’t first go through the denomination. But issues of national importance which already have international ramifications such as the Joseph Prince issue that has gone on for how long? – 20 over years – must be handled in a decisive way by NCCS herself and not to be pushed to a denomination. This is the call of leadership. This is why the office bearers are put in NCCS for.


Concerned Christians have waited long enough just for NCCS to make a stand on the Joseph Prince issue. And if there is still no word coming from NCCS about their stand, coupled with them erecting another layer of bureaucracy (Methodist Leadership), how many would believe that they are honestly trying to resolve the issue? 


Did Martin Luther have to go through every level of the official channels of the church in order to get the attention of the highest levels in the Roman Catholic Church? He went straight to nail the 95 Theses on the door of Lutherstadt Wittenberg’s Castle Church.


If Luther had followed protocol and went through every official channel in the church, he would be stuck just at the first level as they wouldn’t have allowed him to proceed.


Let me quote what David Pawson said in his book, ‘Completing Luther’s Reformation’, Pages 97-98:


But I have to say that reformation, although it occasionally comes from the top, usually comes from the bottom as unknown nobodies stand for the truth and face whatever cost there may be. Luther was from the bottom. He was just a simple monk and not very noticed, except for his terrible introverted self-examination and self-flagellation. Who would have taken notice of that man? But God took that nobody and made him a somebody. I believe this reformation, which I long to see, which I have spelled out for you, will come from the bottom, from ordinary people in the pews. I find some of them way ahead of their own leaders in their understanding of where the Church should go. So I am looking for the Jan Hus, the Martin Luther, the John Brown, the nobodies who will start standing absolutely firmly on the Word of God, saying, “Here I stand. My conscience is bound to the Word of God. I can do no other.” The more ordinary Christians who will do that and say, “We’re just not going to be tied to tradition; we’re not going to be tied to politicians; we’re going to be tied to the Lord Jesus Christ and his Word, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, make a difference” the better. I believe reformation will come from the bottom. Where will resistance come to such a reformation? From inside the Church or outside? Well, some will come from outside, from politicians, particularly from the left-wing who are increasingly liberal and anti-Christian. But I believe the major opposition to reformation always comes from the inside of the Church. That is painful. It comes from the officials of the Church who stand for the status quo and against rocking the boat. I believe there will be terrific opposition from ecclesiastical authorities to any reformation of the Church. So it is painful.


I’m not suggesting that Rev David Liew or I are like Martin Luther. Far from it. But I wish to point out that for individual concerned Christians who try to raise issues of major importance to the Church, they can often be obstructed by the ecclesiastical authorities themselves.


There is no time for such bureaucratic games to be played as the Joseph Prince ‘problem’ which the Singapore Church Leadership didn’t even attempt to resolve for the last 20 over years has snowballed into a virulent cancer and curse that has infected the world.


Finally, even without Rev David Liew and me or anyone writing in, if those in the NCCS are responsible shepherds, they should have acted long ago and nipped the problem in the bud. This is because they are well aware of Joseph Prince’s heresies. They are well aware that his heresies have spread from Singapore to the world all the while. But why are they still not acting even until now? And worse, farming out their responsibility to a denomination (Methodist Leadership) to handle – which they can’t as the Methodists don’t speak for the Church in Singapore but the NCCS does!


Looking forward to your reply.


“Our Lord sent His disciples out as sheep among wolves; now the wolves are being invited into the sheepfold.” (Vance Havner)


Rev George Ong

Open Letter of Rev David Liew & Article by Rev George Ong

(don’t miss the last part of my article – that the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) must act against Joseph Prince!)

Letter to Bishop Gordon Wong & Open Letter to National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) – by Rev David Liew


Dear Esteemed Members of NCCS,


I wrote to Bishop Gordon Wong about the serious issue of Joseph Prince and his heresies and the need for him as the Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore, together with the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) to take a stand. The following is the second letter that I wrote to him:


“Dear Bishop Gordon Wong,


Thanks for your kind response. Just to let you know, I (and not just Rev George Ong) am among the many (including other bishops and pastors) who have spoken against Joseph Prince (JP) and they are all documented on his website.


I hope you do not mean that just because we all have the courage to speak against JP that we are all filled with selfish ambition, bitter envy, evil and are demonic, etc. What ambition do we hope to achieve?


With regards to anger, don’t you think it’s only natural that we should be angry when we know that JP is deceiving the multitudes to hell and nothing is seemingly being done by the Singapore church leadership for the last many years?


While I agree with you concerning the scriptural injunction found in James 1:19-20 and James 3:13-18, I don’t think anger is the main issue. Even though there is a place for righteous anger as demonstrated by Jesus and the apostle Paul in their lives and ministry, I would like to focus on the danger and the deadly harm that has been done and continues to be done by Joseph Prince and his false teachings.


Joseph Prince’s false teachings have been carefully and extensively documented by Rev George Ong. Sensing and obeying God’s calling upon his life, Rev George Ong has sacrificially put in a humongous amount of time, effort and resources to systematically list down and then soundly refute all of Joseph Prince’s false teaching. You may find his invaluable 10-volume resource on his website at: It has been made freely available to the body of Christ for our easy reference and usage. He has no other agenda or hidden motive but to be obedient to God’s call for him to expose the false teacher Joseph Prince and his false teachings.


The false teachings of Joseph Prince cover many areas. However the most critical of all is in the doctrine of our salvation in Christ. When people follow his false teachings, it will eventually lead them to eternal destruction in hell. Believers will also lose their salvation with or without their knowledge.


As shepherds of our flocks, don’t you think we have the moral obligation and crucial spiritual duty to protect our flock? Besides teaching our people the truth, we must also clearly point out the false teacher that Joseph Prince is, and to urgently warn our people of the deadly dangers they are in when they listen to his false teachings.


On a higher level, may I urge that a clear stand be taken by the spiritual leadership of our nation (such as the Bishop of MCS together with the NCCS) concerning the false teacher Joseph Prince? This will give a stronger signal and urgency to our pastors and church members as to what needs to be done.


Whether we like or not, many of our Methodist church members have already been pulled over to New Creation Church during the last few decades. Many more are probably being greatly influenced in our nation and worldwide through the online social media platform (such as YouTube). Needless to say, Joseph Prince’s propagation of his false teachings in the past 25 years has already done much harm. Are we going to continue to keep silent over it?


It is not about the numbers but it is about the souls of people who will be lost in hell if we don’t take any action. Their blood as it were, will be upon our hands if we don’t stop this from happening.


May God give us the courage and boldness to take a stand against the false teacher Joseph Prince and his false teachings. Otherwise, I’m afraid God will hold the spiritual leadership accountable for the lives lost because of our inaction through fear and the sense of wanting to be politically correct.


May God grant you much wisdom, grace and strength to lead and shepherd the flock of the Methodist Church in Singapore in these end times before Christ’s second coming.


With prayers & blessings,

David Liew”


Bishop Gordon’s reply to my above-mentioned second letter was a mere one-sentence and didn’t answer the question at all. This is in spite of the fact that my letter contains substantive and serious issues about the Singapore Church posed by the heresies of Joseph Prince.


His response was to basically leave it to each person’s conviction to do whatever he believes what God wants him to do. Thus, I am doing my responsible part to appeal to the NCCS as the spiritual leadership of our beloved nation Singapore, to take a decisive stand to stem the tide of deception from Joseph Prince.


Open Letter to NCCS:

To: The National Council of Churches, Singapore (This letter was also sent to the NCCS office).


It is of utmost importance that I bring your attention to the open letter issued on Sept 7, 2021, by Rev George Ong. His letter was addressed to the Singapore Church leadership of which NCCS represents. You can read it at this link, please click here


It outlines the serious situation of false teachings being propagated freely by Joseph Prince for the past 25 years with impunity. The consequence of this is that vast multitudes (not only in our nation but also around the world) have been deceived by his false teachings which can ultimately lead people to their eternal destruction in hell.


Joseph Prince’s false teachings have been carefully and extensively documented by Rev George Ong. Sensing and obeying God’s calling upon his life, Rev George Ong has sacrificially put in a humongous amount of time, effort and resources to systematically list down and then soundly refute all of Joseph Prince’s false teachings. You may find his invaluable 10-volume resource on his website at: It has been made freely available to the body of Christ for our easy reference and usage. He has no other agenda or hidden motive but to be obedient to God’s call for him to expose the false teacher Joseph Prince and his false teachings.


Just to let you know, I’ve read through 100% of his 4,800 pages of notes on his website and I concur with him. If you were to go through all the solid evidence presented, I’m sure we can only come to one conclusion, that Joseph Prince is really a deadly wolf in sheepskin.


May I humbly ask NCCS to take a decisive stand on this issue? Can you please examine the evidence (as documented in Rev George Ong’s website) and then state whether Joseph Prince (JP) is a fellow shepherd or a heretic? To remain silent is to acquiesce to JP’s false teachings.


The reason why I am writing this open letter is because I am concerned for the many souls who have been deceived and who don’t know they are going to their eternal destruction in hell because of their belief in JP’s false teachings.


The main issue is about the souls of people who will be lost in hell if we don’t take any action. Their blood as it were, will be upon our hands if we don’t stop this from happening.


May God give us the courage and holy boldness to take a stand against the false teacher Joseph Prince and his false teachings.


Otherwise, I’m afraid God will hold the spiritual leadership of Singapore accountable for the lives lost because of our inaction through fear and the sense of wanting to be politically correct.


May God grant the leadership of NCCS much wisdom, grace and strength to lead the Church of Jesus Christ in Singapore in these end times before Christ’s soon second coming.


With prayers & blessings,

Rev David Liew

Retired Pastor, The Methodist Church in Singapore



Joseph Prince’s No-Repentance Gospel Will Make You Perish! (don’t miss the last part of my article – that the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) must act against Joseph Prince!) – By Rev George Ong


In a weekly Sunday sermon on 6 June 2021, Joseph Prince said the following about Acts 13:38-39 (NKJV): please click to view


“Have you noticed that Paul’s preaching is complete, unqualified. ‘Therefore let it be known to you, brethren, that through this Man is preached to you the forgiveness of sins (Acts 13:38)’ He (Paul) didn’t say ‘If you repent, if you feel sorry for your sins, if you really want to turn around, turn a new leaf.’ You know, he didn’t say, there is no qualifying remark. He was preaching to the Jewish people and some of them were gentiles there as well. And he said to them, ‘Through this man is preached to you the forgiveness of sins to be believed upon.’ (Acts 13:38-39) Just for them to believe…”


“Now Paul, you know, some of us will go to Paul and say ‘Paul, go easy there, you just preached a sermon, at the end your altar call is like this, it is so free, anyone can believe. It is so full, that you know, there’s nothing for us to add on. And what about our works, what about our penance, what about our repentance, what about our feeling sorry. Hey Paul, go easy. This is hypergrace, you know. Paul, hold on.’ Did Paul bend to that? No Paul did not…”


“You know grace is so full and free that if it’s proclaimed in its fullness, in its unqualifiedness, there’ll those who won’t believe it; and said, ‘It’s too good to be true. No.’ And someone won’t even say ‘Too good to be true. This must be the devil. Amen. This must be the devil’s teaching.’ Friend, we got to be careful. Will the real gospel please stand up? We have a word for word account of the gospel that Paul preached in this chapter Acts 13: (38-39).”


Acts 13:38-39 NKJV

38 Therefore let it be known to you, brethren, that through this Man is preached to you the forgiveness of sins; 39 and by Him everyone who believes is justified from all things from which you could not be justified by the law of Moses.


Joseph Prince claims that the true gospel is one of just-believe without the requirement to repent. How can the real gospel be one that is without repentance?


A gospel of just-believe without repentance that is preached by Joseph Prince is a half gospel. A half gospel is a false gospel.


A half-truth of a gospel without repentance that is postured by Joseph Prince based just on Acts 13:38-39, while hiding from you Acts 17:30; Acts 20:21 and Acts 26:19-20 is a fatal lie.


Did the Apostle Paul preach the gospel of just-believe without repentance? No way! The following passages will prove that Paul never preached a no-repentance gospel:


Acts 17:30 NIV

30 (Paul said) In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent. 31 For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed. He has given proof of this to everyone by raising him from the dead.”


Acts 20:21 NIV

21 I (Paul) have declared to both Jews and Greeks that they must turn to God in repentance and have faith in our Lord Jesus.


Acts 26:19-20 MEV

19 “Therefore, King Agrippa, I (Paul) was not disobedient to the heavenly vision, 20 but declared first to those at Damascus, then at Jerusalem and throughout all the region of Judea, and also to the Gentiles, that they should repent and turn to God and do works proving their repentance.”


Paul specifically mentioned that repentance is a command of God (Acts 17:30), and that besides faith in God, repentance is necessary for salvation (Acts 20:21). He further stressed that repentance must be proven by works (Acts 26:19-20), contradicting Joseph Prince’s doctrine that repentance is only a change of mind.


Did the Apostle Peter preach a gospel of just-believe without the need of repentance (that Joseph Prince preaches)? Of course not! The following 2 passages will show as clear as daylight that he didn’t:


Acts 2:38 NIV

38 Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.


Acts 3:19 NIV

19 (Peter said) Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,


Peter categorically preached that without repentance there is no forgiveness of sins.


Did Jesus preach a gospel of no-repentance? Certainly not!


Matthew 4:17 NIV

17 From that time on Jesus began to preach, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”


The gospel of the kingdom of heaven or the kingdom of God which Jesus preached is the same gospel the Apostles preached in the Book of Acts and the gospel we preach today. In the gospel of the kingdom, Jesus unambiguously stated that repentance is required (Matt 4:17).


Jesus also preached that without repentance there is no forgiveness of sins (Lk 24:47):


Luke 24:46-48 NIV

46 He (Jesus) told them, “This is what is written: The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, 47 and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. 48 You are witnesses of these things.


So it is undeniably clear that Jesus, the Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul, all three – preach the gospel that includes repentance.


Here comes Joseph Prince, who not only dares to preach against the Apostles Peter and Paul, but also against Jesus, who is God Himself!


In fact, Joseph Prince’s only-believe without repentance false gospel will make people perish.


This is because Jesus Himself said:


Luke 13:3,5 NIV

3 I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish. 

5 I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish.”


Repentance was so important to Jesus that He said it twice in just three verses as He doesn’t want anyone of us to miss it.


Based on what Jesus said, Joseph Prince’s only-believe and no-repentance gospel will make you perish.


Has it soberly dawned on you how many of the 34,000 people in New Creation Church (Joseph Prince’s church) and millions around the world who have bought into Joseph Prince half-gospel, of an only-believe without repentance gospel, will perish on the day of judgement?


Even Prince’s teaching of a repentance that is only a change of mind without works, deeds or fruit will lead you into the pit of hell:


Matthew 3:8,10 NIV

8Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.” 10 “The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.”


Joseph Prince’s teaching that repentance is only a change of mind, is not true repentance as true repentance, according to John the Baptist involves the evidence of fruit which refer to not just a change of mind but also a change of behaviour and conduct.


John the Baptist makes it utterly clear that false repentance, that is only in the change of mind as taught by Joseph Prince, not evidenced by works or fruit or behavioural or life change, can lead one to the lake of fire: “Produce fruit in keeping with repentanceand every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.” (Matt 3:8, 10b)


In other words, a repentance that is only a change of mind that does not produce fruit or works or life-change that is taught by Joseph Prince, will send the multitudes who believe and practise his teaching to the fires of hell.


Given this fact alone – that Joseph Prince’s heresy of a no-repentance gospel and a repentance that is only a change of mind will lead the multitudes to hell, the Singapore Church Leadership has no more excuse not to move against Joseph Prince.


What is saddening is that one bishop in the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) tried to imply that I and those who speak against Joseph Prince’s heresies are driven by anger (Jas 1:19-20) but not a word was spoken by him against Joseph Prince. Do we as spiritual whistleblowers, ‘who lay down our lives’ to contend against Joseph Prince, the heretic, deserve this?


“By the unwarranted criticisms of the Church against the true whistleblowers of the faith and her misplaced sympathy for the ‘persecuted’ heretics, she has ironically made the heroes into villains and villains into heroes.” (George Ong)


What? Driven by bitter envy and selfish ambition in James 3:13-16? Please put on your thinking cap. I have already offended all denominational heads in Singapore. You think any pastor or church in Singapore (and even churches in Malaysia as leaders in both countries are connected and know one another) would dare to invite me to preach? You think any pastor (some kind soul may) would dare to come close to me from now on? I’d be totally alienated. Not because I choose to be alone but obeying God’s prophetic call will compel me to be alone. So what about bitter envy and selfish ambition? I’m ‘killing’ my own itinerant preaching ministry! My finance will be severely affected. Is there anything to be gained from that? But not an ounce of regret. It’s worth it all for the sake of the blood-bought Church of Jesus Christ! And all these are just a small price that I would have to pay for the privilege of obeying God’s call.


Back to the issue of anger. If shepherds to protect their respectable image and because of the fear of men, are watching nonchalantly and doing nothing, as their sheep are being led year after year to the slaughter by the wolf (Joseph Prince); and if we do not exhibit righteous anger, then we must be spiritually sick to the core!


Why are those in the Singapore Church Leadership still not acting against Joseph Prince? Where are their guts? Do they have a conscience? Do they have a sense of responsibility? Are they not theologically trained to differentiate between one who differs in doctrines because of denominational distinctives and a heretic who blatantly teaches against the scriptures and whose teachings can lead people to hell – and for how many years? – 20 plus years! Phew!


We aren’t talking about minor issues here. We are talking about eternal issues – millions of souls perishing in hell! If they still refuse to act, the blood of these millions of souls will be on the hands of the leadership.


People of God, this has nothing to do with revengeful talk but everything to do with prophetic courage. You need the lion courage of the prophetic to deal with the deceptive Joseph Prince and shepherds who care more for their image than the welfare of their sheep.


If you are still wondering why I am so fierce with Joseph Prince and the Church Leadership, you are probably quite ignorant about the prophetic. And no wonder when one starts to move in the prophetic, many believers think he is an alien from outer space. And straightaway, he would be ostracised by the Church, which is, sadly, monopolised by the priestly. Do you now understand why those who move in the prophetic are compelled to move alone? Not because they want to but because they are forced to.


But we need the prophetic to deal with the unrepentant Joseph Prince. Diplomatic silence and fearful inaction by the Church Leadership will only embolden him further. The time for ‘sweet talk’ with Joseph Prince is over. The time has come to deal with him prophetically.


We need the pure guts of Prophet Nathan to confront King David, “You are the man” (2 Sam 12:7).


We need the politically incorrect Prophet John the Baptist to castigate the Pharisees, “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath” (Matt 3:7 NIV)?


We need the eccentricity of Prophet Elijah to mock and defy the 850 false prophets and ‘slaughter’ hundreds of them all (1 Kgs 18:27,40; 1 Kgs 19:1).


We need the Holy boldness of Prophet Jesus, who pronounced seven woes on the Pharisees, the false teachers of His day, and denounced them as children of the devil (Matt 23; Jn 8:44).


Even for Jesus Christ, the Son of God and God Himself has never flinched from confronting controversies. While the Church is sore afraid and steers away from controversies, Jesus courageously confronts them.


If you are put off by confrontation, denunciation and provocation which the prophet Jesus exemplifies, perhaps you are following the wrong Jesus. If Jesus did not flinch from confronting controversies, do we have any right to?


Fellow believers, this is not vindictive talk; this is prophetic talk.


I have the moral and spiritual responsibility of a watchman to warn the people so that they would not be deceived by Joseph Prince’s false gospel and be led to their eternal destruction.


If need be, I am prepared to empty my last cent in my bank account – be declared a bankrupt – and even go to jail for contending against Joseph Prince. For those who really know me, they are fully aware that I mean every word I say.


Whether you believe me or not, I am doing this not out of any hidden agenda but purely because of God’s call and for the sake of the Church, to warn her of the false and destructive teachings of Joseph Prince.


And I am ready to ‘die’ for the sake of the Church, if necessary.


Church, if you still do not appreciate what I am doing and the extent of which I am willing to sacrifice for your sake, there is nothing that I can do to convince you.

Joseph Prince’s Teaching on Sin & Salvation Will Lead You to Hell – By Rev George Ong


Joseph Prince teaches that even though one might leave the Lord and live a lifestyle of sin, he will still be saved.


He also implies that if he dies without repenting from his sinful lifestyle, he will still end up in heaven as he will never perish.


Please view this 30-second video of Joseph Prince by clicking here. This is what he said:


“Okay, Pastor Prince, I know a friend, used to be a Christian, used to be this, bla bla bla. Number 1, we do not know if he is a professor or possessor. But let’s say he is a possessor, he is saved. He left the Lord and all that. You would be surprised, even though he lived a lifestyle of sin, salvation is more solid than his lifestyle. And maybe he dies young. But in heaven, you’re going to see him. You’re going to see him because salvation is not because of what he did. He will never perish.”


The fact that Joseph Prince is treating the person as a possessor and not a professor of Christianity, in no way mitigates his twisted and false view of salvation.


Instead of saying that because he is a possessor of the Christian Faith (true believer), he will not leave the Lord and will not live a lifestyle of sin (which is biblical), he twisted it to say that because he is a possessor of the Christian Faith, he is still saved even though he left the Lord and has lived a lifestyle of sin. 


In other words, Joseph Prince defines a possessor of the Christian Faith (true believer) as someone who can leave the Lord and is permitted to live a lifestyle of sin. 


Joseph Prince further said, And maybe he dies young. But in heaven, you’re going to see him… He will never perish,” – implying that even though the person dies before his time without coming back to the Lord and repenting from his lifestyle of sin, he will still go to heaven, as “he will never perish.”


Such twisted teachings are from the pit of hell!


No true Christian doctrine from every theological persuasion that we know ever teaches that.


Whether it is the Apostolic, Reformation, Puritan, Evangelical, Wesleyan, Reformed or Pentecostal tradition – none of these will have anything to do with such a hellish teaching.   


Does that mean that when we sin, there is no hope? Of course not!


We all have sinned and will still sin even after we have become a Christian. That’s what 1 John 1:9 was written for. If we confess, God will forgive us of our sins. God is not a capricious God but a forgiving God. He could even forgive an adulterer and murderer like King David when he repented.


But it is a totally different matter for a ‘so-called true believer’ to be permitted to continue to live a lifestyle of sin and did not repent even at the point of death.


Joseph Prince has defended and will always defend himself with the usual line that he is against sin, and he hates sin.


But these are mere politically correct statements that are made for public consumption and to ‘cover’ himself. So don’t ever be deceived by his flowery and insincere words.


If he is genuinely against sin and hates sin, why is he saying one can still be saved and not perish, even though he has left God, and has lived a lifestyle of sin even at the point of death? (Please see Appendix A at the end of my article for more elaboration.)


By saying that a saved person could still live a lifestyle of sin and not repent at the point of death makes a mockery of the finished work of Christ.


Nowhere in the Bible ever says that one could still be saved even though he has left God and is living an unrepentant lifestyle of sin in rebellion against God.


Many who believe such a twisted teaching of Joseph Prince will continue to live a lifestyle of sin without repenting as they believe Prince that they will still be in heaven.


But they will wake up one shocking day and find themselves in the pit of hell (Heb 10:26-31)!


This point alone which I have highlighted is enough to prove that Joseph Prince isn’t a shepherd but a wolf who has come to destroy you.


The destructive theology that Joseph Prince teaches is the ‘Once Saved Always Saved’ or the ‘Once Righteous Always Righteous’ doctrine.


This is different from the Reformed Tradition. This tradition teaches that one would persevere to the end in his faith and show evidence of true faith if he is truly saved. This is discernibly different from the ‘Once Saved Always Saved’ doctrine of Joseph Prince – that one is saved no matter how he lives his life – even though he may have lived a lifestyle of sin.


The implication of such a doctrine of Joseph Prince can be horrendous.


Let me relate to you a true but tragic story written by an American, Pastor David Servant (italics):


“Last month, George Sodini walked into a women’s aerobics class at an LA Fitness Club. He turned out the lights and began shooting into the darkness, firing fifty rounds. Within seconds, he killed three women and wounded nine others. Then he shot and killed himself.


According to his blog, he had been planning the killings and his suicide at LA Fitness for months in advance. In December, he wrote in that blog of the evangelical church he had attended for thirteen years, saying of the pastor, “This guy teaches (and convinced me) you can commit mass murder then still go to heaven.”


Just one day before his murder spree and suicide, he wrote:


“Maybe soon, I will see God and Jesus. At least that is what I was told. Eternal life does NOT depend on works. If it did, we will all be in hell. Christ paid for EVERY sin, so how can I or you be judged BY GOD for a sin when the penalty was ALREADY paid. People judge but that does not matter. I was reading the Bible and The Integrity of God beginning yesterday, because soon I will see them.”


The book he mentioned, ‘The Integrity of God’, is written by an author who teaches that believers cannot forfeit their salvation no matter how much they sin.


A few days later there was an article in our local newspaper titled, “‘Once saved, always saved’ – Deacon says killer rests in heaven.” Here are a few excerpts:


George Sodini rests in heaven now because he professed a faith in Jesus years before his shooting rampage, a ________ Church leader said.


Jack ______, a deacon at the church Sodini attended for years, said the Bible makes it clear that “professing a faith in Jesus as savior means you will have complete eternal salvation.”


“George is going to heaven, but he’s not going to get his rewards,” _______ said. He said that Sodini won’t be offered all of heaven’s benefits because of his sin.


“George was a professing believer.”


Although many Christians who adhere to the doctrinal position of “once-saved-always-saved” would probably argue that George Sodini was never actually born again in the first place (and they might well be correct), the fact remains that the church he attended for 13 years made it easier for him to murder three women. Worse, that particular church teaches exactly what a large percentage of evangelical churches do, that once a person is saved, he is permanently saved. Believers are supposedly unconditionally eternally secure, regardless of their lifestyles. No sin can keep them from heaven.


One of America’s most well-known preachers, who was twice elected to be the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, who has written scores of best-selling Christian books, and who is heard around the world via his television and radio broadcasts, is a primary proponent of the doctrine of unconditional eternal security. In a book on this very subject, he wrote:


No matter what you do as a child of God, you are forgiven. You say, “Murder?” Forgiven. “Stealing?” Forgiven. “Adultery?” Forgiven. “Worshiping idols?” Forgiven.


Note that he did not write, “No matter what you did prior to becoming a child of God, you are forgiven.” He wrote, “No matter what you do as a child of God, you are forgiven.” His argument is that Jesus died for all our sins, so there is no future sin we can commit for which He didn’t die. Our only danger is that of forfeiting special rewards in heaven.


That is grace gone mad.


And that kind of teaching is what leads people like George Sodini to think they can murder people yet go to heaven, even though Scripture teaches that no murderer will inherit eternal life (see 1 John 3:15; Rev. 21:8; 22:15).


That kind of teaching also leads people to think that their behavior has nothing to do with their ultimate salvation, even though Scripture teaches that no unrighteous person will inherit God’s kingdom, which, according to Paul, includes fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, homosexuals, thieves, the covetous, drunkards, or swindlers (1 Cor. 6:9-10; see also Gal. 5:19-21; Eph. 5:3-6). Jesus’ own teaching certainly affirms this also.


There is a correlation between holiness and heaven because there is a correlation between belief and behavior. We are saved by grace through faith, but faith without works is dead and cannot save us (Eph. 2:8; Jas 2:14-26). I can’t help but wonder how many people, just like George Sodini, are now in hell, when they fully expected to be in heaven, because they were trusting in a grace that God has never offered, a grace that is little more than a license to sin.”


Pastor David Servant:

What Pastor Servant related about George Sodini can also be found on the internet. Please feel free to check this out.


Rev George Ong:


What led Sodini to commit murder is the same salvation and sin doctrine that Joseph Prince teaches – that even though we have lived a lifestyle of sin we are still saved.


You may argue that there are many testimonies of lives changed championed by Joseph Prince and his pastors. Yes, Prince and gang seem to be overly anxious about (over-compensating) belting out testimonies after testimonies every Sunday. These testimonies would always end up with – because of Joseph Prince’s teaching or doctrine, I am healed or I am delivered. And you begin to wonder are they glorifying God or man. Are they driven by the glory of God or obsessed with trying to prove Sunday after Sunday that Joseph Prince’s doctrine is right?


But what Prince and gang have hidden from you are the plenty of other tragic stories of the many who are destroyed by his doctrine.


There are many who have related to me (first-hand stories) about their husbands and sons-in-law, etc, who have committed adultery (and did not repent) and are still worshipping at New Creation Church.


Many have also told me they have witnessed people from New Creation Church buying Toto (lottery) on a regular basis. Please click to read: $2.8 million Toto Lottery


The fall of Hyflux is another sad story that Joseph Prince hides from you. If you have missed the Hyflux fiasco episode please click to read: Joseph Prince & The Hyflux Fiasco


Finally, please read the tragic story of one who had embraced Joseph Prince’s teachings only to commit adultery and died from drug overdose on Michael Fackerell’s website (Italics):


Young Man embraces Hyper-Grace Teaching, Goes on Drugs, Dies of Overdose


“Hello Michael; I just read the article on Joseph Prince and it moved me because I didn’t know anyone else felt the same as I. My son-in-law began following Ps Prince about 2 years ago. He became very worldly after in-grafting himself into the new GRACE movement, that teaches sin has no consequences anymore because Christ paid for it. He committed adultery and produced a love child from it. He got on drugs all while closely following Ps Prince. I tried to talk to him about the God who he once knew, his reply was, ‘I don’t believe like that anymore.’ This started in 2011 and on Jan. 27, 2013, he overdosed. I tried so many times to tell him about the msg Ps Prince gives is incorrect. I can never have another chance to talk to him, but I thank you for exposing false doctrines to the public. Thank you again and God bless.”


Michael Fackerell:


Rev George Ong:


How many of such sad stories that go unreported is anybody’s guess?


In conclusion, let me repeat what Joseph Prince said in the video.


He said that one can leave the Lord and live a lifestyle of sin and still be saved and be in heaven. Furthermore, he implied that even though he has not repented at his death, he will still end up in heaven as he will not perish.


If Joseph Prince claims that he now no longer teaches this doctrine that the 30-second video encapsulates, he needs to come clean and apologise to the world that he has repented and has now abandoned this doctrine.


But if he chooses to keep silent (as he usually does when he is caught with his pants down) and refuses to recant what he said in this video, this plainly proves that this hellish doctrine is what he still holds to.


Appendix A


According to Joseph Prince’s teachings, sin is no more the problem because all sins have been forgiven at the cross. So if sin is no more the problem and believers are forbidden by Joseph Prince from talking about it because it has all been dealt with at the cross, in what way is Joseph Prince against sin? In what way does he hate sin?


Can Joseph Prince go against or hate something that he has been insisting that it is no longer a problem to believers because it has been completely dealt with at the cross of Christ?


Can he go against something when that something is no longer a problem?


Can he hate something when that something doesn’t even present any problem to be hated?


Think with me:


First, Joseph Prince has gotten rid of sin – in his teaching that every single sin has been forgiven.


Second, he has gotten rid of the law – in his teaching that New Covenant believers have nothing to do with the Laws of God as they all have been abrogated.


With a ‘no-sin’ and a ‘no-law’ or an ‘I-have-no-sin-to-bother-me-with-now’ and an ‘I-have-no-law-to-govern-and-control-me-now’ Pseudo-grace doctrine, no wonder droves of carnal people are attracted to his church.


It doesn’t help a tiny bit for Joseph Prince to defend himself that he is against sin. He can shout all he wants that he is against sin and that he is not teaching the people to sin – the fact remains his Pseudo grace teachings would lead and have led to that horrible licentious end.


Joseph Prince is too clever to say upfront that you can continue to sin habitually after you have become a Christian as that will blow his cover.


But he craftily says that

all your future sins are automatically forgiven;

there is no confession of sins required after conversion;

when you sin, don’t confess your sins but confess you are righteous;

and that since you are once righteous always righteous, there is nothing you can do to forfeit your salvation even when you are living a lifestyle of sin because you are forever saved;

God is even blind to your sin after you become a Christian;

the Holy Spirit does not convict you of sin; the devil does a better job at that.


Joseph Prince is so deceptive that his teachings are actually giving the people the license to sin, while at the same time, he can craftily claim that he isn’t overtly teaching it. That’s the kind of crafty wolf that you are dealing with. So, Church, better wake up! Shepherds, keep warning the flock about such destructive heresies!  

Why was David Pawson Burdened for Singapore? – By Rev George Ong (Don’t miss the end part of my article – something serious that involves a Bishop from the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS)!)


The following is an excerpt of what David Pawson said in a teaching in Singapore found on YouTube (one and a half minutes): (click here to view)


“And frankly, I’m here in Singapore because of one wrong meaning of that word (grace), because two years I was in South Africa and every church I went to was talking about grace but in a rather unusual way and a way that was dangerous, a way that was mixing a lot of truth with some poisonous error. It is that mixture which can so easily deceive people. And I said to them after a bit, “Where did you all get all this from? The simple answer was ‘Singapore.’ And at that time, I found a burden in my heart for Singapore. I began to ask the Lord, “Do you want me to say anything about that? And shortly after that, someone who is sitting in this audience this morning said to me, “David, I think Singapore needs you.” And I thought, “Well,” and then the way opened for me fairly recently to come and share with you in response to a kind of invitation from Philip Pillai who has much to do with this building. And so here I am, and here is what I want to tell you about grace.”


David Pawson, a world-renowned Bible teacher, who is well respected by many across denominations and theological persuasions, labelled Joseph Prince’s grace doctrine as dangerous and poisonous error that deceives.


Something which endangers is life-threatening. Only a little poison is enough to kill. One who deceives is a follower of the devil (Rev 20:10; Acts 13:10).


If the verdict of David Pawson on Joseph Prince’s teaching is one that endangers, kills and deceives, how can Prince be preaching the true gospel? 


The tragedy is that many who are deceived are enticed by the truth that Joseph Prince dishes out but are blinded to the poisonous error that he mixes in.


Food, no matter how nutritional or appetising, can no longer be eaten once there is poison in it and has to be disposed of into the rubbish chute. In the same way, truth can no longer be truth once it is poisoned with error and has to be discarded. Poisoned truth is not only distorted truth but it is also one that can kill. That’s what the so-called ‘truth teaching’ (that is poisoned and mixed with error)’ of Joseph Prince will do to you.


David Pawson had the burden to come all the way to Singapore some years ago because such dangerous, poisonous and deceptive grace doctrine of Joseph Prince that kills (which the Singapore Church could have addressed and curtailed) had spread even to distant South Africa.


David Pawson was acting in the tradition of the Apostle Paul. But Paul did something more. He was more than burdened; he was consumed with the threat of false teachings. Please read my short article, Paul Was Consumed With The Threat Of Wolves – Are We?” by clicking here


If the Apostle Paul was consumed with the threat of wolves and David Pawson was burdened about the spread of the Joseph Prince’s Grace Heresy in Singapore and South Africa, what about the Singapore Church, whom Joseph Prince hails from?


Because of the nonchalant silence and inaction by the Singapore Church Leadership, the deadly virus of Joseph Prince’s heresy had not only infected Singapore (Joseph Prince’s church has grown to 34,000 people; and this is not counting the plenty of others attending the respective churches in Singapore who are influenced by his teachings) but also around the world.  


What has happened over the last many years is heartrending and an indictment against the Singapore Church (myself included). This is because “Instead of being the Antioch of Asia, Singapore is now more popularly and shamefully known as the world’s number one exporter of the Joseph Prince’s grace heresy.” (George Ong)


To hit home the seriousness – if God’s shepherds do not perform their role as watchmen, let me highlight a quote by Rev David Liew who had written an article against Joseph Prince’s teachings on this website:


“If we really love our flock and care for those around us, we need to speak up and warn people about it. We need to expose false teachers and their false teachings. We are our brother’s keeper whether we like it or not. For those who are spiritual leaders, we are God’s watchmen and we need to do our part. Otherwise, the blood of God’s people will, in a sense, be on our hands.”


To read Rev David Liew’s short article, (please click here)


But what is of deepest concern to the Singapore Church is that a bishop who currently sits on the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) wrote an article himself some time ago (when he wasn’t yet a bishop) and was published on the Internet. Let me quote an excerpt of what he wrote:


Let me begin by saying that Pastor Prince’s emphasis on grace has been a great blessing from God to many. My nephew and cousin belong to New Creation church and have grown immensely in their relationship with God. My prayer is that God will use Prince’s gifts of preaching to even more blessed effect as he allows the Holy Spirit to convict him (graciously, as always) of areas that could be improved.”


This is unbelievable! One of Singapore’s key shepherds and National leader has written that (this article was written some time ago before he became bishop) Pastor Prince’s emphasis on grace has been a great blessing from God to many” and he prayed for a heretic to be successful, “that God will use Prince’s gifts of preaching to even more blessed effect…”


How can light and darkness be working together? How can a shepherd pray for the success of a heretic? If this prominent leader of the Singapore Church can be deceived by Joseph Prince, we have indeed reached a sad and sorry state. Could this be one of the reasons why a particularly strong and influential voice in the Singapore Church Leadership is unwilling to move against Joseph Prince?  

Rev George Ong’s Open Letter & Timo Giesmann’s (German) Article

An Open Letter to the Singapore Church Leadership (I’m writing in my personal capacity) – By Rev George Ong


Dr Simon Chong’s article was published on this website on 4 Sep 2021, last Saturday and the following are amongst the many things he said:


“How much more then the countless souls at risk of hell? In Joseph Prince, the Church is faced with a perpetrator of falsehoods and twisted doctrines, with many of the flocks drawn to it, as well as non-believers being seduced into a completely new brand of Christianity that is totally unlike what the Church preaches. For years, what has the Church done? Our response…Silence.”


“Hence to say one is ignorant and lacks information, that is totally inexcusable. But to have the inertia within to do or say anything, then that is disobedience, a spiritual malaise to a task or responsibility placed on every Christian and even more so Church Leaders & Pastors! For church leaders to continue to treat a heretic like Joseph Prince as a fellow shepherd is just unthinkable!”


“Will you continue to allow falsehood and lies to reign in your midst? Particularly as spiritual leaders, you must take responsibility and do what’s right!”


(If you have missed reading Dr Simon Chong’s article and my response, please click here)


Upon reading Dr Simon Chong’s article, a friend of mine (who is willing to be identified by name if it becomes necessary) wrote the following to me on 4 Sep 2021:


“Hi George, just to let you know that I have written to the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) about 2-3 times about 1-2 years ago on what are they going to do with Joseph Prince and his teachings. I was met with silence.”


The Singapore Church leadership cannot remain silent anymore. If leaders choose to stay cowardly silent against the onslaught of Joseph Prince’s heresies, the Church is in dire straits. Silence is not an option. “To stay silent against the onslaught of false teachings is to acquiesce.” (George Ong)


They must demonstrate the courage that is expected of Christian leaders. They must come up front and state their stand. Is Joseph Prince a fellow shepherd or a heretic? They must examine what he said in his sermons and wrote in his books throughout his last 25 years of ministry.


If they can prove that he is teaching sound doctrine according to the scriptures and the church fathers, I will publicly apologise not only to Joseph Prince but also to the entire Christian Community – not only in Singapore but the whole world for falsely accusing him. If need be, I will make amends with concrete works or deeds of repentance.


But if they can’t, they must disfellowship and expel Joseph Prince from the Christian Community if he still chooses to remain unrepentant.


Allowing a heretic to operate under the official umbrella of the Singapore Church and preaching the false gospel for so many years leading many to their destruction is totally intolerable, unimaginable and starkly going against the scriptures.


Because of the inaction (irresponsibility to be exact) of the Singapore Church leadership (not just the present council but also the past councils throughout all these years; not just the council but also every pastor in the Singapore Church, including myself) to deal with Joseph Prince, it has somewhat caused his heresies to spread to the nations worldwide. Germany, that Timo Giesmann hails from (see below for his article) is just one of these nations.


Do we, as leaders of the Singapore Church even feel responsible to start with? Are we going to remain apathetic and pretend that everything is as per normal? Are we so afraid of rocking the boat that we have become paralysed to what needs to be put right? Can we be true to our conscience for failing to act for all these past 25 years and still refusing to act? Have we forgotten that Joseph Prince hails from our own nation of Singapore? So cleaning up the heretical dirt in our own backyard is our basic duty and obligatory responsibility. Period!


All Bishops, Pastors, Elders and Leaders in Singapore (including myself) must bear the responsibility of not acting and not doing enough to stop the onslaught of Joseph Prince’s heresies throughout all these years.


Because of our indecision, many nations are infected and flooded with his heresies that are leading many to hell. We owe the Christian communities in the many nations of the world an apology. They are waiting for a response from the Singapore Church leadership. Speak now and act please!


As you would know by now, I’ve already stepped on too many toes. I have to bear with the hate mails of Joseph Prince’s supporters and criticisms of unenlightened and even ignorant Pastors and believers. With this letter, plenty more (especially those in high places) are going to be offended. Even my supporters who cannot take the heat may leave me (so be it if they choose to). If I were to be political, this would be utterly suicidal and bring a death knell to my own ministry! But playing politics is not part of my DNA. The crucial truths to the welfare of the Church have to be told no matter how much it costs. Even though I have to stand alone (and I hope not, and I don’t have a martyr’s complex), here I stand!


Since 2017, I have been given the unenviable call of exposing the false teachings of Joseph Prince


– a call which I didn’t ask for 

– a call I wanted to run away from 

– a call for which I am the least to be chosen  

– a call that is thankless and unappreciated 

– a call that nobody would have wanted 

– a call that would result in plenty of closed doors to my ministry  

– a call that would result in friends becoming strangers and even estranged 

– a call that would leave me ‘alone’


“…like Martin Luther, who contended alone against the whole church,

like Jeremiah, who prophesied alone against the whole nation,

like Noah, who stood alone against the whole world.”

(George Ong) 


Will you dare to be so radical that you are willing to be the one and only person to follow God and go against the tide, criticisms and opinions of the whole world?


Well, Noah did.


One man was right; the whole world was wrong.


One man saved his whole family of eight; the whole world perished in the judgement of the flood.


Let me share a quotation from John Maxwell. In his Book, “Be all you can be,” he said these words:


“The greatest days of your life are the days when you sense your commitment to its highest degree. Your greatest days are not your days of leisure. Your greatest days are not even times when you have your closest friends around you. When something has seized you and caused you to have a high level of commitment to it, those are your greatest days. They may be your days of struggle, they may be your days of suffering, and they may be the days of your greatest battles in life, but they will be your greatest days. If I could choose only one word to describe what it’s like to be committed, I think I would choose the word alone. If you become a person who is deeply committed to a cause, the world won’t understand you; you will be alone. It’s human to stand with the crowd; it’s divine to stand alone.”


Alone? Yes indeed! What price to pay for the conviction of such an unenviable call? Heavy price! I have paid for it from the start, and I will continue to pay!


And yet, not really alone from another perspective – when you have God on your side. Remember the oft-quoted saying, “One and God is a majority.”


When you are in the majority, what is there really to fear? Besides, just as many others shared in the same cause as Prophet Elijah’s, I do have them too – though ‘few’ in number, nonetheless, I greatly value their prayers, moral and concrete support.


“Only with God can so much be accomplished by so few for so many.” (Jn 6:9; Matt 14:17-21; Acts 2:41; 1 Sam 17 especially V51-53; Jud 7:1-8, 16-22; 2 Sam 23:8-12, 18-21; Est 4:12-16; 7:1-10, Jonah 3:1-10; Lev 26:7-8; Jos 23:9-11; Jud 14:5-6, 19; 15:14-16; 16:27-31) (George Ong)


Timo Giesmann’s Article & Rev George Ong’s Comments


Rev George Ong’s Opening Comments:


I got to know Timo Giesmann, a German when he came across my website and wrote to me some time ago. Though he was at first receptive to Joseph Prince’s teaching, he immediately came out of it when he realised its utter danger and deceptiveness.


Encountering Joseph Prince in Germany – By Timo Giesmann


I am quite thankful for the faithful efforts of Rev George Ong to “reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.” (2 Tim 4:2 KJV) with respect to Joseph Prince.


It is direly needed because Joseph Prince’s influence is so far-reaching, which is why pastors worldwide must wake up and likewise heed Paul’s injunction in 2 Timothy 4:2.


If only the Singapore Church leadership had acted against Joseph Prince and his heresies, much of his influence around the world, including Germany, would have been curtailed.


Unfortunately, I have personally witnessed Joseph Prince’s strong influence here in Germany. All his writings are readily available in German translation and his sermons also aired frequently on TV with translation overlay voice.


These efforts led my father to hear Joseph Prince in 2016. Quickly he was hooked and through him the rest of our family encountered Joseph Prince as well.


In 2017, we visited a conference in Stuttgart, Germany, where Joseph Prince spoke to about 6,000 people. Prince has apparently tapped into the broad evangelical German mainstream (particularly in Pentecostal circles).


Sadly, my father remains a keen Prince-follower to this day, by now having all or nearly all of his books on his shelf.


I was receptive to Joseph Prince’s teachings only initially. But as he continually belittled sin and denigrated God’s laws (and often also the Old Testament in general), I noticed that this was at odds with what I felt my conscience testified to me about the reality and gravity of my sins. Thankfully, this dissonance made me cautious and pointed me in the right direction.


But it was not after some three years later or so that I was able to see the scam more clearly when I found Rev George Ong’s materials in his website by accident on YouTube. I am sure that, had I come across it earlier, it would have sped up the eye-opening process for me.


Undoubtedly, what makes Joseph Prince’s teaching so dangerous is the utter deceptiveness of it. He appears to argue so biblically, but he really creates a thick fog of half-truths, omissions and twistings of Scripture, all with crafty rhetoric. This deadly combination makes it so difficult for so many to recognize his teaching as the poison that it really is.


Avoiding shipwreck in the faith through ‘right believing’?


Among other things, what strikes me as particularly odd about Joseph Prince’s teaching is that it centers around the mere psychological effect of what he calls ‘right believing’. It is not much about the real Lord Jesus at all.


The entire Bible unanimously and continuously warns about sin, but what Joseph Prince wants you to do is to fool yourself into believing that sin is not a big deal, that it is not dangerous for you, that God is blind to it, that it is even unnecessary to confess your sins. Now somehow, according to Joseph Prince, the psychological effect of believing all this will result in a stronger desire for holy living.


Perhaps I am not intelligent enough to understand this, but this seems just as nonsensical as saying that a captain who is convinced that his ship is incapable of sinking will, by virtue of that erroneous belief, gain a stronger desire to avoid treacherous waters than a captain who knows that he can suffer shipwreck if he steers too recklessly and abandons all his nautical training.


This is the picture Paul had in mind when he charged Timothy to keep ‘a good conscience’ so as to avoid ‘shipwreck’ in the faith, implying confession and shunning of sin for the believer is necessary, both of which Joseph Prince discourages believers to do:


‘This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare, having faith and a good conscience, which some having rejected, concerning the faith have suffered shipwreck’ (1 Tim 1:19 NKJV)


If Joseph Prince’s theology is correct, however, Paul should never have written something like this. According to Joseph Prince, Paul rather should have written:


‘This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by the power of right believing you may wage good warfare, that is: Continually remind yourself of your righteousness, regardless of your deeds. If you only continually meditate about the fact that you cannot suffer shipwreck in the faith whatever you do, you will automatically keep a clean conscience’.


This is exactly the opposite of what Paul wrote, yet it would be totally consistent with what Joseph Prince teaches. I leave it to the reader to decide which advice is better to heed.


Let me close with a quote from Martin Luther. Joseph Prince not only claims that he preaches what Paul preached, he also claims that his teaching is in line with the gospel Martin Luther rediscovered during the reformation.


Perhaps this quote from Luther will clear up this misunderstanding as well. Again, I leave it to the reader to decide whether Luther would have embraced Joseph Prince’s teaching or spoken against him:


“But Satan, the god of all dissension, stirs up daily new sects. And last of all, which of all other I should never have foreseen or once suspected, he has raised up a sect such as teach that the Ten Commandments ought to be taken out of the church, and that men should not be terrified with the law, but gently exhorted by the preaching of the grace of Christ.” (Preface to ‘A Commentary on St. Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians’)


After one has read it, it is rather clear that Luther actually spoke out against Antinomianism, the heretical belief of Joseph Prince, who preaches against the existence of the moral law or Ten Commandments by virtue of grace for New Covenant believers.


For Joseph Prince to claim that his gospel is in line with what was preached by Luther, when it isn’t, shows up the real character of a person whose integrity is in serious doubt.


What is graver is that Luther said that the originator of Antinomianism (against the moral law or the Ten Commandments) – the core belief of Joseph Prince is none other than Satan himself!


That is why I agree with Rev George Ong and a few others who recently wrote (in this website) that the heresies of Joseph Prince are satanic in nature.


Timo Giesmann

Attending Freie Christliche Gemeinde Tübingen (Free Christian Parish), Germany


Rev George Ong’s Closing Comments:


Timo Giesmann said:


If only the Singapore Church leadership had acted against Joseph Prince and his heresies, much of his influence around the world, including Germany, would have been curtailed.“


If what Timo said doesn’t cause the Bishops, Pastors, Elders and Leaders (including myself) in the Singapore Church to reflect deeply with a repentant heart and act decisively against Joseph Prince’s heresies, the Singapore Church is really in trouble.


“To tolerate the spread of heresy without doing anything to curb it is to be a quiet accomplice to the treacherous evil.” (George Ong)


Don’t miss reading two related articles:


An Article Against the New Grace Theology of the New Antinomians, of which Joseph Prince is Identified as One – By Dr Roland Chia (Dated 1 Dec 2020) (Click to Read)


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Dr Simon Chong’s Article & Rev George Ong’s Response

Silence to Joseph Prince’s Heresies is not an Option – By Dr Simon Chong


In much of human history, and pervasive in any conceivable society through time, we can agree that good and evil often co-exist in various forms whether we like it or not. Similarly, truths and falsehoods are often found competing in the psyche and minds of individuals wherever we turn.


These days, with so much exposure to information from so many platforms of media, we are often placed in a quandary as to who and what we should believe.


The current pandemic is a case at hand that highlighted this dilemma we often find ourselves in. With so much conflicting information, how do we sieve through them to come to what is true and accurate? Going to the right source for information would certainly be a good place to start. Here it will be the medical doctors or scientists.


Similarly, any legal advice should be sought for with lawyers, IT-related issues with Computer experts, building structures/wirings/construction with Engineers and Architects. One wouldn’t go to a Lawyer for Medical advice, neither an Architect for Legal advice.


But, point is, will the right source or authority to that subject at hand be able or willing to advise/comment, that is the issue. Of course, it is the choice of the profession or individuals to answer.


However, in instances like the Pandemic where much lives are at stake, it is no longer a choice but a moral obligation for the medical community to divulge and communicate information succinctly and clearly and truthfully so that lives will not be lost unnecessarily.


How much more then the countless souls at risk of hell? In Joseph Prince, the Church is faced with a perpetrator of falsehoods and twisted doctrines, with many of the flocks drawn to it, as well as non-believers being seduced into a completely new brand of Christianity that is totally unlike what the Church preaches. For years, what has the Church done? Our response…Silence.


My Brother George Ong has researched and compiled a voluminous amount of facts and rebuttals from the Bible and the writings of countless early fathers of the faith, as well as some renowned leaders and teachers in our present times to counter the fallacies championed by Joseph Prince.


Hence to say one is ignorant and lacks information, that is totally inexcusable. But to have the inertia within to do or say anything, then that is disobedience, a spiritual malaise to a task or responsibility placed on every Christian and even more so Church Leaders & Pastors! For church leaders to continue to treat a heretic like Joseph Prince as a fellow shepherd is just unthinkable!


What is even graver is that Joseph Prince’s spirit is likened to that of Satan. The manner in which he utters his heresies and whatever he utters are from a spirit of Deception that was birthed in the Garden of Eden, like that Serpent of old. His modus operandi is Fleshly in nature.


Today, even as we speak, many are being led into the jaws of hell based on one man’s (Joseph Prince) heretic teachings and dogmas but yet believing that their salvation is secured.


What will you do? I urge you that if you have a spouse, siblings, friends, relatives, parents and colleagues attending New Creation Church, besides going on your knees to pray for the veil of deception to be lifted from their eyes, arise to be God’s watchmen and lighthouse to warn of their impending shipwreck of their wrongfully-placed faith and to return to the True way of Jesus! (Matt 18:15; Ezek 3:18-19; Titus 2:15)


“Two things I ask of you, Lord; do not refuse me before I die: Keep falsehood and lies far from me;…” (Proverbs 30:7-8)


This is the innermost plea of all men!


Will you continue to allow falsehood and lies to reign in your midst? Particularly as spiritual leaders, you must take responsibility and do what’s right!


Dr Simon Chong

Attending Faith Methodist Church, Singapore


Rev George Ong’s Heartfelt Response (alluding to David Pawson’s quote) to Dr Simon Chong’s Article


Dr Simon Chong had made the pivotal point that against the onslaught of Joseph Prince’s deadly heresies that have continued to lead many to the jaws of hell, the Church, (and especially Pastors and leaders) must not remain silent.


This is why I have made humongous efforts at getting people in the Church, especially pastors and leaders to speak up publicly against Joseph Prince’s destructive heresies. To be honest, I have met with many more disappointments than encouragements.


My disappointments are encapsulated and expressed so well by David Pawson in his book, “Completing Luther’s Reformation”,

Pages 98-99:


“… but second, and this has been the greatest pain that I experienced, and I am being very frank here, is from Christians and church leaders who agree with me but will not stand publicly with me. I have encountered so many of them.


They say, “Oh David, thank you. Thank God for what you’re saying.”


I reply, “Well, will you please say it with me? I could do with somebody on the platform with me from time to time.”


People have said (literally) to me, “I could do with that like a hole in the head.”


It really is tragic that there are Christians who know when they hear the truth and who agree with it privately, but dare not risk going public. If only all those who agree with this reformation (Martin Luther) actually did something…. That is the tragedy. I believe we could do this if all those who really believe the truth would come out with it and stand firm, even if it cost them their job and their house.


I have told you it cost us that, but we have never regretted it and the Lord has kept his promise to look after us ever since. One week after we lost our house, we were presented with a brand-new house that had never been lived in, and I had a church to minister to. The Lord is good. But he had to take me to that point where I had to say, “I’m prepared to risk everything rather than go against my conscience.” I believe he calls us all to do that. But it is costly, and the fear of people can be a real factor in holding you back. But I believe if you fear God you will never fear anybody or anything else.”


David Pawson who passed away on 21 May 2020, is one Bible teacher/preacher who has my highest respect and deepest admiration. Almost all of our doctrines are in perfect consonance. He is not only an excellent Bible teacher and prolific writer but he is also one who dares to speak the truth, no matter how unpopular and damaging it is to his ministry – and he does it publicly.


Though I’m very disappointed with the vast majority who have not come forward, I’m heartened by the small minority who did.


Many of those whom I have listed (see below) and am thankful for have written at least one article publicly against Joseph Prince’s false teachings. My special and heartfelt thanks to each one of them who has supported and stood by my calling, and for daring to call a spade a spade.


(Just in case you think everyone who speaks against Joseph Prince’s heresies must appear on my website and adopt my forthright style, you are sorely mistaken. You could publish your articles or produce your videos on your website or other forums. With your permission, I will feature your weblink on my website so others could read or listen to what you have written or spoken in your own doctrinal approach and preferred style. I have actually suggested that to several individuals but have yet to receive their response.)


My special thanks to the following:


Rev Goutam Datta (India), Hou Song Liang (China) & Rev Momoh Sylvester Foh (Sierra Leone)


From Malaysia:

Bishop Andrew Phang, Canon Rev James Juhari, Rev Arnold Rajan, Rev Eric Lee, Rev Kelvin Jawa, Rev Wilston Trin, Rev William Patrick, Pastor Dr Albert S K Chia, Jason Liew, Wilson Kwan, Loke Sau Yeen, K Paul Raj, Ng Boon Kem, Charles Pitan, Sandy Wong, Chan Lai Ping, Ricky Yoong, Kingston Lee, Matthiew Lau & Anita Lee


From Singapore:

Bishop Ho Chee Sin, Bishop Kuan Kim Seng, Dr Roland Chia, Rev Tan Cheng Huat, Rev David Liew, Rev Eric Chua, Elder David Ng Tah Wee, Dr Simon Chong, Wong Kae Chee, Ang Lip Jin, Benjamin Yeo, Eva Kane, Dr Sarah Ambika Dharan, Tan Siew Poh, Soh Kim Seng, Koh Bee Lu, Jindong, John Lim Beo Peng, Wong Sung Ho, Brigadier General (Retired) Andrew Tan, Andrew Kiong, Janet Tan, Lam Chun Mun, Tan Peng Yong & Elsie Tan, Lim Ban Seng, Katherine Tan-Foo, Daniel Khoo, Samuel Zee, Melissa Thangavellu, Daniel Tay, Ivy Bong, Dr Chris Kang, Asher Chee, Andrew Tan, Lindsay Lim, Peter Tok, Glenn Fong & Tony Wong-Jensen


To God be the Glory! 

Articles by Andrew Tan & Rev George Ong

Joseph Prince’s Arrogance Towards Critics – By Andrew Tan (Ex New Creation Church Member)


In Joseph Prince’s sermon last Sunday on 22 August 2021 (three days ago), he said the following (click to view):


“When I hear people speaking against me or writing against me or whatever, one of the things that I do is that I go to God and say ‘Father, I thank you that that person is the righteousness of God in Christ. And I pray that you give the person a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you. And I bless that person in Jesus’ name.’”


Though the above statement is calculated to win over peoples’ hearts, it is misleading and tantamount to a deception for two reasons.


Firstly, it is a publicity stunt to impress listeners that he is practising Christian charity on those who oppose him.


Secondly, this attitude is a far cry from how he responded to his critics in my 20 years (2000-2020) in New Creation Church.


In my many years at New Creation Church, I’ve often heard him speak against those who criticise his grace theology as being Pharisaical. Those who teach on the relevance of the moral law, which is against his core teachings, are called legalists or works-obsessed people.


To make things concrete, let me quote just one example of how he arrogantly responded to critics.


Several years ago, when I was still in New Creation Church, Joseph Prince told the congregation that he was aware that there were pastors who opposed his teaching and wanted to correct him.


But he arrogantly said what can he learn from these pastors whose church membership is much smaller than New Creation Church. To Joseph Prince, having church membership of over 32,000 is proof that what he is teaching must be right.


He chided those pastors who tried to correct his theology by questioning them why their church memberships were not growing. He further added, can 32,000 people be wrong?


In actual fact, biblical history has shown that safety in numbers is a fallacy. In the Old Testament, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Elijah and many other prophets were outnumbered by those who apostatized. Yet, they stood alone and were truthful to their calling.


In Matthew 7:13-14, Jesus warned us: “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (NIV).


I would rather be in a small church where the truth is preached than to be in a mega church such as New Creation Church where falsehood is being spewed out from the pulpit and the lips of Joseph Prince. The pulpit must be one that pulls people from the pit and not bring people down into the pit of destruction.


Throughout history, God is looking for the remnant who are faithful and loyal to Him. A remnant is a smaller minority of people, the opposite of ‘mega’. We are called to remain faithful until the day of the Lord.


If you feel tempted or seduced by the euphoria of belonging to the majority, never forget the words of Jesus in Matthew 7:13-14 – that the few will find life, while the many are headed for destruction.


Andrew C. Tan

Attending Agape Methodist Church, Singapore


If you have missed reading Andrew Tan’s testimony about how he came out of New Creation Church, please read it here (click).



Joseph Prince: The Double Talker – By Rev George Ong


Joseph Prince may deceive naïve believers about how kind he is towards those who oppose him. But he cannot hoodwink those who attended his church before. Andrew Tan who attended New Creation Church for a lengthy 20 years (2000-2020) has given his take on the ‘nice things’ that Joseph Prince said on 22 August 2021 – which is a far cry from the arrogant manner he responded to his critics. Anyone who speaks from an experience amounting to 20 years ought to be given a hearing.


To corroborate the testimony of Andrew Tan, let me quote excerpts of another Ex New Creation Church member, Dr Chris Kang, who wrote the following in his testimony (click to read the entire testimony of how he came out of New Creation Church):


“Defensive attitude and rhetoric against non-hypergrace or ‘legalistic’ churches. Anti-intellectualism that mocks people with a Ph.D. or are professors (I’ve seen and heard Prince do this multiple times).


“There are other hypergrace teachers besides Prince, of course. One cynical statement I’ve heard prosperity pseudo-gospel preachers make goes something like this: “Oh, you religious-minded people, if you don’t like praying for more money, you can always pray for poverty! And I can have your money if you don’t want it!” I’ve heard Prince speak in the same vein. This is absolute garbage, an intellectually dishonest straw-man argument that simultaneously mocks and slanders those who critique the obsession with wealth on the part of prosperity pseudo-gospel devotees.” 


What Dr Chris Kang had written seems to be at loggerheads with the nice image that Joseph Prince tries to portray of himself by what he said on 22 August.


If this isn’t enough to convince you, let me give you 2 more pieces of evidence to show you that Joseph Prince does not hesitate to give a dressing down for those who criticise him.


In a sermon delivered at Star Vista (venue of New Creation Church) a few years ago, Joseph Prince made the point that only those with influence like him (meaning having a big congregation and a wide reach), are necessarily speaking for God. (Careful! The devil can also give you influence and make you famous when he tried to tempt Jesus in Matthew 4:8-11.) And he further added that pastors who speak against him but having little or no influence should just keep quiet and not yak like a puppy. 


This is an excerpt of what he said (click to view)


“Every pastor listening to me must understand we are what we are, whatever influence because God wants to give us the influence… If God doesn’t (give you the influence), no matter what you say doesn’t amount to a hill of beans… Pastor Prince believes in this but I believe this. Let God give you the influence. But if God doesn’t (give you the influence) I want to know why… If God doesn’t, then don’t just be like a little puppy, yaking a lot. Whereas, a bull dog, big one, quiet.”


So, is Joseph Prince who calls Pastors who contend against his teachings a puppy who yaks a lot, magnanimous to his critics? You decide!


Second, Joseph Prince would often brand those who disagree with his teachings as being Pharisaical.


In an excerpt of another video, Joseph Prince said, (click to view)


“I want to just tell you this. People always like to quote this, okay, and try to bring us into bondage, other than what the author of these verses meant, which is God, the heavenly author. They like to say, ‘Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only.’ Have you heard that before? ‘Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only.’ And that one quote has robbed us from hearing more because we will say, ‘Hearing is no point. It’s not just hearing, you must do it.’ Almost every sermon you hear, ‘Hearing is not important. It’s doing it.’ Come on. You want to have a Pharisaical look. Have you heard that before? It discourages people from hearing.”


It seems rather evident in this video that Joseph Prince is rather upset and even angry with people who disagree with him. Don’t you think his combative way of responding in the video will undo his reputation as the Super-grace teacher, and all that he is trying to teach about grace and about being gracious to others?


Hitting critics who disagree with him with the Pharisees’ tag publicly, is a rather unceremonious way to respond – definitely not befitting one with a gentle and forbearing spirit that he tries to depict in last Sunday’s sermon on 22 August 2021.


Yet, people are so naïve to believe that Joseph Prince is such a noble fellow who will bend backwards to reach out to his critics – just based purely on one short speech he made last Sunday. 


Some of you may protest, “George, are you saying that a person isn’t capable of changing his attitudes towards his critics?”


Sure, anyone is capable of changing for the better.


But it would certainly be more believable, if Joseph Prince would declare that whatever he had said and done in the past to put his critics down is imprudent and that he has now decided to amend his ways. 


Furthermore, Joseph Prince has never publicly withdrawn those nasty things he said and wrote against his critics. So, we would have to take it that that is still his prevailing attitude towards them, notwithstanding what he said last Sunday on 22 August 2021 or what he may say from hereon.


If Joseph Prince chooses to say one thing at one time and another at a different time, his reputation as a double-talker or one who speaks on both sides of his mouth will continue to haunt him.


Finally, you may ask, “Is an aggressive and no-nonsense approach against critics always wrong? Is there no place for believers to contend fiercely against others without any apologies?”


Yes, the Bible clearly teaches that when it comes to the preservation of the gospel; when it has to do with false teachers or wolves in sheepskin (such as Joseph Prince) who preach a false gospel, there must be no let-up in our fight against them.


Both the Lord Jesus and the Apostle Paul demonstrated it.


Jesus pronounced the destiny of hell twice on the Pharisees (Matt 23:15, 33) who were the false teachers of His days. Instead of focussing on and obeying God’s laws, they taught their own doctrines – their rules and regulations, which were man-made.  


Paul declared a double curse on the Galatians who had gone into the heresy of preaching Christ (or grace of God) plus circumcision gospel (Gal 1:8-9).


Paul himself had to rebuke Peter by name when he began acting like a hypocrite – as, by Peter’s hypocritical action, the gospel stands the danger of being compromised (Gal 2:11-14).


If Paul had the guts to rebuke Apostle Peter (who is senior to him) by name and publicly because the gospel is being threatened, how much more should we be uncompromising and courageous to do the same with false teachers such as Joseph Prince who is not only corrupting the gospel but also leading the multitudes to hell?



Song: “I will not deny Jesus”


I am very ministered by this touching song, “I will not deny Jesus.” May this song by Panam Percy Paul minister to you and especially your Christian friends who are caught in nations where persecution abounds. (click to view)

Reverend George Ong

Reverend George Ong

George Ong is an engaging speaker at organisations and churches, both in Singapore and overseas.

He has been an itinerant speaker for 20 years and has preached in more than 200 churches across different denominations.

He has the unique ability to reach out to all age groups: from children, youths and adults to the elderly.

Marked by clarity, passion and a touch of humour, his messages have touched and transformed many lives.

To date, he has written one of the thickest books ever produced in the world: ‘Joseph Prince: Shepherd or Wolf?’ comprising 10 volumes in 4,800 pages.

He has also produced 56 volumes of humour books, containing 27,000 jokes in 10,300 pages, which is possibly a world record.

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On a lighter note, I have also produced 56 volumes of humour books, containing more than 27,000 jokes in about 10,300 pages.


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It is not a joke to produce 56 volumes of humour books. No amount of words can describe the massive task and the humongous effort that went into producing the books. Enormous discipline, untiring diligence, unwavering passion, unyielding focus, dogged perseverance, and most of all, the supernatural empowerment of God, all went into making the impossible, possible. Glory to God for His strength to accomplish one of life’s most unique challenges of producing 56 humour books, which is unequalled in most parts of the world.


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