Joseph Prince’s Teaching That Tribulation Saints Are Not Part Of The Church Is Unbiblical Part 16 (V93 Dated 15 Apr 2021)

Testimonies of Rev Robinson Simunyi, Jerry Seah, Aileen, Alma Niges & Andrew Cheah

Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 5 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Rev Robinson Simunyi, Jerry Seah, Aileen, Alma Niges & Andrew Cheah who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Rev Robinson Simunyi


Rev George Ong’s teaching that the Post-tribulation is the true biblical view and that the Pre-tribulation is a false doctrine is direct, clear and irrefutable.


Because the Pre-tribulation is clearly a false doctrine, there must be the total rejection of it which the Church must do to any false doctrine that threatens the doctrinal purity of the Church.


I totally agree with Rev George Ong that the false Pre-tribulation view must be exposed and torn down.


We must continue to teach the clear biblical truth and remind the Church that she will not escape the great tribulation.


The Church must stay faithful, serving the Lord, and preaching the Gospel until the end of this age when Christ shall return.


It is so important that we do not compromise on the truth and protect the Church from the excessive teaching on grace; the ‘once saved always saved’ and that ‘once we are forgiven, we are always forgiven’.


It is crucial for believers to hear Rev George Ong’s teaching on the truth of the Post-tribulation and the falsity of the Pre-tribulation teaching so that believers will not be complacent and will not slacken and that they can be prepared for suffering and endure to the end. 


Rev Robinson Simunyi

Senior Pastor, BEM (SIB) Canada Hill Church, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Chairman, Miri Pastors’ Fellowship



Testimony of Jerry Seah


The correct teaching on Rapture and the Great Tribulation needs to be urgently and quickly disseminated.


The runway could be short.


Looking at world events that are quickly developing, time may not be on our side.


I attended Rev George Ong’s seminar on the subject and I totally agree with him on the need to know the correct scriptural teaching on this important subject and the urgency to demolish the lie of the Pre-trib doctrine.


We need to stop the partying and be involved in spiritual warfare.


The potential to ‘fall away’ from our faith is great when we don’t know the teaching of God’s word.


Wrong teaching or worse, the tendency for many preachers to take the safe and ‘diplomatic’ approach by remaining silent on this important subject will lead the Church to become soft, ignorant and unprepared.


I strongly recommend Rev George Ong’s seminar on Rapture and the Great Tribulation to you.


It’s strongly anchored in scriptural truth.


His engaging delivery will keep you fully awake.


I also like his singing.


It is so touching when you hear his testimonies; amongst many, was the fact that he had allowed his 19-year-old daughter to go to Jordan on a seventh-month long trip to minister to the Syrian refugees from Sep 2014 to Apr 2015.


Rev George Ong walks the talk.


He paid the price to carry out the unpopular call of teaching the falsity of the Pre-trib doctrine.


Let us be prepared and equipped for the coming Tribulation.


Let us encourage one another to do likewise, as we see the Day approaching.

Jerry Seah P C

Attending Bartley Christian Church, Singapore



Testimony of Aileen


Thanks for the very interesting and informative teaching. 


I was surprised that I actually stayed fully awake and attentive throughout the super long session! 


It’s rare for anyone to sustain my attention for so long if you know me well enough.


Your seminar has impacted me somehow.


To be honest, I signed up purely out of curiosity.


I googled and read here and there on the Internet about the different positions held by Christians and so got interested to know what, how and why there are so many positions on the Rapture issue.


When I received your numerous calls, messages, 350-page book and your reminder to read up prior to the day of the seminar, I started to get really worried and frightened. 


To me, your enthusiasm and seriousness about the way you approach your ministry is just too overwhelming.


I became hesitant….maybe the seminar is more suitable for those at the pastoral level…maybe it’s for those theological students or…maybe I should just give up and not turn up that day.


I prayed about it and felt the peace to proceed.


So I asked God to open my eyes, my ears and my heart to receive only the truth and protect me should there be any false teaching (just in case). 


I bravely stepped out in faith and attended almost till the end, though I was mentally all-prepared to leave the room if I felt uncomfortable at any point about your teaching.  


I am glad I did not chicken out. 


In fact, I would have regretted if I quit attending your seminar after reading your book. 


It is through attending in person that I appreciate your honesty and your very determined, unwavering, and uncompromising view towards the truth and falsity on the rapture issue.


I admire you for being so firm in your conviction despite all the opposition.


Strangely also, the many questions I have raised in my head before attending the session were one by one answered as the day of the seminar continued.


Of course, I still cannot comprehend everything (100%) you have taught.


But I believe in time to come, God will slowly reveal and guide me accordingly as I continue to seek Him faithfully.


All in all, I am thankful that I went.


I have enjoyed your session.


I have my questions answered, my eyes were opened and I have learnt much.


I am glad that I did not miss this great opportunity to know you, and that I did not unfairly misjudge you (almost).


May our God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry exceedingly, abundantly and above all you can ask or imagine!



Attending a Methodist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Alma Niges


I do praise God for the calling He has for you.


As far as I know, there is no one like you who teaches with such boldness about the Pre-trib and Post-trib doctrines.


I heard these teachings many years ago but most of these were talking about Pre-trib.


The series of ‘Left Behind’ movies has also solidified Pre-trib teachings in the minds of believers. 


As far as I know, nobody in the churches in Kuching, Sarawak teaches on this issue.


Even in conferences that I attended, I have never heard it taught at all…so that the church can be prepared and not be deceived by false teachings.


Sadly, many have watched Tim Lahaye’s ‘Left Behind’ movies that brought a lot of people into believing that we are not going through the Great Tribulation but rather will be raptured before it.


And I almost believed that too.


But the good news is, God has brought Pastor George Ong in our church to teach on this subject and for me it was very timely.


I admit that it was challenging for me to absorb the heavy and ‘meaty’ teaching piece by piece, like a jigsaw puzzle.


But at the end of the seminar, I was impacted and delighted in knowing that your teaching was well explained and it gave me the clarity to understand the Pre-trib and Post-trib doctrines.


Your teaching is very impacting and life transforming as I was helped to see that Pre-trib is indeed a false teaching. 


Only God could give you the grace to put and pull together all facets of the teaching into one book.


This is certainly not an easy task unless God has called and equipped you to do it.


After listening to your testimonies, I cried because I could really see the hand of God upon your life.


God has really chosen you for this enormous task for these end-times on teaching the truth about the Rapture.


I am so glad that I have attended the seminar and got all the answers to my questions.


As you have encouraged us to put on a Berean-like attitude, I am starting now to research and study scriptures like the Bereans.


Thank you Pastor George Ong for your truthful teaching and I am glad that I came to hear your teaching.


You are truly a very humble teacher who had nothing to gain but serves only for the glory of God.


Alma Niges

Attending Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia



Testimony of Andrew Cheah


Attending a talk is at times downright boring, what more if it stretches for almost the whole of a Saturday (9.30 am to 5.30 pm) and over 2 hours of a night on Friday (8 pm to 10.15 pm).


But it’s not the same if the speaker is one Rev George Ong.


This man of God has taken upon himself to speak the Biblical truth, correct teachings that we have wrongly learnt and verses that we have wrongly interpreted.


Speaking the hard truth is often inconvenient, risky and offensive to the ‘politically correct’ majority.


Because of this, many doors of ministry were closed on him.


As Rev George has shared, doors in Singapore were closed at a faster rate than those in Malaysia.


Sadly, this is in contrast to preachers who teach doctrines which they know to be wrong, and yet are still teaching it for the sake of self-preservation.


To share the truth in the scriptures, and to support himself, he has to become an itinerant preacher, moving out of the city state to some countries, especially in Malaysia.


I was fortunate to hear him speak on ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ on 10-11 Mar in Ipoh at St Peter’s (Anglican) Church, where I am a member.


I first heard him when he talked on ‘Cat & Dog Theology’ at St Peter’s some time back.


When I heard that he would be speaking on ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’, I signed up again without hesitation.


I like George’s talk as there is honesty and sincerity in what he speaks.


Although his sessions are long and tiring (about 11 hours), it’s never boring.


He starts and ends his talks on time.


To maintain interest and attention, George throws in some jokes here and there.


Humour makes his teachings interesting and lively.


Besides preaching, George is actually quite a good singer and a talented musical instrument player.


I have seen and heard him sing with ease and passion, using the guitar and ukulele.


These are typically included in his talks to maintain interest and attention and we asked for encores.


Although he speaks very quickly (which is typical of him) much like a bullet train because of time constraints, his presentation and delivery is good, clear and audible.


His arguments on Bible phrases and scriptures are well presented, supported and well thought out.


His teachings, though heavy and meaty, are clear and easy to understand, especially for mature Christians.


George speaks with such fervour and passion on the topics that he had researched so well that I feel it’s really a shame if one didn’t attend his talks.


To help his audience understand better, he generously gives away his teaching materials which are well-compiled and researched, in the form of a 350-page book.


He allowed 10 minutes for tea break and 30 minutes for lunch which I felt was unusually short for a 9 hour-teaching, but I wasn’t complaining.


I am heartened by his unwavering pursuit in making known the deceptiveness and dangers of the false Pre-tribulation Rapture doctrine at the risk of having even more doors of ministry closed on him.


As he had bravely and resolutely shared, he would rather preach once and obey God rather than 1,000 times and disobey Him.


For only RM30 (which includes a tea break, lunch and notes in a book format), it is definitely a steal to buy a seat for the seminar.


The book alone is worth the RM30, to me at least.


May I encourage anyone who wants to learn more about the truth in the scriptures, not to miss his seminars.


Andrew Cheah

Attending St Peter’s (Anglican) Church, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Joseph Prince’s Teaching That The Church Is Absent During Tribulation In Revelation Chapters 6-18 Is False Part 15 (V92 Dated 12 Apr 2021)

Testimonies of Pastor William Patrick, Dr Tan Hee Ting, Bro James Lee, Clarence Yeung & Derlin Ang

Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 5 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Pastor William Patrick, Dr Tan Hee Ting, Bro James Lee, Clarence Yeung & Derlin Ang who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Pastor William Patrick


I thank the Lord for moving my heart to attend this seminar at City Tabernacle, Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysia) at such a time as this.


It was a timely seminar for all Christians to attend and prepare for the coming of the Lord.


Personally, for me, I believe in Post-tribulationism by reading the scripture verses especially Matthew 24.


In the past, this subject has fascinated me so much that l ended up buying and reading a few books on the subject, but I was not satisfied or convinced fully by their arguments and claims.


In fact, I became more confused and unclear on this subject.


So, I came to take a stand saying that it doesn’t matter when the Lord is coming – whether it is Pre-tribulation rapture, Mid-tribulation rapture or Post-tribulation rapture, it doesn’t really matter.


But in this seminar conducted by Pastor George Ong, I’m thoroughly convinced of the truth of Post-tribulation rapture and came to the stark realisation and deep conviction that the position one holds on the Rapture issue really matters.


As in the words of Rev George Ong, “This is not merely a matter of life and death but a heaven and hell issue.”


Wonderfully, all the questions I had on the issue, have been answered so clearly and precisely by Rev George Ong using the revelation of God’s word.


I’m so blessed to have a very clear understanding and grasp on this subject and as Pastor of a church, I am now able to confidently teach and challenge my congregation on the topic, which I was not able to before.


Pastor George, your excellent teaching, though fast, was full of clarity.


You have the gifting and anointing to defuse any doubt on a controversial issue and the conviction to uphold what is true and the courage to demolish what is false.


Thank you, Pastor George, and may God use you to bring this important teaching to as many churches and people as possible.


Pastor William Patrick

Pastor of Abundant Life Centre, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia



Testimony of Dr Tan Hee Ting


As someone who is brought up in the Assembly of God churches, I am no stranger to Pre-tribulation teaching.


Teachings like, Jesus may come like a thief in the night and rapture us in the blink of an eye really gives me the jitters (or perspiration).


The book, ‘Left Behind’ by Tim LaHaye also plays a very prominent role in my worldview of eschatology.


In short, I was indoctrinated.


My personal fear of being left behind alone here on earth while others are taken away is very real.


As I grew in the Lord and began to read the Bible, I started to realise that my belief in Pre-tribulation has little scriptural basis.


In fact, it is a false doctrine.


This crucial message of Post-tribulationism taught by Rev George is a timely reminder to everyone, and it is most pertinent at the present time.


Please listen to him with an open heart and you will not regret.


Many Christians nowadays are living their life assuming that they will not be tested in the coming days.


How wrong they can be. 


Just by looking at the present world is enough to remind us of the harbinger of things to come.


The barbaric killing of Christians at the hands of ISIS is enough to put fear in the hearts of many.


If Christians are not prepared for this coming tribulation, there is a real possibility, as the Bible tells us, that many will fall away.


This is a real and present danger to all Christians.


Therefore to be forewarned is to be forearmed.


Get ready for the tribulation ahead, but fear not, because God will give you the grace and the peace to endure till the end.


Rev George, your point-by-point rebuttal of the Pre-tribulation doctrine is spot on.


With the authority of the scriptures, you have conclusively demolished the Pre-tribulation doctrine.


I would like to thank you for the boldness to teach the truth regardless of the price you had to pay.


I commend you for your frankness and forthrightness in defending the truth and revealing the false in the face of opposition from fellow men and women of the cloth.


Your steadfastness to stay focussed on this very difficult mission that God has given you and your guts to go against the conventional but erroneous tide is a real encouragement to me.


Dr Tan Hee Ting

Director of Lahad Datu Hospital & Key leader in the Church

Attending Calvary Charismatic Church (Assembly of God), Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Bro James Lee


“After reading Pastor George Ong’s book on ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ and attending his seminar on the same topic, I am convinced that Post-tribulation doctrine is the correct teaching based on the scriptures, and Pre-tribulation teaching is unbiblical.


He has done extensive research into the topic and the teaching is very thorough, covering all aspects and difficult terminology in the book of Revelation.


He explained the concept of Rapture and Great Tribulation very clearly and convincingly with relevant scriptures.


He gave concrete and insightful evidence about the truth of Post-tribulation and the false teachings of Pre-tribulation.


Though several arguments that he put forward to the topic are new to me, they are entirely biblical.


The Church is called to be prepared for the tribulation that is going to take place, and Christians must remain strong and faithful to face the challenges and persecution and even martyrdom that is ahead of us.


It is a wake-up call to churches and nominal Christians.


Many of my church members have benefited from the seminar, and have their doubts clarified on the subject of Rapture and Tribulation.


Before attending the seminar, many of them believe in Pre-tribulation doctrine or are neutral regarding their stand on Rapture and Tribulation.


After attending Rev George Ong’s seminar, many of them have seen the light and many now say that they believe in Post-tribulation doctrine.


Rev George, thank God for using you to shed light on the truth.


The seminar is truly timely.


Thank you for your conviction and unfailing spirit to obey His word and calling despite the detrimental circumstances you are facing.


Thank you for speaking up and standing up for the truth.


The seminar has really encouraged me spiritually.


May God continue to use you and bless you as you faithfully obey Him.


Bro James Lee

Chairman of Church Council, Bethel Bandar, Brunei



Testimony of Clarence Yeung


My understanding about the end-times from a Christian perspective was fragmented.


Most churches hardly preach or teach on this subject, deeming it unnecessary with no benefit for daily Christian living.


To them, it is a subject that only gives rise to controversies.


Others mention it vaguely with full tentativeness and disclaimers about their views and positions.


The lack of attention on this subject by the churches created in me a void such that my knowledge on this subject was naively and erroneously based on the popular book series, ‘Left Behind’ by the Pre-trib theologian, Tim Lahaye.


As a result, my knowledge about ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ was confusing and full of inconsistencies.


It was hard to make plausible sense of the Pre-tribulation theology to myself and it was even harder to explain it to my fellow brethren.


The seminar by George Ong has first of all, helped me to understand the sources of my confusion, as he meticulously examined point-by-point how the Pre-tribulation view is inherently contradictory and illogical.


Second, he has shown how the Post-tribulation view is far more coherent from the viewpoints of the word of God and human logic.


It is an invaluable seminar to clarify and straighten my thoughts about Rapture and Great Tribulation as mentioned in the Bible.


After the seminar, not only am I more confident to explain to others about the subject, I am more anticipative and better prepared to accept the development of some global events around us. 


I do believe God has given George Ong this awakening ministry at this season of time to alert churches to pay attention to the end-time message in the Bible.


In view of the increasing violence against humanity, deterioration of environment and conflicts among nations to unprecedented scales, it is not the time to be ignorant anymore but to diligently seek God’s message in His word.


God has started the motion; George Ong has done his due diligence and he has been faithful to his calling.


It is time for Christians to do their part.


I am very comfortable with George Ong’s prophetic and forthright style of teaching.


I could empathise with his disappointment why pastors and teachers of God’s word have allowed the false Pre-tribulation teachings to permeate the churches for such a long time.


However, I could also feel why others resist George Ong’s style and the content of his teaching because there is much pride to be swallowed, especially when they had, all these years, been teaching the Pre-tribulation doctrine to their congregation.


Honestly, how many pastors and preachers are prepared to truly humble themselves and penitently acknowledge that what they have been teaching about the Pre-tribulation doctrine is false?


I will encourage George Ong to continue to be courageous and truthful in that prophetic style in order to honour God’s calling on his life.


Clarence Yeung

Deacon, Abundant Life Baptist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Derlin Ang


Dear Rev George Ong, at first, I was very uncertain whether to attend your seminar due to some matters but my heart was looking forward to it.


At last, I thank God for my husband, Remy Wong, who was able to join me and thus solved my transport problem, and we too, were able to send some church members to join the seminar too.


God is good.


I would never regret in my life for giving myself this golden opportunity to attend this powerful seminar conducted by you.


From your seminar, there are many areas I needed to unlearn and relearn.


With the powerful message by you, supported by many explicit biblical references of God’s very words, it has helped me to understand the truth better and clearer about the wrong teaching and deception of the Pre-tribulation doctrine.


I have also learnt the truth of Post-tribulation, the great tribulation, the signs to look out for before the second coming of our Lord and that Christ will reign with us on earth for a thousand years, etc.

Through your great teaching, I am more ready to prepare myself as well as to prepare my children and family and to unlearn what was wrongly taught to them on the Pre-tribulation doctrine. 


I confess and ask God for forgiveness that I have believed in the lie of the Pre-tribulation due to my ignorance.

Now, I shall have no fear to face the great tribulation, and with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, I will not deny His Name but persevere and endure till I meet my Lord face to face one day. 


May the Holy Spirit guide me, strengthen my faith and my family to fight the good fight and finish our race on earth in triumph and bring glory to Him.

Lastly, I love your fantastic seminar.


You are a great preacher, teacher, singer, musician, entertainer and joker.


Most of all, I am most touched to know that you are a great servant who dares to face persecution and do what God wants you to do.


I want to thank you, Rev George and your wife for all your suffering, endurance, love and obedience to the Lord.


You have become a great role model for us to follow.


May you continue to preach and teach boldly.


May our good Lord grant you and family with His wisdom and understanding, and provide for all your needs, and grant you your heart’s desire to do what pleases the Lord.


Derlin Ang

Attending Emmanuel Harvest Center (Anglican), Penang, Malaysia

Joseph Prince’s Teaching That The Holy Spirit Would Leave Believers In This World Is Erroneous Part 14 (V91 Dated 9 Apr 2021)

Article of Dr Roland Chia & Testimony of Dr Chan Kai Lok

Holy Communion and Healing By Dr Roland Chia


In the previous article, I discussed Joseph Prince’s affinity with the Health and Wealth Gospel, especially with regard to the practice of positive confession. There is, however, another aspect of Prince’s teaching that unequivocally connects him to prosperity preachers such as Kenneth Copeland.


I am referring to his teaching about the relationship between Holy Communion and physical healing.


In an article on his website entitled ‘How to Take Communion for Your Healing’, health and wealth guru Kenneth Copeland teaches that when Christians receive Holy Communion, they ‘should plan to partake of everything Jesus’ sacrifice provided – salvation, peace of mind, healing and total prosperity’ (emphasis in the original). Describing Holy Communion as the ‘powerhouse of God’, Copeland maintains that the ‘Communion table is the healing table, the deliverance table and the confession table.’


In the same article, Copeland stresses that Christians need not have Holy Communion only in the Church. ‘You can receive it anytime and anywhere’, he writes. In fact, he suggests that Christians should ‘take Communion every day.’


He then provides ‘seven tips for taking Communion for your healing’. He teaches his readers how they should pray as they partake of the bread and wine by providing a sample prayer.


For instance, before partaking the wine, the Christian should pray:


Father, I give You thanks for all You have provided for me through the New Covenant in Christ Jesus. I partake of those promises now! I am healed. I am redeemed. I am the head and not the tail. I am above and not beneath. I take the healing You sacrificed to give me, and I thank You and praise You for it, in Jesus’ Name.


If the expression ‘I am the head and not the tail’ sounds familiar, the very same words are found in Chapter 1 of Joseph Prince’s Destined to Reign. Prince evidently ‘borrowed’ this expression from Copeland.


However, that is not the only thing that Prince took from Copeland. His entire understanding of the role of the Holy Communion in bringing health and prosperity to the believer can be said to be a carbon-copy of Copeland’s teaching.


At the end of his book Health and Wholeness Through the Holy Communion, Prince not only instructs his readers on how to partake the elements for physical healing, but also provides a sample prayer. I reproduce these in full here for the benefit of the reader:


Hold the bread in your hand and say this:


‘Thank You Jesus for Your broken body. It is for my healing, my spouse’s healing and my children’s healing. Thank you that by Your stripes, by the beatings You bore, by the lashes which fell on Your back, we are completely healed. I believe and I receive’.


Next, take the cup in your hand and say this:


‘Thank You Jesus for the new covenant cut in Your blood. Your blood has brought me forgiveness and washed me from every sin. I thank You that Your blood has made me righteous. And as I drink, I celebrate and partake of the inheritance of the righteous, which is preservation, healing, wholeness and prosperity. (Drink the wine)’.


‘Thank You Jesus, I love You because You first loved me’.


In another section of the book, Prince prefaced the above instructions and prayers with these words:


See the Lord carrying all your sins and diseases. He took our sins in his body on the cross. See Him taking on his body your physical conditions. If you have a tumour, see the tumour on his body. Whatever disease you might have, see it on His body. It is no longer on you. See His health come on you …


This practice is called visualisation. It is another method that health and wealth teachers often use to ‘actualise’ physical healing. Just as positive confession enables you to speak things into existence, so visualisation enables you to bring certain desired realities (in this case, healing and health) into being – so claims these Word-of-faith gurus.


For Prince, partaking the Holy Communion not only effects healing. It also enables the believer to ‘offset the process of aging’!


Consider these remarkable paragraphs penned by Prince:


As long as we are here on earth, our bodies are subject to the ageing process, which is part of the divine sentence. All our bodies are decaying every day. Our brain cells are dying daily.


The Holy Communion is God’s solution for us to offset the decay. And even your friends will see the results. They will begin to ask you, ‘Hey, why do you seem to look younger and younger? You never seem to age!’


One day, when we get to heaven, we will have brand new bodies that never grow old, never tire and never look bad. Meanwhile, the Lord’s Supper is how God helps us to offset this process of ageing and walk in divine health. Every time you partake, you are reversing the effects of the curse or divine judgement.


Together with positive confession and visualisation, the Holy Communion has become, in the hands of Prince and the prosperity teachers, another technique to achieve health, wealth and success.


This is far removed from the teaching of the Church concerning the significance of the Eucharist or Holy Communion. In placing emphasis on health, wealth and success in this life, Prince and the health and wealth preachers have not only seriously distorted the purpose of the Holy Communion; they have perverted its true meaning.


How does the Church understand the significance of the Holy Communion?


Firstly, the Church has always understood the celebration of the Lord’s Supper as a memorial of Christ’s death. This harks back to Jesus’ own words as he instituted the Holy Communion: ‘This is my body given to you; do this in remembrance of me’ (Luke 22:19).


However, it is important to stress that the Church does not remember Jesus as people would remember a past hero. She does not commemorate a dead Jesus, but a risen Saviour, who is alive and who is always present with his people.


Secondly, each time the Church celebrates Holy Communion she proclaims the death of Christ and all the salvific significance associated with it. In his first letter to the Christians at Corinth, the apostle Paul writes: ‘as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes’ (1 Corinthians 11:26).


Thirdly, as the passage from 1 Corinthians 11 indicates, in celebrating the Holy Communion, the Church looks forward to the return of Christ – and with it, the general resurrection, the final judgement and the creation of the new heavens and new earth. As the New Testament scholar William Hendricksen puts it, ‘We see, therefore, that communion not only points back to what Jesus Christ has done for us but also forward to what he is still going to mean for us.’


And fourthly, the celebration of Holy Communion points to the unity of the Body of Christ, the Church. The locus classicus of Scripture’s teaching concerning the Church as the Body of Christ is found in 1 Corinthians 12:12-13, where Paul writes:


For just as the body is one and has many members, and all members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ. For by one Spirit we were all baptised into one body – Jews or Greeks, slaves or free – and all were made to drink of one Spirit.


The Church testifies to its unity in Christ each time it celebrates the Holy Communion.


Although the Church has always seen the Holy Communion as a means of grace, she has never understood the sacred meal as a means of obtaining physical healing, material wealth and prosperity, this worldly success, and as an elixir for longevity.


In making health and wealth the focus of the Holy Communion, Prince and the Word-of-Faith teachers have turned attention away from the real reason why Christians celebrate the Eucharist.


To partake of this holy meal only for our immediate material gains is surely to do so in an unworthy manner (1 Corinthians 11:27).


Dr Roland Chia

Chew Hock Hin Professor of Christian Doctrine

Trinity Theological College

Theological and Research Advisor

Ethos Institute for Public Christianity



Testimony of Dr Chan Kai Lok


Dear Pastor George Ong, I was very happy to attend your seminar on 11 July 2015.


I am thoroughly familiar with the subject of eschatology.


So I have understood everything you have written in your book.  


I have myself written some 5 books on eschatology.


Like you, I am a Post-tribber.


I have been teaching Post-trib for many years, roughly since the mid-1960s.


You have succeeded very well to carry across very important truths about the timings of the Tribulation and the Rapture.


They must occur in exactly this biblical order: Tribulation before Rapture ─ the Bible says so repeatedly in many places.


Unfortunately, Pre-tribbers are blind to this truth.


They cannot see (perhaps more accurately they refuse to see) the numerous Bible verses that say so, ie Tribulation before Rapture.


Either it is because they fear suffering (ie persecution and martyrdom) or it is because they do not know the Bible well. Or both.


It is a fact that many so-called theologians (with DDs, ThDs, PhDs) do not really know the Bible well. 


Even the top Pre-trib teachers like Dr John F Walvoord, Dr Dwight J Pentecost, Frederick A Tatford, Hal Lindsey, Salem Kirban, and Dr Tim Lahaye, in my opinion, are not true bible scholars, specifically in their interpretation and teaching on the Pre-trib doctrine.


They do not know the word of God well. 


Otherwise they would not make such blunders as to believe in a whole lot of errors (rubbish) associated with the Pre-trib doctrine.


Although I’ve never been to any theological seminary, I dare say I know the Bible better than these Pre-tribbers.


I do not want to boast. But I must say this.


From a child I have been reading and studying the Bible daily.


Before I became a teenager, I’ve completed the UK Landsdown Bible Course.


By the time I was an undergrad at NUS (in the late 1950s and early 1960s), I had already read through Dr Sidlow Baxter’s ‘Explore The Book’ (note: the Book = Bible) and his other great works.


I have also read the works (books) of Dr Gordon Lindsay, founder of Christ For The Nations, Dr Brian Bailey and Dr Derek Prince which I continued reading even after I had obtained my PhD degree as a Colombo Plan scholar.


By the time when I was an undergrad, I had already studied Dr Finis Jennings Dake’s works like ‘God’s Plan for Man’, and ‘Annotated Reference Bible’ (which has many very detailed cross references and explanations of ‘difficult’ scripture texts).


Also, I had read Dr Kevin J Conner’s works which appealed to me because I was baptised in the Holy Spirit and became a charismatic like Dr Conner.


During my NUS undergrad vacations (six months usually), I would spend some 16 hours a day, everyday, studying the word of God.


It is also my habit (‘discipline’ to be more exact), since a child, to read (and study) the bible daily until now (I’m 78-years-old).


Like David (see Psa 119), I love the word of God and always enjoy reading, studying and meditating on it.


I also used to read about two Christian books each month.


So I’m not ashamed to say that I know God’s word better than most theologians, at least much better than all the Pre-trib theologians.


The fact that Pre-trib theologians can hold such an unbiblical position (ie that the Church will be raptured before the Great Tribulation) simply shows that they do not know the Bible well, despite their DDs, ThDs & PhDs.


Finally, I must encourage you (George) most strongly to do what God has called you to do – to teach the truth of the Post-trib and denounce the falsity of the Pre-trib.


We are all beholden to God, not to men, because Jesus is our judge, not men.


There will always be those who will disagree with and even oppose you. Never mind.


You are serving God, not men.


The Church needs many more pastors like you who are also teachers of the word of Truth.


This is because there is very little time left to preach the Gospel to the lost and to be prepared for persecution.


To me, the most important aspect of preparation is for Christians to be spiritually and mentally prepared to die as martyrs for Jesus (Matt 16:25).


It is therefore very necessary that the Church everywhere should come together to pray, pray and pray.


Needless to say, Christians must live consecrated, holy lives because the Bridegroom is coming for a Bride that is spotless and blameless (1 Thess 5:23; 2 Pet 3:14) and who is “arrayed in fine linen, clean and white” (Rev 19:8).


I shall pray for you and your ministry ‘while it is yet day for the night cometh (soon) when no man can work’.


Dr Chan Kai Lok

Theologian & Bible Teacher

Attending Church of Our Saviour, Singapore 

Joseph Prince Affirmed that it was God who answered the Prayer of His church member because she won the Toto (lottery) Top Prize of $2.8 million – By Rev George Ong

On 10 March 2021 (4 days ago), Melissa Thangavellu’s sober testimony was featured in this website. She shared that one of her family members who attended New Creation Church even bought Toto. If you missed the testimony, please click to read.  


Melissa said of her family member, “She often bought 4D, Toto and big sweep and claimed God’s blessings on her. She asked Jesus for 4D numbers and referred to the numbers as Jesus’ numbers.”


This is not surprising, given what you are about to hear what Joseph Prince said about Toto in a 1-minute audio clip. 


In a sermon excerpt, titled, “The Covenant That Demonstrates His Wealth & Health,” Joseph Prince said (click to hear)


Here is a verbatim of what Joseph Prince said:

“Now, recently, something else happens. Just two weeks ago, there was a lady in Singapore, who was working as a cashier at a coffeeshop, Kopitiam. And one lady walked in and offered her a Toto – just one piece. Now, she never plays Toto in her life. She bought that one piece. I was told later that she wanted Christians to know she don’t plays Toto. There was one time the lady came in and insists on her taking the one. She took that piece. She bought it – the one piece. And that was the top prize – $2.8 million. It was on the front page of The New Paper. $2.8 million, and the word got around in Singapore, saying a Kopitiam aunty has won the top prize. Now what people didn’t know was this; she was praying to God; she’s a new convert. And she was praying to God that she can go to church because somehow her finances didn’t allow and she had to work on Sundays at the Kopitiam, the coffeeshop. So, she asked God to help her. Boy, did God help her. I want to read to you a testimony. And yes, she is from this church.” 


On one hand, Joseph Prince tried to explain for the lady when he mentioned that “she don’t plays Toto.” Yet, on the other hand, he said it was God who answered her prayer by providing for her finances because she won the prize of $2.8 million.


What Joseph Prince is clearly implying is that God can provide for you through gambling. And especially, if it is $2.8 million, it has to be God, and it has to be the right thing to do. I guess, for Joseph Prince, it is because it is $2.8 million that makes it right.


Could you accept such flippant and irresponsible attitude and approach of Joseph Prince (who is a pastor) towards gambling and wealth? It seems that Joseph Prince’s theology is that the ends justify the means – if it is $2.8 million, then it has got to be God.


(This is so characteristic of Joseph Prince as he constantly uses this argument – that just because his church has experienced phenomenal growth, or just because he can produce the plenty of testimonies, this means he is preaching the true grace doctrine.)


In order to promote his Prosperity Gospel doctrine that every believer is to be very rich like Abraham in the Old Testament was, Joseph Prince is even prepared to drag God into this gambling thing. He is making God say that it is okay to gamble as it is God who answered the lady’s prayer by taking care of her finances because He had helped her win the $2.8 million Toto prize.


And what I am interested to know from Joseph Prince is, did she continue to buy Toto after winning the $2.8 million? Well, the reasoning is, if God can answer her prayer by helping her win a monetary prize through Toto once, why can’t He do it the second and third time? If it is okay for God to do it once, shouldn’t it be okay for Him to do it the second and third time?


Instead of giving a clear signal to his church members that gambling is wrong because it promotes the sin of covetousness, unbelievably, Joseph Prince gave tacit approval to it.


How would his church members, especially the new converts and those who are weaker in faith, and worse, those who may have the temptation to gamble, go away with Joseph Prince’s frivolous approach to the issue of gambling?


They must be thinking, that perhaps, buying Toto is not all that wrong, especially if one can win the top Toto prize of 2.8 million, as, after all, their Pastor Joseph Prince Himself had dared to testify publicly, in a worship service about a believer winning Toto.


By now, can you make the connection why the family member of Melissa Thangavellu’s could buy Toto, even though she is attending New Creation Church?


The horrifying thing is, not only does Joseph Prince not give a clear signal that gambling is wrong as it is an insidious form of covetousness, he indirectly promotes it by saying that God can answer the prayer of a believer because He had helped her win a Toto prize.


“Prosperity cannot be proof of God’s favour for it is what the devil promises to those who worship him.” (John Piper)


Going by what John Piper said, it is not God, but very likely the devil, who has helped his lady member win the Toto prize.


By the same token, it is not God, who is responsible for the massive growth of Joseph Prince’s New Creation Church, and the unceasing number of testimonies that he is so anxiously belting out during almost every Sunday worship; it is the devil. (Though portions of these testimonies could be true, not because of the Pseudo-grace doctrine of Joseph Prince, but due to the true grace of God.)


When Joseph Prince is preaching stark heresies, to say that God is the one who is responsible for the growth of his church and the testimonies that he belts out every Sunday is to malign God.


Let me also remind you that not just true prophets, but false prophets could also perform signs and wonders. Deuteronomy 13:1-2: If a prophet, or one who foretells by dreams, appears among you and announces to you a sign or wonder, 2 and if the sign or wonder spoken of takes place, and the prophet says, “Let us follow other gods” (gods you have not known) “and let us worship them,”


Many have told me that Joseph Prince must be right since he is blessed by God with the biggest church in Singapore. But haven’t they read the passage from Matthew 4:1-11 that Satan can also bless anyone with fame, popularity, success and wealth when this person chooses to worship him and do his biddings.


What is sobering is that the more his church grows and the more testimonies he receives, the more self-deluded and arrogant he becomes. The more affirmation and praises unthinking and simplistic believers lavished on him about the growth of his church and the testimonies that seem to allude to his grace teaching, the more they are leading him onto the road of no-repentance, no-return and self-destruction.


Rev George Ong

Reverend George Ong

Reverend George Ong

George Ong is an engaging speaker at organisations and churches, both in Singapore and overseas.

He has been an itinerant speaker for 20 years and has preached in more than 200 churches across different denominations.

He has the unique ability to reach out to all age groups: from children, youths and adults to the elderly.

Marked by clarity, passion and a touch of humour, his messages have touched and transformed many lives.

To date, he has written one of the thickest books ever produced in the world: ‘Joseph Prince: Shepherd or Wolf?’ comprising 10 volumes in 4,800 pages.

He has also produced 56 volumes of humour books, containing 27,000 jokes in 10,300 pages, which is possibly a world record.

The great news is that all 10 volumes in PDF Version are FREE for download to read at your own leisure.

On a lighter note, I have also produced 56 volumes of humour books, containing more than 27,000 jokes in about 10,300 pages.


No one in my knowledge has produced as many as the same number of humour books that I had. Producing 56 humour books is definitely a Singaporean record, probably an Asian record, and possibly, a world record. I am not a guy who is crazy about breaking records. If any records are broken, it is purely incidental. I am only interested in accomplishing what God has gifted and called me to do.


It is not a joke to produce 56 volumes of humour books. No amount of words can describe the massive task and the humongous effort that went into producing the books. Enormous discipline, untiring diligence, unwavering passion, unyielding focus, dogged perseverance, and most of all, the supernatural empowerment of God, all went into making the impossible, possible. Glory to God for His strength to accomplish one of life’s most unique challenges of producing 56 humour books, which is unequalled in most parts of the world.


Though these 56 Humour Books are unique and different from each other, the goal is the same – to provide a resource for teachers, lecturers, communicators and preachers. The humour in the books can be used to spice up a point, illustrate a lesson and make learning a fun and enjoyable experience. Most of all, the books are written for those who just want a good laugh.


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